Contrast your learning and your results with an E2 Tutorial

Many students come to us having failed a test and realise that there must be a better way to prepare for the test. There is! But what is an E2 Tutorial and how can they benefit students.

Traditional Classroom

In a traditional classroom an English language teacher may have up to 15 students in the room at the time. In this environment teaching can become generalised.

Everyone will be expected to do the same thing at the same time, finishing the work within a time frame. The teacher will have a limited amount of time to spend with each individual student and will most often be talking generally to the class. In a 45 minute class, a teacher may only spend 1 to 2 minutes with an individual student.

A teacher may be distracted in a traditional classroom. Individual questions may go unanswered. The teacher will generally be limited by the lesson plan that they have designed for 15 people to be working all at the same pace and within the same time frame.

Why choose an E2 Tutorial?

By distinct contrast, an E2 Tutorial is a 45-minute session designed to meet your needs.The teacher has prepared your tutorial knowing how well you did in the last test, has reviewed your writing, and will address your specific learning needs in that time.

In an E2 Tutorial your issues will be dealt with one to one. One teacher to one student. The teacher will have extensive content knowledge and a specific resource for every situation that will eventuate in your test preparation. Tens of thousands of students have taught us what resources are needed to solve their problems, and we have spent thousands of hours designing resources to meet your learning needs!

The real value of E2 Tutorials is seen in student’s feedback. The results show that a staggering 98% of E2 students would recommend our E2 Tutorials to a friend!

Ask questions and get answers

An E2 Tutorial allows you to ask questions you need to know the answers to. So make sure you enter the E2 Tutorial prepared with questions for your teacher! Your teacher will assess your needs and provide a solution. In an E2 tutorial a student may focus on two to three parts of a test. For example essay (paragraph structure, essay form, sentence structure, issues with grammar), writing a short text and listening.

In 45 minutes, the individual attention gives you a chance to move quickly from one issue to another. If you wish to change course during the tutorial, a teacher can adapt. An example may be when issues with pronunciation come up in a speaking tutorial, so a skilled teacher will defer to a new resource, deal with the problem, then return to the main body of your tutorial.

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The Results

The benefits of taking an E2 Tutorial show up in your test score. Individual tuition isolates your specific issues, and deals with them. You may learn to understand a new sentence or paragraph construction, or a method to use in multiple choice questions, or be referred to a grammar resource to use as homework. In your E2 Tutorial, you will learn more in 45 minutes than is possible in a traditional class tutorial.

So if you are comparing traditional tutorial learning experience with online E2 Tutorials, Write down the pros and cons on a piece of paper and see for yourself the benefits of studying with E2Language.

See you in class!

E2 Tutorial

David Williamson

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