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COVID-19 has brought many challenges to businesses in 2020, particularly amongst the education industry. In the rush to maintain operations and pivot to online learning, many English language schools have faced difficulties in transitioning their traditional learning model to the online realm. The case for digital transformation and distance learning has never been stronger, with COVID-19 simply accelerating the inevitable. 

However, with change comes opportunity. Since E2Classroom’s conception, our mission has been to assist institutions with their online delivery of high quality, engaging, learning material. With courses in grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation and spelling, E2Classroom supplies premium materials, designed by world-class English teachers, to ensure that schools can continue with minimal disruption. 

As a result, E2Classroom is collaborating with like-minded businesses to provide advanced technology for their new e-learning environment. 

Our partnership with ELSIS is one of these successful collaborations. Since 1991, ELSIS has been providing English courses to students from all over the world. Facing the current crisis, ELSIS made the decision to partner with E2Classroom and maintain their high standard of traditional teaching, remotely. 

We caught up (digitally, of course!) with the General Manager of ELSIS, Thorsten Wilhelm, to discuss their experience in transitioning to online learning with E2Classroom. 

What was your teaching experience like before you offered E2Classroom to your students, and how did you find the transition?

As we all know, the delivery of ELICOS courses is highly reliant on interactive teacher-student engagement, which is an integral part of the experience students are looking for. Transitioning to remote delivery is challenging at the best of times, let alone during a crisis. Instead of worrying whether our remote delivery can ever be as good as more traditional formats, we at ELSIS ( ) focussed on how we could find a partner to help us deliver the best possible quality education for our students, which is where the engagement with E2Classroom started.

How are you currently using the E2Classroom platform, and how have your teaching staff and students found the experience so far?

The way E2Classroom is set up is the online equivalent of the structure and underlying concepts an ELICOS school is based on. ELSIS uses the E2Classroom platform as the foundation that we continuously customise and infuse with our own DNA. We find that it has helped us to establish a virtual learning space that has elevated the delivery of all of our course offerings to a new level in terms of making remote learning more engaging, unique and valuable.

Looking ahead, what are you hoping to achieve with E2Classroom in the future?

At ELSIS we are constantly looking to develop new or refine existing products. With remote delivery making education more accessible and the global mandate of “education for all”, we are not only looking at delivering courses on international terrain but build up and modify our E2Classroom platform as a basis to implement our future blended delivery models.

Have you found working with E2Classroom a satisfying experience?

Given the flexibility of online education, it is a field that is in dire need of regulation, especially in terms of accreditation and quality control – even more so when you consider the international dimensions. The obstacles are real but not insurmountable. With E2Learning, the ELICOS sector-specific expertise of its creators that has gone into its development is evident and paired with the fact that E2’s team is consistently working on enhancements with our academic team and has been very forthcoming to accommodate our specific requirements, the experience has been satisfying and we look forward to working closely together going forward.

The future of English language learning is digital and whilst transitioning to online learning may feel like a daunting challenge, we can confidently say that making the switch doesn’t have to involve endless PowerPoint presentations, glitchy video calls, or disengaged students. 

E2Classroom empowers schools and educational institutes throughout the world with the advanced tools and support required to deliver high quality, engaging online English courses directly to their students. 

As we continue to work with partners like ELSIS, we’re certain the education industry will emerge from the current crisis stronger and more adaptable than ever. 

To find out more about how E2Classroom can assist your school with a seamless transition to online, please reach out to us today at

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