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A PTE mock test is a great place to start your preparation because it will show you exactly where you’re going right and wrong. But it will only show you NUMERICALLY where you’re going right and wrong. If you get high scores in all four skills, great! You’re probably ready to take the test and by spending a relatively small amount of money upfront you’re kind of insuring the money and time you spend on test day.

Take the E2Language PTE Mini Mock Test with Feedback:

Expert Feedback

HOWEVER, if you don’t get high scores in all four skills then you probably need a different type of PTE Mock Test – one with feedback. A mock test score is one thing, but getting personalized feedback on your performance is quite another. A lot of students reach out to E2Language with their PTE Mock Test results and ask “Where am I going wrong?” and it’s difficult to tell. We can look at the relationship between the skill scores and enabling scores but we can never be 100% that you’re making these specific errors. At best it’s an ‘inference’ or an educated guess.

This is why FEEDBACK is absolutely critical to getting off to the right start, and not just any feedback but expert feedback from trained native-speaking teachers.

Let me show you how the E2Language PTE Academic Mini Mock Test works and why it can help you improve your PTE scores FAST. I’ll focus on speaking, but this applies equally to the other skills as well:

The scoring of the PTE Academic is complicated. Each enabling skill, such as oral fluency, has a number of components, it’s not just one thing. For example, pausing, chunking, hesitations, rhythm, emphasis, and intonation are just some of the components that you need to be aware of and possibly improve in order to get a high PTE Speaking score. As I mentioned, numbers will not provide you with this information.

It’s exactly the same for writing. You may be making critical errors in specific places that will be affecting your PTE Writing scores. Do you know which errors you’re making? Obviously not… because if you did you wouldn’t be making them or at least you would be aware of them. Let one of our experts pick the eye out of the snake (that’s an idiom referring to precision).

Test Experience

In addition to feedback, having a test-like experience is a very good idea. There are a number of things that you need to be aware of long before test day and so taking a PTE Mock Test is a good idea to have those experiences so on test day you are psychologically ready.

Take the E2Language PTE Mini Mock Test with Feedback:

When you first start preparing for any test you just want to see and experience the test. After all, it is much easier to ‘know’ what the test is like if you’ve seen it and done it before. Oftentimes, having someone explain the tasks theoretically does not help. Get your hands dirty and give it a go.

The E2Language PTE Mini Mock Test with Feedback is called “Mini” for a reason. It’s short. The real PTE test takes nearly 3 hours to complete. But we can get enough data from 1 hour and 40 minutes to show you what you need to work on and give you a pretty accurate indicative score. Time is one thing you save, but it is not the only thing you save. You save money of course.

Our PTE Mock Test with Feedback is almost 10 x cheaper than the actual exam. You’d be mad to sit the PTE Academic without having taken a far cheaper PTE Mock Test with Feedback first to get an experience of what it’s like on test day.

Exam Like Questions

Keep in mind that not all PTE Mock Tests are created equally. Some of the questions that I’ve seen on the internet are terrible. They in no way reflect what the actual PTE exam questions are like. We have a team of crack content writers who know this exam better than the PTE algorithm itself. We write our questions according to strict ‘item writer guidelines’ – what the Pearson people themselves use when they are creating the various tasks. You can be sure with E2Language that what you get is as close to the real thing as possible.

Expert Teachers

You may have met some of our teachers already. My face is all over the YouTube channel and I am often acknowledged as the one behind E2Language, but it’s not true. There are many of us working behind the scenes delivering live group classes, 1:1 tutorials and also marking your feedback and PTE Mock Tests. You can rest assured that the feedback you receive on your PTE Mini Mock Test will be as good as it gets. We are all trained expert teachers with years of experience helping people like you to get the scores you need ASAP.

Take the E2Language PTE Mini Mock Test with Feedback:


How to use our PTE Mock Test

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