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Aamir is chasing his dream of studying Electrical or Aerospace Engineering! Find out how.

Aamir prepared for his IELTS exam using E2 Test Prep with the dream of studying Electrical or Aerospace Engineering at a top university abroad. We’re super proud as he passed his test with flying colours and is now ready to take the next step in his life!

We caught up with Aamir to find out what he did to prepare and what he plans to do next.

Over to you, Aamir!


Where are you from?

I am from Chennai the capital city of Tamil Nadu located in the southern part of India.

Which country or university are you looking to study in? 

The country I am looking forward to studying in is Canada for my Under Graduation.

Tell us how you use your Express Plus package to study. How did our materials help you achieve your goals?

I had used the Express+ package in a systematic manner to complete my studying on time. 

I aimed to complete all my practice assignments given at the end of each section regardless of speaking, writing, listening and reading. In order to revise at the last moment, I made notes whenever I was studying, this not only was time-consuming but very helpful too as I have a habit of preparing notes. Live recordings and tips for each section provided by Alex and Jay on Youtube were outstanding.

Live classes possessed a slight problem for me as I realized only 25 classes were listed in my package.

So I had to review the recorded classes & to solve my doubts I sent emails to the E2 team who solved the questions in a professional manner.

Last but not least the mock test was a huge boost up for me in terms of confidence as I got good scores and felt satisfied with the resources provided by E2. The teacher feedback given was accurate and helped me rectify my mistakes hence all the above points mentioned took me close towards the desired score.

What is your next step in life? 

I am planning to pursue Electrical or Aerospace Engineering overseas for my Under Graduation at renowned universities such as the University of Toronto, Carleton, and the University of British Columbia.

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