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The complete guide to passing the OET Exam

You probably are anxious about your upcoming OET exam and you might have spent your time Googling for “best tips and tricks to pass OET”. Some of you even desperately joined a dodgy WhatsApp group offering expensive consulting services. We understand that feeling. Scanning through our Facebook groups, a lot of our OET test-hopefuls post their essays asking for collective feedback. A lot are binge-watching our YouTube Channel (Yeap! we saw you there). There’s also quite a number of students booking tutorials and last-minute consultations with our teachers.

Few days before the exam, the anxiety level is HIGH. You think about the time and effort you’ve poured into your visa application, the money you’ve spent (especially the exam fee!).  Of course, you don’t want to screw up the only thing that could make or break your dreams. So, I’ve collected UPDATED videos and compiled them in this “Guide to passing OET Exam Blog” to aid your last-minute preparation:

1. Listening Part A


2. Listening Part B

3. Listening Part C

4. Reading Part A

5. Reading Part B

6. Reading Part C

7. Writing

8. Writing: Scoring

9. Speaking

10. OET Preparation Tips


Surely, this guide to passing the OET Exam will not suffice the preparation that you need but these videos are a testament that E2’s materials are gems that surely serve their purpose – they guarantee the confidence that you need on the day of the test. Our YouTube Channel (Don’t forget to subscribe) has heaps of FREE stuff that you can use but duh! Nothing beats our premium and exclusive videos if you subscribe to any of our packages, we got sample assessments too. You can try them for FREE by signing up here!

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