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E2Expert: Jay

Interview: The beginning of E2Language with Jay

Jay is interviewed by Rob MacLachlan who is the coordinator of English language programs at Bond University in Queensland Australia. In this wide ranging and candid discussion, Rob investigates the beginning of E2Language, E2School and what the future holds for traditional English language schools.


What our students say about Jay

These are some of the amazing responses we received for our E2Expert Jay.

Student Name Message
In general all teachers are pillars of any nation. They build the society without gaining in return. So a big salute to all out there. A special thanks to Jay for helping us to chase our dreams. You are the best in what you do.
Dr.Hemchandra Lal Karn
Hi DearJay, it’s you who has influenced me so much that I want to resurrect my life at the age of 68 yrs by securing over 70% in the very first attempt at the OET. It’s to be held on 21.11.2020, after a very marginal escape from death due to Covid 19, which has kept me hospitalised, since 22.7.2020. I want to persue Clinical Fellowship in Spinal Surgery from UK for which only the Clearance of OET is the only OBSTACLE. I shall be in a position to join your online Classes after a week. I will be happy to get your kind ethical help to visualize my dream!
Sandeep Really Appreciate your insights
Atia Hi Jay,
Hope you are good.
Thanks for uploading excellent videos on YouTube. You are simply an awesome teacher.
Dr Atia
Sandeep Really Appreciate your insights
Youssef Kamel
Dear Jay,
I hope you are well. I appreciate for your simple information delivery. I wish you all the best forever.
Thanks so much
Youssef Kamel
Amith Thanks for all the videos
Muhammad Waseem
l really appreciate what you are doing for us. Words can’t explain how l feel. From the bottom of my heart thank you.
Faith Ikpamii
Dear Jay, I appreciate you beyond words. You were God’s answer to my prayers at one attempt. Pls don’t stop being you!
Dear Jay,cI really appreciate you for your help and I would like to greet you as a perfect teacher
Dear teachers from e2language, you all are well deserved to be thank by every students.The way you gave efforts in learning your students is just unbelievable. Thank you all teachers!
Farhan Ahmed Hello Jay, you are an incredible teacher. I have learned a lot from you
Rishabh Arora Thank you so much for clearing most of the doubts that I had for IELTS general.
I would like to thank Jay and the rest of the teachers for being very helpful to assist the exam takers in passing the test the best possible and easiest way.
Dear Teacher, I never thank you though I took some free lessons from you via youtube and E2, so this time I got the opportunity. Thank you so much for your guideline and teaching us. I wish God keeps blessing you always and stay connected with us always. Thank you
anand singh
Thank you so much for your guidance and support. It really helped me a lot. Looking forward to upgrade my plan. Thank you
Sam I appreciate your care and concern towards the students.
Dear Jay, thank you for teaching me how to write. I enjoyed every single of your videos. I hope there was a chance for students who can not afford IELTS calsses to receive free lessons.
Imene I loved your videos on youtube.They were really helpful. Thank you
It brings a big round of smile on my face whenever I feel I have teachers and best guiders like you 🙂 thank you for always been there for me and making my every class special 🙂
Amina Bello-Osagie
I really love your strategy and I think I benefitted a lot. Thank u very much. I appreciate you. Cheers
Vishnu Dear Jay I enjoy your teaching the most
Dongyue Huang Thanks Jay, I watch a lot of youtube videos you made. Very helpful
Hassan Thank you sir for being there for me. I really appreciate.
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