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The most frequent question for IELTS test takers: What is the difference between IELTS General and IELTS Academic?

A lot of people doing the IELTS test aren’t sure of which one to take, hence the never-ending IELTS Academic vs IELTS General confusion.

Hello from the E2 Test Prep team!

Many test-takers aren’t sure which IELTS test they need! E2 has prepared over 1.5 million students for various English proficiency exams, and there is no better advice we can give than for students to invest their time in getting to know the structure of the test they want to take.

Let’s break down the basics of both IELTS types so you leave with a clear answer to the question: What is the difference between IELTS General and IELTS Academic?

The IELTS test has 4 parts:

  1. Writing (task 1 & 2)
  2. Reading
  3. Listening
  4. Speaking

Writing Task 2, Listening and Speaking are the same for both IELTS Academic and IELTS general.

Writing task 2 is an essay. You will be given an essay question to answer in 40 minutes by writing at least 250 words. Check out our ‘Understanding IELTS writing‘ video here.

In the Listening test, you will hear 4 audio recordings and have to answer 40 questions. It lasts between 30-40 minutes. Learn some useful tips in our ‘Understanding IELTS listening‘ video.

In the Speaking test, you will be interviewed by an examiner. This test includes 3 parts: the interview, a short presentation, and a discussion. It lasts between 11-14 minutes. Be prepared with our ‘Understanding IELTS speaking in 9 minutes‘ video.

So, how are IELTS Academic and General different? The answer is writing task 1 and the type of text you’ll find in the reading section. 

Let’s compare IELTS Academic and IELTS General: Writing Task 1

IELTS Academic

Describe and analyse data in one of the following:

  • Bar chart
  • Line graph
  • Pie chart
  • Table
  • Diagram

IELTS General

Write a letter in one of the following styles:

You have 20 minutes to complete Writing task 1 in both IELTS Academic and General. You must write at least 150 words.

Let’s compare IELTS Academic and IELTS general: Reading task

IELTS Academic reading task

  • 3 long passages increasing in difficulty
  • Academic style texts (journal articles, textbook extracts)
  • Texts related to academic topics such as science, history, sociology

IELTS General reading task

  • 4 short passages increasing in length and difficulty
  • More general /everyday style texts
  • Workplace environment (job descriptions, employment contracts etc.); general texts (newspapers, magazines, travel brochures etc.)

You have an hour to complete the whole reading task of both IELTS Academic and IELTS General.

Pro time management tip: Use 50 minutes for reading time, write notes if necessary, use the last 10 minutes to transfer the answers into your answer sheet/select your answers (computer-delivered IELTS test).

Between IELTS Academic and IELTS General, which is best for you?

As we mentioned above, it depends on your reason to take the test. Here are the stories of some of our successful students that have used E2 Test Prep to achieve their goal scores in both IELTS tests: 

Ahmad is applying to get into university in Australia. He wants to study a Master of Business at the University of Melbourne. Although he has graduated from an English-speaking university in Egypt, the University of Melbourne has requested an IELTS test with a minimum overall band score of 6. To be considered for acceptance into the Master’s program, Ahmad will need to complete the Academic IELTS.

Jaspreet is on a Working Holiday visa from India. She has applied for a job with an IT company in London. The company has asked for evidence of Jaspreet’s English ability. Jaspreet should complete the IELTS Academic.

Gabriela is a dentist from Brazil. She now lives in Sydney and wants to apply for registration with the Dental Board of Australia. In order to do so, Gabriela will need to complete the IELTS Academic.

By the way! – We have a whole video about IELTS Academic vs IELTS General with IDP, the company behind the test worldwide.

Our video co-created with IDP has all the info we’ve discussed in this article!

If you are unsure even if you should be taking IELTS, you might find this article useful: Why IELTS may be right for you!

Preparing for IELTS has never been easier, as E2 Test Prep has online test preparation packages to guide you through every step of the way.

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  • I am Chartered Accountant from India and want to apply for skilled immigration visa to Australia. Which test of IELTs is applicable to me General or Acadamic?

  • I’m in the thoughts of doing either MS or apply for a PR to Canada.

    In that case, do I need to write both Academic and General IELTS?

    Please advise.


  • I am a high school senior and need to take the IELTS exam to graduate from my current high school and to study abroad (U.S, Canada, etc…). Which test should I take?

