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E2Expert: Danielle

PTE, IELTS and E2School Live Class teacher , Australia

Danielle is our PTE Tutor, PTE, IELTS and E2 School Live Class teacher, PTE and IELTS Assessment Marker.


Danielle, born in Sydney, grew up in Bayside Melbourne, Australia. She has always had an interest in other cultures and studied French and Japanese language and culture at Monash University. She did an exchange to Japan during her university years, and this is where she stumbled across her love of teaching by putting up a hand-drawn poster of a koala with a speech bubble saying, “Speak English with Me” around downtown Tokyo, and suddenly her English teaching career began! She went on to complete her qualifications to teach English as a second language and even ran her own national ESL tutoring business for 8 years, specialising in English language training to companies across Australia. Her meeting with E2language was quite fateful when she came across the organisation by chance through putting a comment on their blog page regarding the PTE test. Fortuitously, this lead to becoming a teacher with E2language and she has had the privilege to be part of the company as it has expanded and flourished exponentially over the past 3 years.


Danielle has approximately 20 years’ experience teaching general English as well as business English and exam preparation, and has been teaching PTE and IELTS for the past 3 years with E2language and E2school. She loves interacting with students and can quickly identify their language needs and ways to best assist them. She also loves grammar and pronunciation teaching! She finds teaching students online all over the world extremely rewarding and lots of fun in the global classroom. Without a doubt, that initial spark and passion she felt with her first students from her koala poster in Japan is still there! 

Top Tip for Success

“Keep working on vocabulary and grammar study while finding fun and enjoyable ways to practice reading, writing, speaking and listening skills, whether it’s listening to music in English, watching a movie, reading articles and books or simply reading aloud or practice free speech for 5 minutes on different topics.”

What our students say about Danielle

These are some of the amazing responses we received for our E2Expert Danielle.

Student Name Message
Dear Madam Danielle,
You are the best teacher I have found in my life. When I was talking with you the first time I was afraid, but after talking to you I feel so confident. Again, thanks to you very much!
I love and I don’t forget to any day:)
Susan S. Laroza
Dear teacher Danielle,
In celebration of teachers’ week, allow me to express my gratitude as I always do at the end of our every class. I’m always excited to attend our session whenever you are the one who will teach us. I am so thankful on how you share not only your tremendous skill and knowledge but also your concern for us. Indeed, for me you are a mentor. Looking forward for more session here at e2language with you. Keep safe always and stay the best.Your student,
Florian Tan Dear teacher Danielle, thank you for helping me in my PTE exam, you are such a wonderful teacher! You rock!
Dear Danielle
You are a gem of a person! I love the way you take care of all the students in your class and patiently answer all our concerns. Thank you so much for everything you do. We really appreciate your patience and support! We love you with all our hearts! <3
Dear Danielle,
I can not express my thanks to you. I’ve never ever seen a teacher like you.
You are very special to me because I asked one question regarding my career based on how to become a HEALTH INSPECTOR and you gave me the full details about the course in colleges. Even though
I’m a free signup student you took care of me it’s showing you dedication. It impressed me a lot. I can able to say that one other teacher won’t be like you. My hearty thanks to you Danielle!!!!!!!
Asma From the bottom of my heart thank you. You are the best mentor.✨
Geetha Kishor Kumar
I would like to thank all the teachers, Anna, Danielle, David, Colin, Jay, and all others in the E2language team. However, I want to thank Danielle specially for her calm nature and patience with all students. She is sincere in her teaching and take every effort to answer our questions and to give us feedback. She is an amazing teacher. Thank you very much Danielle for your support and encouragement.
Dear Danielle,
I express my gratitude, for your help in my PTE preparation. I like the way you explain and the strategies you provide towards solving a problem/question. Each class is boosting confidence in me, and I am sure your guidance will definitely help me in scoring good marks in the test.
Jagpreet Kaur Gill I have no words to describe how grateful I am. So, I just wrote a song for you. I hope you like it.

I love it when you teach me Danielle
I wish I could meet ya
But every class is ooh la la la
It’s true, la la la
Ooh, I should be running
Ooh, you keep me coming
Land in E2Language
The students are liking E2 from all around the world
You are my favourite teacher
Before I even knew your name, la la la
It felt like ooh la la la
Thursday class
Her method fit right in my mind, la la la
It felt like ooh la la la, yeah

Victoria Dear teacher, thanks so much for the lessons.
Dear Danielle,
Thank you for your efforts. I would like you to be my personal tutor but unfortunately that isn’t possible at the moment.
But you will aways have a place in my heart.
Elaine May Rellama
Dear Danielle, thank you so much for imparting your knowledge to all of your PTE students. I believe that all the strategies we learned are all useful in our studies…All the best to E2 language.
Ravi Kariya
You’re amazing at the other side of the computer. I wish I could have a chance to thank you by meeting you face to face. Truly appreciated.
Hey Danielle, I have learned many things from you. I always keep learning something from you. You are the best one. Happy Teacher’s Day.
Venkat Thank you Teacher for your excellent teaching for PTE speaking section.
Madhavi Bedekar Dear Danielle,

Wish you a Happy Teacher’s day.

You are

T- Talented
E- Enthusiastic
A- Amazing
C- Calm
H- Happy
E- Effective
R- Rocking.

Thank you very much for boosting me always.
Madhavi Bedekar

Hi Danielle! Happy Teachers’ Day! I just want to thank you for your dedication in teaching PTE lessons to your students. I have already attended a few of your live classes and honestly speaking your classes are one of my favorite classes so far (I love your delivery style ♡). I have already taken my first PTE exam almost two years ago (and got straight 90s all thanks to E2Language), I am just not sure if you were one of my teachers back then (my memory is bad). Anyway, I am planning to take my next PTE exam maybe early next year and I am so looking forward to attending more of your live classes in preparation for it. Again, thank you so much, take care, keep safe and God bless. Xoxo
Jasneet Kaur
Hello Danielle, I cannot express you in words that how much i appreciate you and your E2 language team. You guys are the best ones that i have come across to date. Your way of teaching us with a smile on your face always, is just impeccable. I’m a student teacher myself and you have not only taught me how to take IELTS but have also taught me how to be a better teacher. Wish you all loads of success and happiness and good health. hoping to see you all someday.
Susmita Shaha
Dear Danielle, you are very helpful and cooperative.Your elaboration is very nice.You always focus the important topics , which we have to learn.I appreciate you very much and I am ever grateful to you.
Dear Danielle,
Thanks for your polite way to communicate with your students and for your kindness. I have learnt numerous of important tips to increase my English levels thanks to you. You are a great tutor.
Tanay Swarupam Thanks Danielle for all your help and support.
[email protected]

Dear Danielle,

You have wonderful teaching style and whenever I take your lecture I always feel comfortable about PTE that it is not too difficult and I can do it 🙂
Thank you for increasing our knowledge and courage.

Prince Mehra
Dear Danielle, thank you so much. I love to speak to you. You are such a kind person. And I have no words to show how much diligent person you are. Always good to take your class. 😍😇Thanks again… May God bless you and gives you a long, happy and healthy life. Once again Happy birthday 🎉 many many happy returns on the day 🙂
موسى الشيخ ٥٠١ thanks a lot
Rishu Sareen You are doing an incredible job.
SEYMA 😉 <3


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