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E2Expert: Dr. Anna-China

IELTS and PTE Expert Tutor and Live Class Teacher , Brazil

Dr. Anna-China is one of our IELTS, TOEFL and CELPIP Expert Tutors and Live Class Teachers.


Anna was born and in grew up in Montreal, Canada. A unique and charming city that blends English and French naturally and can be noticed when walking the streets you hear “c’est vraiment nice”, known as “franglais”. She was born in a multicultural family speaking and mixing three languages – English, French and Portuguese –  she can´t distinguish which one is her mother tongue. Her passion for teaching English as a foreign language goes back 30 years when she started teaching English to immigrants and refugees in Montreal. For her, teaching is a calling since her earliest childhood memories, she remembers loving to play “school.”  This love has followed her all these years in her career path always focused on teaching English as a foreign language. 

Teaching Experience:

  • 20 years as an ESL, EFL English teacher
  • 6 years as a teacher trainer of non-native English language teachers
  • 11 year managing IELTS testing for the University of Technology, Sydney
  • 20 years as an IELTS examiner
  • 3 years teaching with E2Language


Dr. Anna-China’s Top Tip for Success:

“Do the best you can to learn English in the same way you learned your first language.”


What our students say about Dr. Anna-China:

These are some of the amazing responses we received for our E2Expert Dr. Anna-China.

Student Name Message
Adiana It brings a big smile onto my face whenever I have teachers and best guides like you 🙂 Thank you for always been there for me and making my every class special 🙂
Joseph James Thank you for being so kind and humble to us. Even though we make kindergarten mistakes you never discourage us but motivate us more by your sweet words and prayers. I hope you will be a blessing for more people too.
Thank you so much.
Much Luv.
God bless 😘
Derlly Dear Anna,
Learning is a process that never ends. Today, I want to express how grateful I am with you for being part of mine.
Your ability to wear the students shoes and go the extra mile is incredible. My English language learning experience has been more enjoyable and interesting since I signed up to E2Languge and got the opportunity to learn from you.
You have taught me important tips that are fundamental to build my English skills. To be honest with you, I strongly believe that you really care about your students and their learning journeys. Because of that I conclude that you are the best and you really mean it.
Thanks again for being a wonderful person and tutor, I will never forget you.
Yeshwanth Dear Madam,
Thank you for your investment in teaching students like us. Greatly appreciate it.
Anisha Dear Anna,
I would like to thank you so much for all your help and your efforts during our journey. You are not only an excellent teacher, but a good person as well. I wish you all the best in your life. Stay safe. Lots of love.
Dils Dear Dr Anna, you are an amazing teacher. With the help of you, writing and speaking has become so easy. I impatiently wait for your classes – hopefully I will get a desired score and this will be with the great help of yours! I am happy to have seen E2 by chance actually every and each of your member is amazing. Take much care and go on helping and bringing joy to your students!
Elbenson Dear Dr. Anna,
Happy Teacher’s Week. I just want to send my appreciation to all your hard work in sharing your knowledge. I enjoy all your lectures and I feel the sincerity in your teaching that you want us to learn and enjoy the learning. Thank you so much!
Jamila Dear Anna thank you for everything you taught me. We love you
Varsha Dear Anna, Its always fun to attend your class. Thank you so much for being there and patiently answering our queries during the class itself and sharing the feedback. Thanks is not actually not enough to express the gratitude 🙂 Happy Teachers Day 🙂
Annie Dear Anna, you’re the best!
NIDHIN Dear Anna China, Your classes were helpful to me. I like the way you listen to students and provide a proper solution. I appreciate your efforts to give the best coaching. Thank you.
Ngankou Dear Anna, l really appreciate what you are doing for us. Words can’t explain how l feel.
From the bottom of my heart thank you.
Saad My favourite E2 teacher is Dr. Anna. I would love to say that she helped me a lot in acheving a high score. She motivated me so well otherwise i couldn’t achieve my score. Thanks for being there and supporting me. #Dr.Anna
Naveen D G Dear Anna, You are one of those incredible teacher have every come across since my college days. Your patience and ability to motivate students are simply phenomenal.
Keep teaching and inspiring us to do better 🙂
hadiseh Dear Anna
Your notes help me a lot in writing and you did it great. You are a good teacher and a lovely person. Thanks a lot for what did you for me. I will always remember you as an effective teacher.
Mercy Dear Anna,
I consider you not only the best teacher I have ever had, but also the best mentor I have ever had.
Thank you for making PTE learning fun.Kind RegardsMercy
Gemma Hi Anna! Happy Teachers’ Day! I would like to thank you for all the PTE lessons that I’ve learned from you. Almost two years ago I signed up at E2Language in preparation for my first PTE exam, and after just three weeks of attending live classes, I nailed my first attempt at PTE! I got straight 90s in all communicative skills all thanks to you and the other dedicated PTE teachers! I’m planning to take my next PTE exam maybe early next year and I am looking forward to attending your live classes again. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank the rest of the E2Language PTE team who are working behind the cameras and making sure our reviews are nothing but accurate. Again, thank you so much and may God bless you more that you may be able to help and inspire more students. Take care and keep safe always. Xoxo
Jinu John Hi Anna! Thanks for your support and motivation.
Neha Dhawan Thank you so much for the guidance and helping us prepare better
Gurjeet kaur I am very thankful to E2Language. Yesterday I got my ielts result. I am so happy – it’s my first attempt and I got the required score. There is only one option for teacher selection name but I am very thankful to Jay, Alex, Graeme, Matt and Sasha. Your team does a wonderful job and now I am able to get my Residency. Thanks again. God bless you and keep it up. Last but not least even though I have done my ielts, I will be attending online classes in the future.🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
Tanay Thanks Anna for all your help and support.
[email protected] Dear Anna China,