  • Parminder kaur says:

    I have two year experience as staff nurse .I want to apply for PR to Australia.which ielts is good for me to proceed my requirements.

  • I have done Diploma engineering and working as Electrical Technician in Saudi Arabia holding nationality of India, want migrate Canada for job. Which IELTs should I opt for?

    Thanks in advance.

  • Dear All,
    I was done MBA specialization of HR with finance. I have 3+ years experience in HR field. Now I want to immigrant visa of Canada. So in ielts exam which one suitable for me. Kindly provide details.
    Cheers, PraBa

  • Hi,
    I am telecom engineer with degree and I want to migrated UK and right now i don’t have any job offer in UK, which exam should i to taken and what parameter required for this?

    • Hello Deepak,

      If you are looking to take the exam for immigration purposes, then IELTS General is the way to go.

      With regards to the parameters, you will have to verify the target score that you need achieve and we can assist you with the preparation.


  • hi . I’m a doctor graduated from Pakistan and I’d like to migrate to canada .I’d like to continue working in my field there and maybe do a masters course from Canada as well . which ielts module is suitable for me ?

    • Hello Mehwish,

      It looks like you need to decide on how long you are looking to work before taking up your masters. If the main objective is to immigrate and study within a couple of years then take the IETLS Academic. Alternatively, if your objective is to migrate to Canada to work for more than two years, then IELTS General is the way to go! 🙂


  • Hello sir /madam
    Am Salman from India. Am a male nurse and I would like to work at Ireland or Canada. Which test to choose ielts academic or general training plz reply

  • I seem to understand that the Academic test serves for both migration and joining schools, yet it is often recommended to take the General test for migration purposes. Is this because the General test is easier/ has a higher percentage of success?

  • Hi I am a n English Language Teacher, currently working in Saudi Arabia. I want to do ielts to apply for college/University in Saudi or in Oman. Which type of ielts I need. Please clear my doubt regarding academic or general.
    Best regards,

    • Hello Mohammad,

      You need to take the IELTS Academic if you are applying to a university. The IELTS General is usually taken if you want to migrate to another country to work.


  • hi, can the IELTS Academy be presented for immigration also. just in case i wasn’t given admission into the the school i applied for and i decided to migrate to canada for work?

  • Hi
    I was done MBA specialization of HR with Finance.i have no work experience.i want to migrate abroad for job.please let me know that which ielts is useful to me

  • I am a Radiographer, i just want to work in European countries. Which one i have to select in ielts, academic or general training?

    • Hello Abhi,

      If you are looking to take the English exam for migration purposes, then IELTS General is your best option. However, please check if the score would be valid across all countries in Europe.


  • Hi,

    I hope you can give me a better sense of direction: should I try IELTS Academic again or do General instead?
    I have taken IELTS Academic and keep getting 7.5 in writing (9 in other components) – when I applied for University, this was good enough, but now for migration purposes I need 8 in each component – would it be easier to score 8 IELTS General writing than the Academic one?

    Thank you in advance.

  • I am a chartered accountant in Nigeria and want to migrate to Canada preferably PR which IELTS will I write academics or general

  • hi
    i have 5 yrs of teaching experience and my husband has 7yrs of experience in IT industry , we are willing to apply for PR in canada and i am planning for studies in canada also .plz suggest which type of exam we have to take

    • Hello Jayalakshmi,

      For immigration purposes, the IELTS General is the best option. However, if you are looking to pursue your education then you will have to take the IELTS Academic, which can also be used for PR purposes.


  • Immanuel Lopes says:

    I am a final year student in Mechanical Engineering, i want to work in UK or Australia after my graduation. When would be the best time to apply for IELTS? Before graduation or after getting the graduated certificate?

    • Hello Immanuel,

      IELTS scores are valid are for two years. You can apply for the test at either time and still have valid results.


    • Hello Debby,

      Would you be taking the IELTS for migration purposes? If yes, then IELTS General is the ideal option.

      If you are looking to study or need to use your IELTS scores for academic purposes, then you have to take the IELTS Academic.

      Hope this helps.


  • I am a staff nurse working in Doha Qatar since 4yrs.I would like to migrate to australia for a job.Please can you give me a suggestion for which ielts exam i have to take.

  • Gagandeep kaur says:

    I have done bachelor’s in nursing science. And i want to apply for RN and pr in Australia. So which type of test i have to take .

