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“Lots of practice is the key to success” Chloe, IELTS Academic, Bronze Package.

E2 student, Chloe, knows what it takes to pass the IELTS test. Learn how she found success with group classes, tutorials and LOTS of practice.

Where are you from?

I’m from the Philippines, currently living in General Santos City.

What did you study IELTS for?

I took the IELTS test for work since I plan to go to the UK as a registered nurse and passing this test was the first step.

What language/s do you speak?

I speak numerous languages, 3 local which are Filipino (since it’s our national language), Bisaya, and Ilonggo. I also speak English.

What made you choose E2 Test Prep?

To be honest, it was by chance. I was looking for listening materials that I could use on youtube and came across Jay. I watched his video about writing task 2 and found it interesting and easy to follow. So, I was directed to the E2 language site and at that time there was a scheduled live speaking class with Jay and Mark. After the live class, I made my E2 account and attended the free classes offered but then later on I upgraded to academic bronze since I like your way of teaching and the site is easy to use and very informative.

Which E2 Test Prep package did you use? 

Bronze Package.

What was the most difficult part of your study and how did you approach it?

The hardest part for me was the writing task. This is because I don’t have any idea how to write a good introduction and also organize my ideas logically. I decided to enrol in a group class with sir Sasha. And I’m glad I did because I have learned a lot from him and helped me improve my writing skills and even my speaking. The last speaking session I had with sir Sasha has greatly boosted my self-confidence. I just followed the structure which was taught to us, and this I believe helped me pass the IELTS test.

What did you like most about E2 Test Prep?

I like how easy it is to understand and follow your structure especially in the writing part. The E2 site was not difficult to use and have lots of good materials. The teachers are nice and of course knowledgeable. Thank you, sir Sasha, sir Graeme, Ms. Marie-Claire, Ms. Anna ad sir Jackson.

How long did it take you to prepare before taking the test?

This year I took the test twice because I wasn’t able to get the score I wanted on my first try. So, it took me almost 2 months to prepare for the July test and only 2 weeks of preparation time on my second attempt since it was a last-minute decision. As I said, I was happy to have booked a class with sir Graeme and sir Sasha prior to the test date because it has tremendously enhanced my self-confidence which then improved my scores.

What did you do in your free time to unwind and destress?

A time for myself is a luxury because aside from studying I’m also a mother. But if ever I get stressed out what I do is listen to some of my favorite songs on youtube and sing along as well as watch movies and documentaries on Netflix. These activities relieve me from the pressure I feel from the upcoming test.

What would be your top tip for other students who are about to begin their test-prep journey?

To those students who want to pass the test like me, please use the materials on your account, attend live classes and participate in the activities, and follow their structure in the writing and speaking part because it definitely works. And most importantly, practice! Lots of practice is the key to success. Have your writings evaluated to check your progress and book a tutorial or group class if you need to improve on a certain area of the test because it would really help.

What’s next in your journey? 

I’m still at the initial stage on my road to the UK. So right now, I’m preparing for another exam that is more related to my career. Thank you E2 Language, I am forever grateful to you and to all the teachers.

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    I want to thank whole E2language team for their IELTS online training videos on YouTube as well as the course materials they provide. I subscribe for their trial package and I just watched their IELTS preparation tips and videos by coach – Jay. It helped me a lot and I just prepared a day before my exam and I was able to crack my IELTS with good score.

    Thank you so much for your educational videos.


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