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Discover the secret to getting beyond the IELTS band 8 score

According to IELTS test statistics published in 2016, the average IELTS writing band score worldwide is 6.0. This average is taken from a 2016 sample of 3 million test-takers in over 140 countries. Indian candidates on average scored 5.5 for writing, while candidates in Saudi Arabia achieved an average writing score of 4.5.

So, what is behind this writing 6.0 trend? Many candidates have tried multiple times to increase their writing score and failed, despite good preparation, advice and feedback. So, why is it so hard to score above a 6.0 in IELTS writing? Is there a conspiracy as many candidates have claimed? Or is it something less sinister?

beyond the ielts band 8 score stats

Well, either way, E2Language has uncovered the secrets behind the IELTS writing band descriptors. These mysterious band descriptors, or criteria, are what IELTS examiners use to score candidates’ essays. Although the band descriptors are publicly available, looking at them is like looking at a code that only a highly trained IELTS examiner can crack. This means that the mystery behind the IELTS writing scoring remains elusive and unsolved for the average test-taker, often misinterpreted and misunderstood. Criteria are like targets. However, most test-takers don’t know what these targets are, and therefore, consistently miss the bullseye. However, it’s not all one big unsolvable mystery. Behind the obscure jargon and complex language of the band descriptors, are clear writing objectives that are actually achievable. E2Language has lifted the veil and uncovered the secrets, making the band descriptors not only understandable but also achievable. IELTS writing candidates no longer have to miss the bullseye and keep hitting a 6.0.

So, what are the secrets? And what makes E2Language so special? E2Language has put a lot of time and effort into researching the IELTS writing trend and criteria. When we began our research into the IELTS writing, we were as baffled as anyone. We opened many doors which led to dead-ends, only to still find that we couldn’t crack the mystery of 6. But finally, after much commitment and dedication, and asking the right questions to the right people, we finally opened the winning door, and behind it was an IELTS 8.

Written by Jamal

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  • Dear Team,
    I am from federal republic of Nepal. Is there any branch of E2 language in Nepal?? Please let me know, as i am looking for online IELTS preparation and planning to take exam date soon.

  • Dear E2 Team,

    I’m a Budget member but the email I used has been disabled. It was my student email address. May I ask if I can change to another email address? I wanted to join the IELTS MasterClass and already registered using that student email address without realizing that I can’t access anymore. My E2 ID is E2L-17197. Please advise me on this matter.


  • Good day,

    please I need assistance. I had written IELTS more than four times and am still struggling to move from over all band 6. ( speaking 7.0, Writing 5.5, Reading 6.0, Listening 5.5.). Your kind assistance to move from this level to a higher band of 8.


    • Hello Olamide,

      Thank you for reaching out and sharing your scores across.

      Please share your scorecard, the scores you wish to achieve and your next test date here so that our Duty Tutors can assist you further.


  • Hi… I have sign up for your free trial, just to see what E2 entails. I have my ilets exam for may 24th ” 1st and last last attempt so I need a great score.. doing this to migrate to America as a nurse. please email me at and tell which plan is best for me

  • Hi
    I already tooke ielts twice and i got 6.5 overall, what do u think is better ielts or ptea
    Im aiming for 7 all bands or 65+
    Could u assist me guys what exam is better for me?


    • Hello Marilyn,

      Our Duty Tutors would be the perfect experts to assist you here. Please raise your query here and they would be happy to assist you.


  • Dear E2 Team,

    I have written IELTS, GT three times, and my listening scores has been stuck at 6.5. Please I need your help on how to get a score of 8 or above.

    Thank you.

    • Hello Osemu,

      I think our Duty Tutors will be able to help you out. Please share your recent test scores, the scores you wish to achieve and your next test date by clicking on this link so that our Duty Tutors can assist you further.


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