    • Hello Gagandeep,

      IELTS General is the ideal choice if you are looking to migrate to Australia. The IELTS Academic is required if you are applying to universities for further education. Further, if you are looking to study and apply for your PR, then you can use your IELTS Academic scores for both purposes.

      Hope this helps.


  • Dear
    I want to apply to apply fir Australia under class 489 &trade is
    metal machinist. Plz suggest me which type of IELTS need to do ?

  • Kanwalpreet kaur says:

    Hlo i have 2 years experience as a staff bsc nursing degreeholder i want to apply in canada/Ireland for pr so plz can you tell me which ielts is best academic or general reply plz


    I am applying for a post-doctoral fellow position in the USA. I need to get a score of IELTS 6.0 for qualification. The score is required for J-1 visa application. Which one I have to take IELTS academic or general?

  • Hello. I am a clinical psychologist and I want to apply for hcpc in UK. Can you help me to choose which exam I have to make the academic or the general in this case? Many thanks.

  • Hello,

    I am a B.Tech IT Graduate and planning to search job in Australia and also do a course side by side.

    Thinking of taking my wife and child along.

    Kindly guide me which one to choose from IELTS(Academic or General).

    • Hello Ashwani,

      If you are looking to take the exam for immigration purposes, then IELTS General would be the ideal option 🙂


  • Hi Sir ,

    I am Dhivagar i was working in Kuwait ( QC -Inspector Civil ) . But Now i have finished my degree (Civil Engineering ) in Post Graduate is possible for applying civil engineer post in Canada , Australia Or UK . if it is possible which method is useful for my job applying ( general or academic ) .

  • Hi i m saima khan i had done graduation recently from Pakistan now i want to give ielts test for doing Masters in Canada so which test i do ?

  • Hi, I am interested is subscribing for your silver module, however I reside in India.
    Please provide information regarding the method of payment.

  • Hi,
    i have completed my Btech and have 2 years of experience as php developer want apply for PR process .
    which ielts should i go for??

  • Deepanshu Lakhwan says:

    I have a study package of ielts general but I have to prepare for ielts academic… Will it be okey to prepare from general study package for academic ielts?.. I have already spent a fortune on it and I don’t wish to buy academic study package… Please tell will it be sufficient to study from general package for scoring in ielts academic?

  • Dear sir,
    I am a Bsc male nurse and I have experience of about 6.7yrs in operation theatre field. As I desire to work in Australia so which module of IELTS I should apply whether it’s academic or general training.

  • I have given +12(non-med) exam and i want to go abroad for study. So which ielts i hqve to do.I will be very thankfull to you if you answer me quickly.


  • Hello Everybody,

    I am a bit confused between academic and general. I am planning for my Master in Cybersecurity in UK but my condition is that I will be going to enrolled in part time course. So, in this case which test I have to choose.

    Please advice.

  • Taranjeet Kaur says:


    i have done MCA and currently into administration and have 2 years of experience in the same. And my husband has done in computer science. He is working as a SAP ABAP Programmer from last 4.5 years in India. We both want to apply for PR to Canada.
    I am not able decide which module should both of us go for?

    We have already registered for academic module. But, Customer service executives from british council said that you should go for General training, as we want to apply for work permit.

    Please suggest….

    • Hello Taranjeet,

      You can take the IELTS General but if your employer in Canada is asking for an English qualification test, then the IELTS Academic is a better option.


  • Hi,
    I have 4+ years of experience in Banking and have completed my MBA full time. However, i do have a gap of 6 years since i last worked. I wish to apply for Canada PR and work and/or study (if required). Which IELTS should i be taking?

  • Hello sir..
    I’m jadhu I completed my public exam in India . Now i’m in srilanka I would like to go canada for studies as well as job . So in that case what can I choose to do ielts… please advise me

  • hello,
    this is my last year of high school. Next year i want to go and study in Germany. Which ielts is the best one for me?
    Thanks in advance

  • Hlo sir i am confusing between academic and general. I am done my graduation in 2016. I want to go abroad for a study or job. So which ielts i have to do. I will be very thankfull to you. If you answers me quickly.

    • Hello Savi,

      If your focus is to study abroad, then you should take the IELTS Academic. However, there is a possibility that your employer might ask for an English proficiency test and that would require the IELTS Academic as well.

