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Category: OET Speaking

In the OET Speaking exam, the examiner will hand you a roleplay card. You will have a few minutes to prepare and then you will converse for up to five minutes.

To ace this part of the exam you need to follow a structure. You need three steps:

Step 1: initiate the conversation

Step 2: maintain the conversation and;

Step 3: conclude the conversation.

When you look at the roleplay card the first section is the ‘scenario’. This section will tell you whether you know the patient or whether this is the first time you are meeting the patient. Use this information to construct your opening statement.

OET examiners are not allowed to maintain the conversation. If it dries up, it is up to you to continue the conversation – not the OET examiner. You need to learn how to ask open-ended questions, not closed questions. Put simply ask questions that make the patient speak. Don’t ask questions that simply elicit a yes/no answer.