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E2Expert: Kaylene

Learning Designer, Trainer & Head of E2School's Levels 1-3 , Australia

Kaylene is our Learning Designer, Trainer & Head of E2School’s Levels 1-3

Tell us about yourself

“I was born in New Zealand, but moved to Australia as a kid. I think that’s when I caught the travel bug! Once I finished uni, I left Australia to see the world. I spent 13 years working and travelling around most English-speaking countries and a few others too.”

When did you become a teacher?

“In 2006, I began teaching ESL (English as a Second Language) in Prague, where the Czech students honed my grammar skills. Teaching English in Australia, I had to incorporate academic English skills and focus on multicultural issues like pronunciation and intonation. All of these skills have been utilised in creating courses and teaching them for E2School.”

How is the lockdown for you?

‘The hardest part about the COVID lockdown for me – I’m not allowed to leave Melbourne to go rock climbing!’

Any top tip for success?

‘When trying to fix a big problem, start with an easy job and then the next one. This will make the big problem become smaller and smaller, and before you know it, it will be completely gone.’

How do we find you Kaylene?

‘You can find me in E2School – Level 2 live classes, Welcome to E2School help class, tutorials or messages.’ 

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Here is what our students say about Kaylene:

‘Dear Kay,
It’s been an utmost honor to be able to attend your classes. You taught us in the most possible friendly way! Thank you for being kind to us and brightening our day with your beautiful smile, every day! Your positive energy helps us so much. Happy teachers day!!!💐💐💐💐.’       

— Saritha

‘Hello, I really appreciate you. Thanks so much.’

— Maged

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