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I have taught many students and it has been an enriching experience.

I’m so grateful and thankful to all the students that contact me by email or Whatsapp with the amazing news ‘I passed!’ or ‘I cracked the PTE!” It’s incredibly rewarding when students achieve their scores because this allows them to move on with their plans.  My heart filled with joy when I read Akhil´s message: 

‘Finally cracked it. I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your help.😊’

Thank you Akhil for your kind words.

Let me introduce you to Akhil

Akhil´s journey preparing for the PTE was relatively brief, approximately 1 month,  but it was certainly intense. After our fourth tutorial he went for his fifth attempt and he passed with flying colors  – Overall score 89! Congratulations Akhil! 

Then comes the questions: What’s the trick? Or give can you me some tips?

Sorry no tricks, no shortcuts. It’s all about hard work! 

Akhil was a fluent speaker and had a high level of general English when he started preparing for the PTE. Many of you may see yourselves in the same position, right? And you are probably wondering why you can’t get your scores in the PTE, right? My answer is that the PTE is a combination of language knowledge and preparing for the test itself meaning you have to be fully aware of each section and what is expected from you.  

During our first tutorial together, we corrected his writing activities and I listed his grammar errors and followed up with study material.  He had some issues in grammar when it came to writing which needed to be worked on, but he wasn’t fully aware of his grammar mistakes nor how to overcome these problems. 

What’s the secret?  Akhil´s attitude, as the saying goes ‘Attitude is everything’ he dedicated lots of time and effort studying grammar and learning the methods and practicing, he did all the practice material on the E2 platform and sent all his assessments for grading. 

How E2Language helped Akhil for his success story

Akhil had already taken the PTE twice before joining E2 but he hadn’t achieved his PTE scores. He studied and practiced hard the methods used for Speaking and Listening; however, he was falling short in Writing and Reading

This is what Akhil said after our first tutorial,

‘After taking my one to one tutorial my marks increased.’

His willingness to learn and make the most of each tutorial could be seen.  

He studied and applied the methods, principally, reorder paragraph subject +verb + object . His words  ‘it’s really helpful.’

For Retell Lecture he said that the framework works just fine because it guides you and you know what you have to do.

Describe image? Certainly one of the trickiest, but Akhil said he got it. He said that no matter what image you get the method described by Jay can be used and he explained why. It’s simple. ‘The structure helps you to be fluent.’

For the essay, the E2 framework is the secret to complete the essay in 20 minutes. He developed his own personal framework for essays so he could focus on the topic and not waste time “thinking of the structure”.

The end…

We all know that attitude plays an important role behind one’s success or failure. Certainly Akhil’s attitude determined his success, he was motivated to learn, he listened carefully and was conscious of his role as a student.

This is the success story of how Akhil achieved his goal in his own words. My part here was simply bringing to you Akhil´s experience and I truly hope his story inspires you to persist and not give up. 

Akhil’s motto: ‘Don´t give up!’

Thank you Akhil for taking the time to meet me to share your experience and your success story. 

The end has no end…

Once Akhil got his results he applied for his PR since the PTE was the only thing that was missing for him to apply. He plans to invest in his career and grow professionally. 

Akhil, we wish you all the success and happiness in all your future endeavors!

Written by Dr Anna China

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