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E2Expert: Graeme

IELTS Tutor, Live Class teacher and test materials writer , Vietnam

Graeme is our IELTS Tutor, Live Class teacher and test materials writer

Tell us about you!

“I started my first degree at the University of Salford, England in French, Russian and Italian, but dropped out after 2 years,  travelled overland to India and ended up in Australia. There I met my wife, and after 2 years, went back to England with her. I trained as a high school English and Drama teacher at Exeter University and during my course started to teach English over the summer holidays to students, mostly from Iceland. So began my career as an EFL teacher – I never taught in high schools. I completed a Diploma in English teaching in 1983 and then, after 15 years at language schools in England and Italy, I studied for a Masters in TTELT – teacher training – and worked for 6 years at the University of Plymouth with teachers and trainee teachers from Eritrea, Japan, Malaysia and many other countries. In 1989 we returned with our 5 children to Australia where I worked as an EFL teacher and trained as an IELTS examiner. After 5 years I was offered a position managing IELTS tests on test days and the examiners and staff needed to run these tests. 12 years later I began spending more time in Viet Nam and from 2018 started online teaching with E2Language. I now live in Hoi An with my wife Linda, 4 dogs and one cat andI help run an NGO which supports girls and young women to complete their education.”

What our students say about Graeme

These are some of the amazing responses we received for our E2Expert Graeme.

Student Name Message
Ashish Sahni Dear Graeme, I wanted to thank you for giving me guidance on how I can improve my speaking skills. Thank you so much. Regards, Ashish
Amit Yeralkar I really appreciate your guidance and the knowledge you share. Your method of teaching makes learning much easier. I have taken my IELTS General before and scored S-8.5, L-8, R-6.5, W-6. I need a much better score but was unsure of how to achieve it. My confidence levels were at their lowest point and I had no clue and sense of direction. Then I stumbled upon E2 on Youtube and found the information very helpful. Now that I have registered and attended the online classes, I feel a lot more confident on achieving my target score of 8+ on all four parameters. A big thank you to Graeme since most classes I attended were taken by him. I would also take this opportunity to thank all the teachers at E2 for the wonderful job they are doing. Thank you.
Williams Ike Dear Graeme,
I am writing to appreciate you for making e2language classes you have ever taught me great fun. I am now more confident now in written English, spoken, reading and listening. As we celebrate this year’s teachers week at e2language, you will continue to grow in good health of mind and body. Thank you.
Yours sincerely,
Williams Ike
Florence Njoroge Dear Graeme,

Thank you for being a great teacher. You take us through the course materials very well plus I always feel refreshed after your classes.

maria I just want to say Thank You for your kindness, patience and being calm when your teaching. It makes me feel comfortable, confident and not be afraid of learning english.❤
Dorothy Chow Dear Graeme,
Thank you so much for your sharing and effective usage of English on speaking! Thanks for choosing me for practising when I come to your class at the first time. I hope that I could improve my speaking skills under your professional teaching! Thank you.
Almahdi Dear Graeme, I really appreciate you. You really make me very happy. You are the best teacher I have ever seen as well as all the E2language teachers.
Irish Marie Dear Graeme, I want to take this opportunity to thank you for sharing your knowledge and expertise with us. Thank you for everything that you do. You are awesome! Happy teacher’s day!
Jenny Dear Greame, thanks so much for your help! I had a few speaking lessons with you in early August. You provided me with lots of good advice and I know the method to make improvements! Finally, I got a 7 in IELTS speaking. Super thx!!!
Helen Nguyen Thanks for your amazing classes
Miriam Ogwuegbu Dear Mr Graeme,

Attending your classes is something I look forward to everyday because you make speaking class an interesting one everytime. I really appreciate your calm gestures, your teaching style and encouragement everyday. Happy Teacher’s day Sir.

Miriam Ogwuegbu

Felicita You are a great teacher. I wish you good health and happiness.
Rachana Awatramani Dear Sir,
Thank you for all the live classes. They have really helped me improve my language of IELTS. Happy teachers’ day!
Trust you’re doing well?
Just wanted to say a big thank you for all your support and the tireless effort you put in to ensure you give your students the best. Moreso your follow up on your group students is highly commendable.Thank you so much, you’re highly appreciated.

