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An OET Success Story: Amjad

During the time I have been teaching OET tutorials for E2Language, I have had the pleasure of assisting many students in their preparation journey.  Nothing makes me happier than when I receive an email from a former student that says “I passed!”. These students pay close attention to feedback and advice from their teachers, in addition to spending time trying to understand what the OET truly requires of them and how they can demonstrate that they possess these skills on test day.  Given that many of these students are preparing under the pressure of a deadline and balancing their OET studies with their work as dedicated healthcare professionals, their achievement is particularly extraordinary.

Though I have worked with many students who fit this description, one that stands out in my mind is Amjad.  This is the story of how he achieved his goals by preparing for OET with hard work, dedication, and an extraordinary willingness to make the most of the feedback he received.

How and why Amjad came to E2Language

Amjad was already a practising orthopaedic and trauma surgeon in Germany, but he had some other dreams that he wanted to fulfil, namely, to work in consultancy in Germany as well as to be eligible to work in the UK.  To be able to do both of these things, he required a score of 350 or above in each of the OET sub-tests.

Prior to signing up to E2Language and his first one-on-one tutorial with me, Amjad had attempted the OET once before.  Unfortunately, he did not achieve the results he required in the Writing and Speaking sub-tests. So, when he came to our first OET tutorial, these were areas that he wanted to work on.

Amjad during one of his tutorials

Why was Amjad successful?

Amjad’s story of needing the OET to progress in his career and/or register as a doctor overseas is a common one, and thankfully it was one with a happy ending.  After ten one-on-one tutorials with me, Amjad achieved his required results in all four sub-tests, with his highest mark (420) in Speaking, the one we had spent the most time on.  Here are some of the reasons why I believe Amjad was so successful:

  1. Amjad was open to feedback and asked lots of questions

Amjad came to each and every lesson with questions, wanting to know how he could improve in areas he was unsure about.  In our tutorials, he listened carefully to feedback regarding his writing assessments and his speaking and made sure he applied that feedback during his private study.

However, it was very important for me to highlight what Amjad was doing well also. This is something that our expert tutors can do in one-on-one tutorials – help you identify both your weaknesses and your strengths in a personalised setting, so you know what steps to take next in your OET preparation.

  1. He gave himself lots of time

As I previously mentioned, Amjad and I had ten tutorials together over about a month and a half. This gave Amjad the time and space he needed to self-evaluate, get expert advice, and apply this evaluation and feedback during his practice at home.  This meant that, by the time test day came around, he was more confident in his abilities and understood what the test required of him.  

I understand that some candidates do not have the luxury of having lots of time to prepare.  However, giving yourself as much time as possible in your circumstances and making good use of that time is essential.

  1. His general level of English was already high

Achieving a score of 350-440 in an OET sub-test (formerly known as a B grade) is equivalent to the C1 band on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). This is quite an advanced level of English.  

Amjad already had a very high level of general English when he started preparing for the OET, meaning he could focus on preparing for the test itself and applying our recommended strategies without worrying too much about basic errors.  

If you think your level of general English needs some work before you attempt the OET, take a look at our general English courses at E2School.

  1. His attitude

It wasn’t just his advanced level of English, the amount of time he had, or the way he used this time that helped Amjad achieve his goals.  It was also his dedicated and focused attitude. He prepared well before each class by reviewing what we had discussed in the previous one; he was willing to practise the same speaking or writing exercise more than once to try and improve his first attempt by applying the feedback I had given him; and he knew that the key to achieving his goal was practising regularly and often, both inside and outside the classroom.

Here is a quote from Amjad about our tutorials:

My tutorials helped me to understand what OET examiners are actually looking for. On a personal level, the lessons sensitized me to the importance of adapting my ways of empathizing with patients in order to communicate well with a native English speaker.  

I think success is always the result of collaboration, and this is where E2Language teachers like Samantha stand out. My success was a result of my efforts combined with your outstanding teaching style and your deep understanding of the test.

Thanks for your kind words, Amjad!

Amjad is now working as a consultant in Germany and looking at working in the UK in the future. As a teacher, helping him achieve his goals was a wonderful experience.  

Amjad’s story is a great one, but it is not the only one of its kind.  Sign up to our Bronze, Silver, or Gold packages today to get one-on-one tutorials like Amjad did, as well as additional resources and live classes. You just might be our next OET success story!


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  • Gayathriramesh says:

    Hello sir good afternoon could you please tell me about oet class sir I’m interested to take class for 3months

    • E2Language Team says:

      Hello there,

      Our OET preparation packages give you access to practice materials and methods for all four skill areas. Our Bronze, Silver and Gold packages give you unlimited live classes, as well as access to personalised teacher feedback on your skills through assessments and tutorials. A mini mock test with detailed feedback is also included in our Express+ package and higher.

      To view our packages and inclusions, or to sign up, go to: or

      If you have any questions about our packages, please email us: [email protected].

      All the best,
      Maree from your E2 team

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