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Best Tips on how to most effectively study PTE Online

If you’re thinking of studying PTE online then continue reading! Taking the PTE Academic can be a daunting task and knowing how to study for it online can alleviate the stress and uncertainty that accompanies it. Here are a few tips that will help you stay motivated and engaged as you study PTE online.

Tip 1: Know Your Strengths & Weaknesses

If you haven’t taken the PTE already, we strongly encourage you to take the PTE Scored Practice Test.  It’s a much cheaper method of finding out your areas of strengths and weaknesses.  This will give you a good idea of how the real test will be and you’ll know which parts of the test you may need to spend more time preparing for. You may find that you scored higher in speaking and writing and you need to focus more time practicing your listening and reading skills.  Knowing exactly where you struggled on the test will help you determine how much time you need to spend preparing for the real one. This is especially important when one wants to study PTE online because of how self-study oriented computer-based learning often is.

Tip 2: Subscribe to the E2Language PTE YouTube Channel.

E2Language makes studying for the PTE online easy and accessible.  E2Language shares specific strategies to tackle every task on the PTE Academic.  These videos clearly explain how individual tasks are scored and how you should address them in order to achieve a 65 or 79+.  Even native speakers have difficulty getting the score they need all due to the fact that they aren’t aware of exactly how to respond to a question.  You may be oversimplifying or over-complicating your response. Know the step-by-step approach to each task to achieve the high score you’re looking for. Not to mention we’ll even show you what questions will look like in the REAL exam! That way there won’t be any unexpected surprises on test day.

Tip 3: Don’t Simply Rely on the Videos- Put it into practice!

When studying for the PTE online we see so many aspirants make the mistakes of only watching videos for preparation. But you must understand: you can’t simply rely on watching videos to help you succeed on the PTE.  Without actually implementing what you are learning, you will not gain the confidence nor the ability to successfully complete the tasks. Watch the videos. Understand what you need to do. Then, do it yourself. You’ll realize that it’s not as easy as it looks.  It requires practice… lots of it!

Tip 4: Constructive Feedback

When you’re putting what you’re learning into practice, how do you know that you’re doing it right? Another big mistake we see commonly in many people’s PTE experience is their frustrations as they come to us having taken the exam multiple times- explaining they’ve practiced strategies over and over but they can’t seem to crack the same score! This is where feedback comes into play.  After understanding, learning, and practicing the method, meet with a knowledgeable and experienced E2Lanugage tutor online to receive specific feedback on what you’re doing right and what you can do better. In order to make studying online for PTE possible for everyone, tutors are located all over the globe and are available to meet students at any time of the day at the students’ convenience.  E2Language allows you to meet with tutors live online as well as receive written feedback from tutors for assessments submitted online via the E2Language platform.  You may need to make a few tweaks to how you’re implementing a particular strategy, or you may find that you need to refresh your knowledge on specific grammar points.  Whatever the feedback, it will be personalized to your needs and ability.

Tip 5: …and Repeat

You have to understand that studying for the PTE Academic online is an ongoing process.  Improving your English language skills is not going to happen overnight. The methods and test-taking strategies will not stay in your head after one try.  You have to keep reviewing and practicing. You must apply the feedback you gained from your E2Language tutorial to further improve.

Tip 6: Register for Live Mock Tests

E2Language holds live interactive mock tests for each skill area— listening, speaking, reading, and writing— Monday through Thursday.  E2Language tutors take you through each task step-by-step and share how the tasks will be scored. Tutors take time at the end of sessions to respond to student questions.  By participating in a live webinar, you will be able to complete timed tasks, ask questions about the topics covered, and hear what other students have to say.

Know that you are not alone in studying for the PTE Academic online.  The E2Language team is here to support and guide you through the maze of questions.  You are part of a community of learners that is striving to achieve aspirations that only a score of 65 or 79+ can unlock.  Managing your time wisely to prepare for this test takes dedication and even sacrifice. Don’t put studying for the PTE online on your to-do list… put it on your calendar.  Often times, items on our to-do lists get pushed aside as other things take precedence.  Make studying for the PTE online a priority by carving out a specific time each day to study for it.  Read How Much PTE Preparation Time Do I Need? to learn more about creating a study schedule.  

The key is to not procrastinate.  As they say, take the bull by the horns.  By following the tips above, you can dispel whatever fears you have about the PTE Academic and be confident that you will achieve the score you need.

Written by: Rahila Siddiqui 

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  • Muhammad haris says:

    Hi guys,

    Thiese tips were so usefull. Reduced the stress that i have for the preperation. Have booked my first meeting with my tutor, cann’t wait to talk to him and discuss several weaknesess that i have in my language.
    Thanks guys to provide us with such a usefull platform


  • Ali Adam Ali says:

    I extremely thank you so much, and i am very eager to join this program. Thank you so much and I look forward to your great help.

  • GovardhanPadapati says:

    I have heard a lot about E2Language from long time and finally I have enrolled with the package to prepare in more effective manner. I would suggest the same to students who are practicing more, but didn’t achieve the required scores.

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