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Moving to a new country can be stressful. Often times not knowing what to expect or what to prepare for can be a big source of anxiety. Here are a few must-knows if you’re planning on moving to Australia.

1. Make Sure Your Visa is in Order!

While Australians are known for their devilish sense of humor and wit, their customs agents are not. Arriving in Australia without necessary documentation and visa requirements can get you set straight back home. No joke.

Make sure to visit the Australian Immigration and Visas website to check if your documents are in order. Make sure that you get touch with the Australian Immigration Office BEFORE setting off because the process can take some time. Organization and a bit of planning are key!

2. Accommodation

Imagine this:

You’ve just been on a long flight and you’re exhausted. Dreary-eyed you scribble, filling out an immigration card. And as the surrounding passengers and begin to perform of their long-awaited exodus, marching toward the promised splendors that lay just beyond baggage claim, you realize something. You haven’t planned ahead. You don’t have accommodation organised and have no idea how to fill out the “Address” section of the immigration form.

Let this be a cautionary tale to you all. This scenario is an avoidable one, only if you prepare yourself and organize a place to rest your weary head BEFORE embarking on your flight to Oz. Avoid sticky questions from customs officials and show up with a friend’s address or proof of a hotel or AirBnb reservation. You’ll feel better knowing that once you land you’ll at least have a temporary place to call home.


3. Save Some Money

Whilst you should always practice responsible personal financial practices… this is easier said than done. However, easy or not, having some money stashed away before your big move is a must. Australia can be an expensive place to live. On top of this, landlords routinely require deposits equal to 6-8 weeks rent.

Beers and dinners out on the town aren’t ‘cheap’. As well as this, you may encounter some initial fees when setting up a phone plan, for example. These costs can add up, so you should save up.

4. Learn the local lingo


5. Whatever the Weather…

The rumors are correct. Australia is every bit the hot and sunny holiday destination that postcards and National Geographic documentaries make out. Upon arrival, it’s understandable that you would want to usher in your new surroundings by going to the beach or sitting poolside, ice cream in hand.

However, like most things in life, it’s not that simple. While Australian summers are most definitely a thing, so too are Australian winters. So you may want to pack a jacket and jumper in with your two-piece bikini and beach towel.

A little research into your city’s yearly weather cycle may yield some interesting results. Australia can be cold and its weather can be unpredictable! So don’t waste your money buying a brand new winter wardrobe and just bring some of it with you… sweater be safe than sorry!


6. Sports!

A country as vast as Australia needs something to bring everyone together. That something is sports. Australian culture revolves around staying active and their love of sports is a byproduct of this central tenet.


If you’re planning to move to Australia and you already play a sport… hooray! You’ve come to the right place! Joining a sports club – whatever that sport may be – is a fantastic way for you to stay fit, healthy and make friends.

If, however, you are more voyeuristic, preferring to watch TV and avoiding the sweat and sting of the harsh Australian sun, then you too are in luck! Aside from playing sports, watching sports is another classic Aussie pastime. So whether it be football, rugby, cricket, tennis or soccer, there’s something for everyone.

7. One last thing!

One final tip! Australians are at their core a fun-loving and down to earth people. So whilst it’s important to open yourself up to this new place, its people and its culture, don’t be afraid to share your own! The existence of Australia’s vibrant array of migrant communities and cultures is what makes this country so great!

So, if you’re feeling homesick (or even if you’re just hungry), explore the wide range of multicultural cuisine on offer. You may something new and exciting or familiar and comforting. And while what you find may not be mama’s home cooking, you may find something close to it!

There is so much more to Australia than kangaroos and footy (although these are undoubtedly Aussie icons!). Multiculturalism is what makes Australia so unique and the most important part of experiencing it is to embrace this fact!


If you’ve read this far you’re probably looking to make your dream of moving to Australia a reality. Don’t wait any longer, start preparing and go for it!

Add the tips discussed here to your travel checklist. And if you only take one lesson away from this post it should be this: organize and plan ahead. Get your necessaries out of the way and sorted, so you can enjoy the wonderful country that is Australia!

Have you recently moved to Australia? Leave a comment and let us know about your favourite Aussie experience so far!

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