      You can take the IELTS General if your focus is on immigration (PR) but, currently, it looks like IELTS Academic is your best bet 🙂


  • Hi, I want to travel to the UK for my masters from Nigeria but after that I want to stay then to continue living and get a job which IELTS should I take?

    • Hello Dami,

      Considering that your immediate goal is to a masters degree, you need to take the IELTS Academic.


  • Please if I take ielts general for the purpose of migration now, will I be required later to take ielts academics when I decide to do a Phd program. If yes, should I just take ielts academics now, if its going to serve both purpose?

    • Hello Adebayo,

      Considering your intention to study further, taking the IELTS Academic would be a better option. You can use those scores for immigration as well.


  • Parth Parekh says:

    I am an Indian National with B.E. in Mechatronics and having 5 years of work experience in General Electric.
    Now, I wish to move to Canada for work and apply for PR under Express Entry.
    Could you please suggest which IELTS (Academic or General) to take?

    • Hello Parth,

      You need to take the IELTS General unless your employer would like to assess your English proficiency. If that is the case, then you have to take the IELTS Academic.


  • Hi, planing move to Australia, going with studies visa, but willing to stay, which one IELTS test type is best for me? thanks

    • Hello Andrew,

      If you are looking for immigration, then the IELTS General is the way to go. However, if you would like to continue studying further or if your employer asks for your English proficiency scores, you need to take the IELTS Academic.


  • i am in confusion bcz, i all ready done M.Tech in india. now, i will apply for canada so, which way is better either students or PR ? recently i Got 6.5 in academic Ielts so, this score applicable for PR Application?

    • Last time I checked- I believe Canada only accepts ACADEMIC across the board! But you should call the embassy to make sure!

      GOOD LUCK,
      Olivia, from the E2 Team

  • I have done M.A.,B. Ed English and comparative literature I want to work in Singapore what should I put for Academic or General- astro

    • Our Duty Tutors would be more than happy to help you find an answer to that! Go ahead and raise your same question here at the Student Support Desk:

      We may not be able to give you an exact answer as this will depend on both your visa and where you end up applying to work!

      But tell us more about yourself and maybe we can guide you in the right direction!

      GOOD LUCK,
      The E2 Team

  • Hello
    Am parvinder am doing govt job and I have seven year experience as a computer operater and I apply for Canada PR .I confuse which course I choose ilets academic or ilets general

    • It is best you call the Canadian embassy. But, from what I was able to find online it looks like IELTS General is your best choice for Canadian PR.

  • Hello! I am planning to apply for Express Entry to Canada as a chemical engineer. I think general ielts would suffice. However, if ever I will have to take some trainings before I qualify for a certain position in a specific company, would it be better to take academic instead?

    • Last time I checked ACADEMIC is always safer for Canadian immigration. They do not accept General in all visa cases. You should call the embassy to confirm which is a better choice.

      GOOD LUCK!

  • Hi,

    I am a school teacher, which IELTS course (Academic or General) I should take to teach in a British School ? Thanks

  • Hi
    I am a doctor iam planning to immegrate to UK looking for a job which type of ielts do you think is suitable for me.

    • For the answer to this question we suggest you call a potential employer to ask what they accept. Many times this varies between company to company.
      GOOD LUCK,
      The E2 Team

  • Hi,
    I have done in 2015 and presently working in IT sector (holding 2 yrs and 2 months of experience). I want to apply for work visa and PR in canada or European country. Could you please suggest for which test should I apply.

  • Chandra Sekhar Lakka says:


    I have 4+ work experience so , I am planning to apply PR to CANADA…. if i write IELTS general…..can i apply for universities for studies after getting PR through IELTS general.

    Is there any possibility like this ?

    Thanks & Regards,
    Chandra sekhar Lakka

    • Unfortunately, we are not the place to ask! I’d suggest you call the Canadian embassy and explain your situation. Another option would be to contact your potential schools and ask them- they may know the policies better.
      GOOD LUCK,
      The E2 Team

  • Hi,
    I want to immigrate to Australia. I’ve already scored 7 in the academic writing test (which is sufficient for the skills assessment), however, with the new point system, I now need an 8 in either test to be eligible for immigration. Is the general writing test marked differently (more lenient) than the academic one?
    Many thanks,

    • They are marked with the same rubric! But IELTS General overall only covers ‘everyday’ topics which tends to make the exam content a little more digestible in comparison to the Academic!

