First Scottish Gold Sale to Jewellery Industry Agreed

The opportunity to own an exclusive and exquisite piece of Scottish heritage comes a step closer to the public today as our client Scotgold Resources Ltd. announce their first sales agreement with jewellers. Under the agreement, the second refined batch of Scottish Gold from the Cononish Gold and Silver Mine will be available to two of Scotland’s most distinguished manufacturing jewellers. They will be creating unique items with provenance verified through a closely monitored chain-of-custody. An announcement on the jewellers involved will be made later this month.

Whilst all the parties have agreed to keep the precise terms of the sale confidential, the premium received was in excess of the 30% reserve stipulated for the Scottish Gold Rounds, auctioned in November 2016.

The Dragonfly Initiative has been working with Scotgold to develop the route-to-market strategy, bringing together Scotgold, Baird and Co. Mint and the Edinburgh Assay Office.

A world-class chain-of-custody and traceability process protects the integrity of both the physical product and the brand assets (read more in our earlier news item here). The success of the venture to date lies in trust-building between the client, investors, community and consumers, founded on diligence and market insight.

With our comprehensive experience in the luxury market and of validating and communicating key messages around sustainability, provenance, certification and brand, our work with Scotgold bears the unique signature of a Dragonfly Initiative project.