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Put yourself to the test with the Form Completion practice exercise below. But first, here are a few things you should be aware of.

In the exam, you’ll be given time to read the answer sheet. Use this time wisely! Read the information given, think ahead, try to anticipate possible answers and be wary of distractors.

In this example, remember to complete the notes with no more than ONE WORD AND/OR A NUMBER for each answer. This is non-negotiable. So when you’re listening to the recording and anticipating the answers remember this instruction! For more tips and tricks, don’t forget to watch Alex’s #E2Tasks video at the bottom of the page!

Grab a piece of paper to write down your answers and give it a go. The correct answers are provided at the bottom of the page for you to see how well you did, as well as a script if you really get lost!

IELTS Listening Form Completion Practice Exercise

SECTION 1 Questions 1-10
Play the recording to start the exercise.

(Questions 1 – 5)

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Staff: Good afternoon, A1 meetings, how can I help you?

Caller: Oh hello, my name’s Cam and I’m calling about hiring a meeting room?

S: Certainly. Let’s just check that your date is available before we go any further. When did you want to hire the room?

C: For July, sorry June the 16th.

S: Right… we’ve got plenty available then.

C: Excellent. Now, we’re a local business and we’re planning to just walk from our office to your venue on the day so can I just confirm the location with you?

S: Yes of course, we’re level 50…

C: Yes

S: In the Macquarie building.

C: Oh .. isn’t that on Green Road by the lake? That’s quite a distance from us…

S: No no, that’s the old Macquarie Building. Now, we’re in the city centre. It’s level 16b Gemborough Road, Portsville.

C: Oh.. would you mind spelling that for me?

S: Certainly. It’s G E M B O R O U G H Road.

C: Thanks. Sorry, I’m new to the area!

S: No problem. It’s easy to find us. We’re just beside the cinema… about 2 blocks from the state library.

C: Got it. I know the spot. That’s perfect. It’s an easy walk from our office.

S: Great. So let me run through a couple of options and we’ll work out the best one for your needs.

C: Perfect.

S: So, I presume you need space for more than 10 people, right?

C: Yes, probably around 30…

S: Ok, well there are 2 rooms that would probably suit you. One is the Governor Room, our most popular option actually.

C: OK, how many can it hold?

S: Well, we just had a meeting yesterday with 15 people but it usually has around 25. We just can’t have more than 35 people in there.

C: Well, that sounds fine… Does it have all the usual things – WIFI, projector…

S: Yes, and it’s also equipped with its own coffee machine, which is probably why it’s so popular

C: Hmm… and the price?

S: That one is $445 for the day

C: Ok. And you said there was another one?

S: There’s also our State room, another good option for you but the maximum capacity is 30 so we might need to check your final numbers before locking that one in.

C: Ah yes

S: This one has its own restroom attached as well as a kitchen which is quite handy and saves time during breaks.

C: Mm that’s a good point

S: Oh – and an interactive whiteboard too, if you need that.

C: Right. And is it more expensive that the first room?

S: The State room is $415, quite a good deal actually.

C: Mm it is.


Venue and Location

Level 50, Macquarie Building16b
1……….  Road, Gladstone
(next to the 2……….)

Room nameMaximum
Governor3………. 35 people– Wifi
– Projector
– Coffee machine

State30 people– Private bathroom
– Interactive Whiteboard
5 $……….
(Questions 6 – 10)

Before the event

  • Will need to confirm booking online
  • Speak to manager the day before to arrange 6……….

After the event

  • The 7………... must be cleaned
  • All 8………. must be removed from the venue
  • Return the cables to 9……….

For further information, contact Jenny 10………. on 023 1922

End of question.

How’d you go? Still not sure about Form Completion or want to prepare for other IELTS question types? If you want to keep honing your skills head over to E2Language for more practice exercises, methods and personalized advice!

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  1. Gemborough
  2. cinema
  3. 35 (people)
  4. Kitchen
  5. 415
  6. keys
  7. table
  8. rubbish
  9. reception
  10. Arjah
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