      The E2 Team

  • Hello, I am planning to immigrate in Canada and from what I have understood I will have to take the General version of the test but for the moment the exam it is not available in my country. What should I do? Can I pass the Academic test instead? It is not written in the immigration file that it’s a must to take the General one. They just specify that I need to pass the IELTS test and then they are requesting the results.

  • Hi,

    Actually i am having 2 years experience in IT Industry, So i want apply PR for Canada.
    So i need to write which of these Academic or general.
    Please suggest me.

    Thank you.

  • Hello, I am working in a bank in India .. I want to apply for PR of Australia and want to work in a bank there …

    Please suggest me which kind of test should I give and what is the method of taking job in bank there …

    • Hi there! Thank you for reaching out 🙂 The PTE Academic is most often used for PR to Australia! Many of our students have done the same. You should talk to the Australian Embassy for more information, but your application will be considered on a ‘point system’. This means that depending on your occupation and other personal details you will be rewarded points that help your application come through! It’s best to get ‘evaluated’ to see what ‘GOAL SCORE’ you will need to achieve in whichever exam you pick!
      GOOD LUCK!
      The E2 Team
      For more reference:

  • navjot kaurn says:

    I am a cosmetologist. And I have 4 year gape in my study but I want to go abroad for work or study. But I cant understand. What I do…ielts academic or general…

    • If you think that STUDY is most definitely what you want to be doing while abroad you will need to take ACADEMIC. This of course bedpends on where you decide to go- but if school is at all a part of what you hope to do you’ll need IELTS Academic.

      Hope that makes it clearer for you! 🙂
      Olivia, The E2 Team

  • mahima asra says:

    Hye, I m a post graduate nurse I want work overseas which kind of test should I appear to work as a registered nurse in overseas.

    • Hi 🙂

      For higher study? ACADEMIC 🙂

      That’ll be the test for you! IELTS Academic.

      GOOD LUCK,
      Olivia, & The E2 Team

  • I’m glad I found e2language on my newsfeed. It was my first time to take IELTS and I got the results I wanted today. Thanks Jay and Team! Your methods are very effective especially the PPF in speaking.

  • Hi,

    I want to be an English teacher but because I’m not a native English speaker, the requirements state that I need to have IETS score of at least 7. Which one would I need to do, Academic or General?

    • This will depend on who you work for and who you are teaching. You need to ask prospective companies and employers this.

      Good Luck!
      The E2 Team

    • Hi there! It really depends on which company you decide to work for in the future. Some places may require an English proficiency exam and others may not! You will have to ask around to prospective companies and find out!

      Good luck!
      The E2 Team

  • hi

    i have done my graduation . now i want to go australia for getting certificate in fitness and want to work their. so suggest me which ielts test is right for me?

    • You will have to check with the Australian Embassy to be sure! But by the sounds of it you could go ahead and take the IELTS General since most CERT III and IV programs in fitness do not require IELTS Academic/prrof of English proficiency. Therefore, which exam you decide to pursue will depend on which exam Australian Boarder control will expect from you.

      GOOD LUCK! Hope you can make loads of people healthy and happy here in Australia 🙂
      Olivia, & The E2 Team

      If you need any help preparing you know where to look! (

  • Muraleedharan says:

    Myself and family is planing to migrate to Canada. Our plan is to search a job there and like to settle there. Which ielts should we have to appear.

  • Hi , i am a postgraduate doctor from Iraq and i have got a scholarship to study PhD in UK and i have to take the ielts test first ….I have to take the academic IELTS test ,right??

    • Yup! For professional reasons like study/work you’ll most likely need the Academic! But you MUST check with your school. Every school accepts different tests depending.

  • Hi,i have completed masters in English.I have been working in a company as a assistant officer for three years.i want to migrate to Australia. which IELTS is suitable for me?Please inform me.i am from Bangladesh.

    • You should ask the Australian Embassy. But if you will be using the exam for any ‘professional/academic’ practice while you are in Australia you will require the IELTS Academic. NOTE: This depends on the employer/institution.

  • Hello Team,

    Greetings !

    I am a Doctor by profession planning to relocate to UK.
    Between IELTS academic or OET which is better to score ?

    Request your guidance.

