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Bhebie Student Story: OET

Quick Q&A with the amazing Bhebie!

Where are you from? 

The Philippines

What did you study the OET for? 

To move with my family to the UK to work as a registered nurse..

What language/s do you speak? 

Cebuano, Philipino, and English

What made you choose E2Language? 

Friends told me that E2Language was a really good place to prepare and I saw some of your videos on Youtube. When I looked into it I liked the fact that the sessions were available in different time zones and that there’s flexibility. Also if you can’t attend a live class then you can watch it later on the platform.

What was the most difficult part of your study and how did you approach it? 

Finding the time!  I am working full time and I have a daughter and she’s only two years old so she needs a lot of my attention. It was great that all the material was so organised on the platform so I could work through everything and when I had time to connect I could go straight to the practice I needed.

What did you like most about E2Language? 

Aside from the way the website is organized I loved the teachers – my tutorial with Sarah C was very helpful, Marie-Claire did the mock test speaking with me and that was great, and in the live classes Judy was very encouraging.

How long did it take you to prepare before taking the test?

1 month with the Show Time package

What did you do in your free time to unwind and destress?

We played games, computer games! I play Mobile Legends with my husband and it’s a fantastic way to disconnect.

What would be your top tip for other students who are about to begin their test-prep journey?

Be confident in yourself and keep working hard and follow the e2 methods. And don’t forget to pray!

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