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Jay from E2Language warns PTE test-takers to beware free PTE materials which can be misleading and detrimental to your PTE success. 

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Yesterday I gave a tutorial to a PTE candidate named Josh. We looked at his PTE writing. In particular, we looked at his Summarize Written Test examples. They were quite good. Apart from a few grammatical issues and some structural problems, it would have gotten him a PTE 79.

Then Josh started asking me about PTE Reading (Check out our blog article on PTE Reading Tips for Nervous Readers!). He was extremely confused. He had studied the proven method for PTE multiple-choice and PTE reorder paragraph but when he was applying them to his practice materials, it didn’t make any sense.

So WHY did Josh’s method fail?

free PTE materials
Question your learning style and ensure you get the most out of your study habits and methods!

I know the method we teach works. We’ve helped 1000s of PTE candidates secure the grades they need to start their new lives in a different country or get the job they want. Why, all of a sudden, would the method not work?

They do work. The problem is that Josh was using free PTE materials. And the material that he was using was completely faulty. It didn’t look anything like the authentic PTE practice materials or the E2Language materials.

Free PTE practice tests can do a lot more damage than good. Be careful of the junk you see on Youtube. Ask yourself “Who created these free PTE practice materials?”

I’ve been writing PTE materials now for over two years. I have taken the PTE in order to write these PTE materials so that they are as close as possible to authentic PTE practice tests.

I have read and deconstructed the PTE score guide and I have spoken with Pearson about certain aspects of the test. I can tell you that writing good PTE material is not easy!

There are two reasons why free PTE materials are dangerous!

First, the writer of the free material may misunderstand the linguistic aspects of the test. Each PTE task is designed around a particular linguistic point.

Second, the writer does not understand the PTE task format. There are a lot of details that you need to get right in order for the PTE practice test to be valuable.

After I explained all of this to Josh he felt relieved. But he was also angry. He had wasted a lot of time preparing with these poor free PTE materials. In fact, he had downloaded a bunch of Youtube PTE videos!

I told him to put them in the computer’s bin, because if you are going to practice for the PTE then you need to use high-quality practice PTE materials that make sense and that reflect the actual PTE test.

Expert advice for PTE success!

Imagine if you prepared using poor free PTE practice tests and then on test day you look at your computer screen and it looks different to anything you have ever seen.

Don’t do that! Instead, prepare properly.

I always tell my students that there are three things you need to succeed.

  1. Good quality practice materials (beware free PTE materials!)
  2. Methods that work
  3. Feedback on your speaking and writing

These three ingredients will lead you to success. Why? The quality PTE practice materials will give you a simulation of the real thing. The methods will tell you how to pass the various PTE tasks. And the feedback is critical for success on PTE writing and PTE speaking.

Study quality practice materials! 

free PTE materials
Check out the E2Language PTE Practice Activities to get started! 

Don’t waste your time (and money!) on free PTE training materials. Spend a bit of money to save a lot of time and stress. Good practice PTE materials along with proven methods and expert feedback will deliver you the PTE scores that you need.

Josh completely agreed with me and promptly moved his free PTE tests into the trash bin where they belonged!

See this article for PTE preparation tips from an E2Language student who scored straight 90s! 
For more helpful advice on PTE materials check out the E2 PTE Academic Youtube Channel and watch Jay answer your PTE questions below! 

Written by Jay

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    I need your help. I have my exam scheduled on 8th July. I am left only with 2 weeks of time. I want to go for the Bronze package. How will I get help from your team in 2 weeks to get the desired score. Request you to please reach me at + 919885200037 as I dont want to join other coaching as I feel E2 is the Best.

  • GenericName says:

    I am pretty good at certain tasks and not so good at some others. Is there a personalized package where E2 team coaches only for particular PTE items?

    • Hello,

      All packages are as mentioned in the website and cannot be customised. This is to ensure that the student has a holistic approach to their preparation and does not miss out on any section.


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