Your student,

Rakinder kaur Dear sir, I want to wish you Happy Teachers Day. With your speaking strategy I will be able to speak confidently. Thanks a lot sir
Vikram Joshi Dear Graeme,

You’re one of the best teachers that I have had. I like the way you make the classes interactive and interesting. Thank you for your dedication to teaching.

Happy Teacher’s Day!


Derlly Dear Graeme,
I remember that last year I booked a tutorial with you, unfortunately I was not well prepared prior the tutorial however; you kindly re-scheduled it without charge. That to me was an evidence of the kind of person and tutor you are. I will never forget it.
Thank you for sharing your knowledge and strategies to improve my English skills in a very professional way. I really have learnt so much from you.
Thanks forever.
Gaurav Dear Graeme, I’d like to say thank you for all you efforts for making IELTS easy.
Sandesh Srinivas Appreciate the evaluation of my speaking exam
Dinma success It was a difficult one as nearly all E2 tutors are fantastic but I choose you (Graeme) because your are exceptional in what you do. You make learning fun, interactive but yet so impactful. I would give the world to be on your Friday classes because they not only wrap up the week’s learning sessions, they also give me a boost for my independent studying over the weekend which is in large part thanks to you.
Abhishek Gaur Thank you for helping me with IELTS writing and Speaking. I am forever grateful to you.
Rynell Abraham Dear Graeme, thank you so much. These words are not enough to be honest. I am sincerely not writing this to earn any sort of discount from E2, but an honest and a sincere thank you for helping and supporting us throughout. I can understand how difficult it is to be in your shoes, teaching has never been an easy job. I have huge respect for you and the other teachers who are helping the non-native English speakers to achieve their dreams in a short period of time. I will always have a positive word of mouth for E2 and the teachers and I hope to live up to your expectations. I thank you again for those amazing classes you gave us and I will visit your classes periodically.
Josephine Idiaghe Mr Graeme, thanks for all the time you give and all your good work.
Prince Mehra Dear Graeme, thank you so much. I like to attend your classes. You are such a great teacher. And I have no words to show how much diligent person you are. I always enjoy your classes. 😍😇Thanks again… May God bless you and gives you a long, happy and healthy life🙂Thanks again, teacher.
Umesh Dear Graeme, I am not looking for any discounts but really appreciate the way you teach calmly and answering the all the questions in the chat box. Thank you for all the efforts.
Derya Ak Dear Graeme, I really appreciate all your support. You have been very helpful to me especially in this challenging time with multiple commitments, being able to receive a support from an experienced and understanding teacher like you is priceless. Thank you for all of that. Happy Teacher’s Day.
Joy I very much enjoy your classes, both live classes and the small group class. I would like to thank you for your patience, kindness, and all the advice. I wish you have a very happy teacher’s week!
Yoo Yar I do appreciate you for your effort and time. To all the teachers from E2, especially, Mr. Jay and Graeme.
luis Hi Graeme, I want to say thanks for being kind and patient with us. Keep it up…God bless
SyedMoulaAli Thank you
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  • Dr. Vivien Katona says:

    Dear Graeme,
    Thank you so much for your very useful group and live classes! I enjoyed them all! You were a big help in achiving my goal and pass IELTS for the first time with an overall band 8. You’re an amazing teacher. ♥
    All the best,

  • Sanmeet Sandhu Sood says:

    My fav teacher as his way of teaching is so much fun, highly interactive, responds swiftly to almost all the students. His USB is that he knows about most of the world’s languages in terms of tone or accent at-least. The session I enjoy the most is in his speaking classes where he chooses the volunteers (on the basis of first answer,first speak as if in first come,first serve method)to speak to and correct them on 1 on 1 basis.Such a practice benefits not only those specific students but also others as there are a lot of mistakes we all make in common.All in All, I am learning the maximum from him , getting to know my mistakes and trying to overcome them which is considered as the key to achieving a great score which under the guidance of such teachers(E2Experts) I am pretty confident I will get.

    • E2Language Team says:

      Hi Sanmeet,

      Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful review! I have passed this on to Graeme and I’m sure he’ll be delighted to read it!

      Best wishes,
      Maree from your E2 team

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