You have a motivating teaching style and whenever I take your lecture, I always learn some unique tips and methods which boost my confidence about completing different PTE tasks with flying colors.
Thank you for increasing our knowledge by sharing your teaching experiences.

Jekson Magay Teachers used to tell, Good teachers explained, Great teachers demonstrated, Great teachers inspire.
Thanks. By the way, I am new here so please guide me.
Navdeep Kaur Dear Anna,
You are really a praiseworthy personality and a fabulous mentor. You always give your best while delivering the online lectures on various IELTS writing topics. I feel quite confident after watching your videos. You are not only a talented teacher but also a good helper of all the students of E2 language.
Abel Kipkemboi Dear Anna, I’m really glad to have you as my teacher. You have really made my dreams come true. Be blessed abundantly.
Revathy Nagaraj Dear Madam,

You are a great teacher. I like your politeness you show to your students, giving equal priority to everyone who attends your class and step by step method to improve our scores. It is very easy and simple to follow your suggestions. I appreciate your behaviour of taking everyone’s opinion in the classroom. I am glad to be your student.

Umesh Dear Anna, I am not looking for any discounts but really appreciate the way you teach which helps us to understand and learn quickly. Thank you for all the efforts.
Muzaffer Dear Anna,

Thank you very much for your efforts in making us improve.
You are a dynamic tutor with great charisma. I am thankful to you for making me improve my writing skills.
Love you.

Chathurani Highly appreciate
Noufa Dear Dr.Anna.
I want to thank you for all your efforts for helping us to achieve our goals.THANK YOU SOOOOOO MUCHNoufa
Pubudu Liyanage Thanks very much for all the support given to pass IELTS.
Devan Dear Anna, I love your classes and feel very satisfied after each of your class. You made my grades rise dramatically from 5.5 to 7.5. I’m very thankful for your help and you are a good sweet teacher.

Devan 🙂

Mabasa Chishava Thank you Anna, you have rubbed some confidence on my mind. God richly bless you.
Umair Ahmad Dear Anna, I believe our dedication and commitment in preparation for the exam will eventually lead us to success just because of your teaching method. Even though I am a beginner in ielts, I need to practice a lot to achieve my desire band score. i am fully confident that with your teaching method and my dedication i will get the desired score. Thank you 🙂
Luv Wadhwani Dear Anna,

I wrote to you before to thank you for all your efforts towards making me improve. I would take this opportunity to thank you again. Please continue doing the good work.

Thank you, stay happy and healthy.


Sarah Dear Dr. Anna,

Thank you for making everything easy to understand especially for those who are not confident enough to take the IELTS exam. You are very patient and you always made sure that by the end of the class, every pupil understood the lesson. Thank you for boosting everybody’s confidence and giving detailed feedback no matter how limited the time was. Gifted teachers like you are a gift to their students.

Mouin Khan I love your teaching & your live classroom feedback.
Amjad alhuniti Thank you Anna I will contact you soon.
Daniel Thank you so much for your help. The group lesson really showed how much you cared and are willing to help my situation. You gave me more motivation to succeed. Thank you. God bless you!
PRABHANJAN Dear Anna, you are my inspiration and Iike the style in which you teach and motivate students. I learnt many things from you. The methods you explain and suggestions and tips you provide are really helpful. Thanks all for your support. I’m glad to have a teacher like you.
Sarin Ravishanker Dear Anna,
Thanks for all the support during my IELTS prep. E2 has been a great in improving my scores. I scored an 8 band over all and I’m more than delighted. Thanks for everything and good luck.


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