    With Thanks

  • I am banker and working as assistant manager, 7 years experiences and want to apply for skilled immigration visa to Australia. Which test of IELTs is applicable for me General or Academic?
    I am very confuse. Please guide me.

  • Hiii
    I am government employee in banking sector in India. I want to apply for PR to Australia . Can you suggest I will give ilets acedemic or General

    • This depends on what you want to be doing in Australia. Will you be pursuing any professional or academic work? These institutions may require Academic. This varies from one employer to the next. You must check to see with each individually.

      Good Luck,
      The E2 Team

  • Hi, I have done my Graduation ( in 2016 (Correspondence). and also having 6 Years work experience as an sales coordinator and service delivery executive. Now I want to apply for immigration visa for New Zealand. Please suggest which test of IELTs is applicable for me General or Academic? Thanks

    • This depends on whether or not you are looking to work in a professional environment when in New Zealand. Aspirants should take academic if they plan on continuing academically or professionally. This is because even if you are accepted for immigration on General- you may still require to take the Academic by employers. This is something you should check as it varies from one institution to the next.

      We suggest you call the NZ embassy and see what they have to say.

      Good Luck!
      The E2 Team.

  • Hi! I am from Romania and I want to work in uk as a nurse. I sould take the IELTS General or the Academic one?
    Please suggest me.

    Thank you.

  • Hi i have passed my diploma of electronics and communication in 2013. I have 5 year experience in same field and also one and half year of abroad experience. What kind of ielts i do. Pl suggest me


  • Hi have passed my diplolma of electronics and communication in2013 after it i have five year experience and also one and half year abroad country experience in same field. Now i m interested in migrate to Canada. What kind of ielts i do.


  • Kola Mohana Rao says:

    I am a B Tech graduate intends to do Master Data Analytics in Canada. I passed IELTS last month with a score of 7. After my studies I want to migrate to Canada. Is it necessary passIELTS General test.
    Thank you

  • Hello,
    I’m a Registered Nurse and will be applying for skilled visa (190,489). Just wondering if I could take the IELTS General Training to increase my PR point.
    In the website of Homeaffrair, it mentioned that both Academic and General traning is recommended unless your assessing authority tell you otherwises.
    Currently, I’m registered under Nursing Board of Australia and I’ve already completed my skilled assessment with ANMAC by using my OET score of B in 2 sitting.

  • Hi, I am master of clinical biochemistry, I will want to applying education continue (Phd) in the Australia,what kind IELTS i do?? What’s need score??

  • Hello, I am master of clinical biochemistry, I want to applying for education continue to Phd in the Australia, what kind do i need?? If i need ielts academic what’s need score??

    • This depends on both the visa you’re looking to get and your future employer! We suggest you call the Canadian Embassy they may be able to point you in the right direction! You may also consider checking with a future employer, as they may have exam requirements for employees.

    • This tends to depend on the employer themselves! I your interested in working for a specific company- ask them! That may give you better insight to what people in that industry are looking for.

      We wish you the best!

  • Hello,I’m a doctor from Bangladesh and want to go to UK for and take part in lisencing exam for prectice of medicine. Which test should I take??

    • This will depend on your future employer! And immigration law! Which you can check by calling the embassy! But have you considered the OET? This may be a good option for you because of your medical background. But you will need to confirm that this will be fully recognized according to your goals. HERE:

      You may find that helpful 🙂
      GOOD LUCK,
      Olivia, & The E2 Team

  • Hi

    I am a Chartered Accountants from India as well as a qualified ACCA and wants to migrate to Canada for job. I don’t have any offer letter from organisation there but I will look for job once I get there.

    Could you please advice me which IELTS will suit me, General and Academic. And further is there any exemption available when you complete the one type of IELTS and pursue for remaining?

    Thank you for advance !!

    • This depends entirely on your aspirations!

      We suggest everyone who is migrating to consider what companies and/or schools they would like to apply to! (even if you do not know yet, you must do your research) Than see what those specific institutions require!

      Of course you must cross-reference that to be sure either one is recognized for immigration.

      Good luck!
      Olivia & The E2 Team

  • Lois varghese says:

    I had completed my senior secondary class and i wish to go Australia for my higher studies..could u please advise me which type suites for me General or Academic IELTS

    Thanking you in advance

    • This depends on which university you decide to attend. You must check their requirements.

