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Dr Azharuddin is moving to the UK as a doctor! See how he used E2 to prepare.

Dr Azharuddin used E2 Test Prep to prepare for his OET test to move to the UK and advance his career progression as a Doctor in emergency medicine.

We asked him a few questions on how he achieved his success.

Where are you from?

I am from India, but currently working as a doctor in Singapore.

What did you study the OET for?

Am planning to move to the UK for my career progression as a Doctor in emergency medicine.

What language/s do you speak?

My mother tongue is Urdu, but I can speak Telugu, Tamil, Hindi and English

What was the most difficult part of your study and how did you approach it?

Writing was my most difficult sub-test, and I had cleared it by sticking to writing criteria as per OET. (It’s clearly explained in E2 Test Prep)

What did you like most about E2 Test Prep?

Regarding E2 Test Prep, it has systematically organized subtests which helps you keep an account of your gradual progression in OET.

How long did it take you to prepare before taking the test?

It took in total 3 months to prepare.

What did you do in your free time to unwind and destress?

In my free time, I use to listen to speaking subtests, especially while doing some physical exercise.

What would be your top tip for other students who are about to begin their test-prep journey?

My top tip for OET students is to stick to OET criteria and just follow the quality letters that have been given in E2 Test Prep, it did really helped me.

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