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The best way to ensure success in IELTS, PTE or OET is through preparation and practice. Online mock tests are an important step in this process. 

E2’s online mock test

An online mock test is like a dress rehearsal before a performance. It helps you to iron out any last-minute issues and to fine-tune your performance in order to excel in your actual test. 

The E2 online mock test or mini mock test was designed by our expert teachers, and you will receive feedback within 48 hours.  It simulates the real test so that you become familiar and comfortable with the time constraints and develop good test-taking habits. Mock tests are helpful in building your confidence.

E2 Online Mock Test
Time simulation in E2’s mock test

Here are five tips on how to best prepare for a mock test:

1. Be familiar with the practice test format

Know your online mock test. In order to utilise the features of your package most effectively and gain the most benefit from your practice assessments, you need to understand the requirements of each test section. Before attempting a mock test, know what is required in each section, what the timing limitations are and how you can achieve a good score. Your time will be spent completing the test, not trying to figure out what you have to do. 

2. Be confident and don’t worry if you make a mistake

Before you begin this online mock test, take a deep breath and relax. Remember this is a practice test, and making mistakes is a normal part of the learning process. This is an opportunity for you to identify areas where you can improve and learn from your mistakes.

Approach the test with a positive attitude and an open mind, and use it as a chance to gain valuable feedback to help you succeed in the future. Stay focused, take your time, and trust in your abilities. 

By practising each part separately, the online mock test becomes a less daunting and more manageable proposition. You can focus on improving your skills in each particular area.

3. Do E2 assessments and practice tests

E2 is the leading platform worldwide for test preparation, offering a range of packages including an online mock test to best help you to excel at IELTS, PTE, OET and other tests. You can attend webinars and classes and get individual tuition, assistance and feedback. Complete assessments for individual tasks and submit them to E2 for marking and feedback. Take on board the praise, corrections, extension and advice that your exam-expert marker gives you. They look at your work soon after you submit it and you receive advice and guidance specific to your strengths and needs. You can practise each part of your test, whether it is IELTS, PTE or OET, as many times as you want in order to develop your skills and build your confidence.

4. Simulate test conditions through online test 

As you practise each part of the test, work within the time limits that will be in place in your online mock test, and subsequently in your actual IELTS, PTE or OET exam. Try to organise a quiet place with a comfortable chair and a well-positioned desk or table space. Make sure that you won’t be interrupted. It is ideal if you can have a designated place for study, practice and completion of assessments, mini-mock tests and mock tests. It should be somewhere in your home with the fewest distractions. Remove clutter. “Marie Kondo” your work space and your study brain.

5. Aim high. Identify your target score

However, be realistic. Preparing for an online mock test and then an authentic IELTS, PTE or OET test is a journey. It is like conquering a mountain peak. You will need many reconnaissance missions, practice climbs and attempts before reaching the top of your personal Everest. Aim for the clouds and if you fall short you will still reach the side of a high mountain. On each attempt, you will reach higher. 

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Before you take the real test

After your online mock test, here are five ways to check if you are ready for the actual IELTS, PTE or OET test.

1. Did you achieve a score close to your goal?

 If you are within reach of your ambition, the time is right. If it is frustratingly close but still a little far away, take your time. Practise more. Consider doing another mock test.

2. Did every part of the online mock test go well?  

You need every part to go as well as possible. The mock test can be seen as a diagnostic tool. Act on the results and on recommendations in feedback.

3. Have you put extra effort into the areas where improvement is needed?

Focus on the areas in need of improvement. There are many E2 practice tests on your platform. Bank your successes. When you are achieving well in the parts that are most challenging to you, then you can sit the real IELT, PTE or OET test.

4. Will you achieve at least the score that you attained in your mock test?  

If so, go for it. Don’t procrastinate. Time passing between the online mock test and the actual IELT, PTE or OET test can lead to a drop off in expertise, effectiveness and confidence.

5. Are you confident and comfortable with all aspects of the exam? 

If you are, now is the hour. Believe in yourself. Trust in your instinct. Listen to your inner voice. If you are not yet completely comfortable and confident, that’s absolutely okay. Keep up the good work until you are. 

We have discussed how to best prepare for an online mock test, how to get the most value out of the mock test and how to pass your mock test in IELTS, PTE or OET. You have got this. Time for the real thing!

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