      Most likely in any academic circumstance you will require the ACADEMIC IELTS

      Olivia & The E2 Team

    • This will depend on which university you decide to attend! You must check with their requirements.

      Most likely: IELTS Academic.

      Olivia, & The E2 Team

  • Does giving the IELTS Academic exam meet both the purpose I.e PR Visa & any job application for experienced professionals?
    Or it should be only IELTS General?

    • Unfortunately this is impossible to answer in one sweeping response because it depends on the institute you are looking to apply to. BUT in most cases you can expect that for professional (career-based reasons) or academic circumstances you will require the ACADEMIC IELTS.

      Make sure to verify with the country you are applying for PR and try to contact possible companies in advance to confirm.

      GOOD LUCK!
      Olivia, & The E2 Team

  • Shrikar bhatt says:

    Hello i m have just finished my digital marketing course in india planning to migrate in cannada so i wanted to know whicYb ielts exam would be perferable for me?

    • It really depends on what you’re planning in the future. I encourage you to check with the Canadian Embassy! BUT the rule of thumb is pretty simple: If you are looking to go into anything work/school related: Academic. If the only reason you need the exam is for migration you’re usually okay with just: General.


  • Hello, I’m a Chemical Engineer from Chile and I want to either apply for a PhD or for a job opportunity in Australia. Should I take both tests?

  • hello i am shreeja and wish to study an undergraduate course in the uk which test should i give ielts academic or general ?

    • This depends on the school specifically. You will need to check with the institutes you apply to. BUT, for the most part, we suggest ACADEMIC if you will be using it for professional/school purposes.

  • Hi I am currently looking for an admission in Ireland and they said that I’ll need IELTS for my visa so which one should I take.

    • You’ll need to double check with their government policies BUT the general rule tends to be:

      Academic/professional reasons = ACADEMIC
      Visa/Immigration = GENERAL

      Hope that helps!
      Olivia & The E2 Team

      • I am a development worker with NGO/INGO/UN Agency in my country Bangladesh but i would like to work as international staff with different INGO or UN Agency or emergency response in out of Bangladesh. So which test is perfect for me “general training or academic”.

        • Siobhan MacDonald says:

          Unfortunately we cannot recommend which test would be best for you, as there are too many factors here. The best course of action would be to contact your employer or Migration Department.

  • Surya mohan thomas says:

    I am a teacher and I am working in Oman. I am planning to migrate to New Zealand for work. Which test is required for me either general or academics??

  • I am a fan of your YouTube channel. So many useful insights there.
    Keep up the good work. It’s because of your blog and videos that I could score CLB 10 in IELTS 🙂

    P.S. I love your emails too 🙂

  • Hi there.
    I graduated in bachlor of Architecture at a non English speaking university.
    I wonder which one, General IELTS or Academic IELTS is suitable for me if I want to apply for one of the European English Skeaking university?

  • Hi, I am a teacher and planning to apply under skilled migration to Australia. What is the IELTS category I should do. One of the agents told I have to select academic. Please help.

    • E2Language Team says:

      Hi Blessing,

      This will depend on the tests that the organisation you are applying to will accept. However, we often find that health professionals are successful with the format of the OET test.

      For more information on this topic please get in touch with us at [email protected]

  • Noorul mohsina says:

    Iam a teacher and I want to migrate to USA as a teacher. Can u prefer which one to go with academic or general

    • Hello….
      My name is Benjamin from Nigeria.
      I studied Information science and librarianship.I have been working as a librarian with a federal government research institute for over 7 years.

      My wife is a practicing nurse and she just passed IELTS exams preparing our visa to migrate to UK.

      My question is : Do I need any of the IELTS to get a job in UK?

      • Siobhan MacDonald says:

        Hi there – yes, you will need a language certificate for migration purposes. Depending on the institution or organization you are applying for, this might vary on which test. We are offering IELTS, OET, PTE, TOEFL, CELPIP.

  • Noorul mohsina says:

    Iam a teacher and I want to migrate to USA as a teacher. Can u prefer which one to go with academic or general

  • Akinola Bamidele Stephen says:

    I am a chemical engineer with specialization in production plant operations and production engineering in polymer and oil and gas.

    I am interested in emigrating to Canada or Norway….
    Pls which IELTS do I take…and which Visa do I apply for..

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