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E2 Success

It’s Show Time for Shahed.

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Joanna is migrating to Australia for postgraduate study!

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“Lots of practice is the key to success” Chloe, IELTS Academic, Bronze Package.

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How One-on-one Tutorials and Teacher Feedback helped Prija pass PTE!

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Ibuje is going to the UK to practice medicine! This is how he prepared for IELTS.

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Dr Azharuddin is moving to the UK as a doctor! See how he used E2 to prepare.

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Practice makes perfect! How Ignatius got a high score in PTE

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Thank you for the small class and all the recorded classes on the E2 language.I got the 7 I needed in writing! I thought I should let you know. My small classes definitely helped me! I was not feeling very positive about my exam… I didn’t attend one, then, I got W=6.5… needless to say, I thought I wasn’t going to make it and I was not studying as much either bcs I had already given up. Which is why I registered for 2 small classes. One was with you and the next one with Anna. I also registered for a practice exam but I never finished it. I only got my speaking done (it’s the first time I get anything above 7.5 for speaking)

Anyways, I registered to write IELTS twice: Last Wed S/L/R/W: 8/8.5/8.5/7 Last Sat S/L/R/W: 8.5/7.5/8.5/7

I would definitely recommend the small classes. I am 100% sure I had not made it without them (only 2 tho)! Thanks again! Patricia

Good morning E2 team,

I am used to reading comments on youtube about how helpful your videos are in taking PTE (special thanks to Jay) now, it is my turn to say, thank you for the videos and for creating E2. I was only hoping for either 72 or 65 for all the skills. I managed to get 90 in all communicative skills.

The PTE Express was worth it. Everything about it was helpful especially the recorded classes. Thank you once again. This will help me to become a psychologist in the future. Kudos to you all.


I passed my OET (Doctors) exam, got 430 in listening and speaking, 400 in reading and 370 in writing. I am really thankful to all teachers of OET, especially, Jennifer mam, Judy mam, Marie mam and not forgetting Jay, whose videos I watched first before I joined E2. Fantastic teachers. Very grateful to all of them for guiding me and boosting confidence in me. I request you to please convey my message to all of them.

Also wonderful support team who were so quick and efficient with their answers to all my queries. Thank you so much to the support team!! Hats off to the whole team of E2.

Take care. Have wonderful days ahead.

Dr Shahzadi