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Category: PTE Reading

So how tough is the PTE Reading?

Reading is one of the most difficult skills ESL learners need to master for a test like the PTE Academic. Sure – it looks easy on the surface – and it’s less stressful than speaking another language confidently, but reading well is somewhat of a gift.

Don’t worry, a lot of native English speakers struggle with reading comprehension questions too- I remember that most of my university English courses involved learning how to “skim”, “scan” and “read between the lines” on what seemed like 10 million random texts.

Reading is hard. Now what? I think what is most important to remember is this: Good reading skills take time to develop. So, if you’re a nervous reader or you’re failing the PTE reading practice tests and you’re writing the PTE next week, RESCHEDULE RIGHT NOW! If reading is your weakest skill, you’re going to need at least a month of preparation if you want to give yourself a fair shot.