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At E2 Test Prep, we give our students the option of signing up as a free user first. It gives them the chance to check out our platform and get a feel of how things work with us. Read until the end to find out the differences between E2 paid vs free test preparation.

Advantages and disadvantages to being a free user.


  1. It’s free.
  2. It lets you try before you buy.
  3. It lets you engage with our community with no restrictions.


  1. You only get access to 5% of all our material.
  2. You miss out on webinars if they fill up, as paid users get priority entry.
  3. You don’t get private tutorials with our expert teachers.
  4. You don’t get expert feedback on your writing, speaking or mock test.

Advantages of becoming a paid user

  1. You have full access to all course material including method lessons, practice exercises and mock tests
  2. You are given priority when signing up for a webinar
  3. You get personal one-to-one tutorials with an expert teacher
  4. You are provided with written feedback on writing and reading assessments
  5. If you take our course and still fail your exam, we will give you a FREE one-to-one follow-up tutorial to help you find out where you went wrong and what you can do to improve your score.
Upgrade today and unlock all the features to boost your test success!

What’s your money’s worth?

We know for a fact you have seen a lot of free test prep material out on the web.

The question is what type of material are you really getting? Some of what we have seen leaves a lot to be desired and it is hard to know the good from the bad.

Our material is top quality. It is written by teachers, language experts and former test examiners.

Did you know E2 is an official partner of the most important English test providers around the world? Our content is developed and reviewed by the same organisations behind IELTS, PTE, OET, TOEFL and CELPIP. With E2 Test Prep you get what you pay for.

Join E2 Test Prep today and achieve your desired score
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Some testimonials from our students:

Ranjana: “There is too much poor material and information free on the internet for IELTS. In my opinion, E2 is the best, they helped me a lot.”

Luciana: “I would like to thank E2Language for everything! Your method works!”

Beatrice: “I am very happy with E2, all the teachers are fantastic and the tutoring service is very useful! If you enrol, you will pass your English test for sure.”

Anil: “They are your friends, boost confidence, and work closely with you during my study.”

Nikhil: “E2 is brilliant!”

The power of good quality feedback

Getting feedback is vital in order for you to stop making the same mistakes over and over again. Imagine you are trying to make spaghetti Bolognese. You may think you are making it correctly until an expert chef tells you you’ve been doing it wrong this whole time. Just think of us as expert chefs teaching you the perfect spaghetti Bolognese recipe! Follow our instructions and you will be sure to get great results.

We will get you there!

What it means to us when our students achieve their desired score

When one of our students achieves their goals, then we have passed too. We get so much satisfaction when we see our students work hard and achieve the results they need! We are here for you and be assured we put all our knowledge and experience into getting you the perfect score!

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  • Dear Kaia,
    Where can I find the answers for the PTE multiple choice single answers and MCM answers? answers are not displayed once we submitted.

    • Kaia Myers-Stewart says:

      Hi Tara,

      Normally, you keep trying until you get the correct answer for those questions- but if you’re stuck on a question, you can message us through the whiteboard and ask us about it! You can also do that if you don’t understand why a certain answer is correct!

      Hope this helps! 🙂

  • I think paid courses are more effective because you feel that you are obligate about what you do so you will work hard and do all the best to success, this is my point of view.
    To be honest, I find E2language’s team are very helpful and support me more than I expected. Every word, every Email I have received from them was useful for me and my advice to anyone who wants to get his/her desired score to contact them thank you E2language.

  • We may be confused about how to prepare for the OET test at times. All of the advice you provided was quite useful. It was an excellent blog. I got a good idea of how to prepare for the OET exam at home after reading your site. So, if you want to achieve your future objectives, it’s time to take the OET exam. I loved and enjoyed the learning process. This is a great class. I got a lot of knowledge. And the directions and teaching methods are simple to follow. This blog is excellent because it provides us with detailed information about the OET course.

  • Dr MURTAZA Kamal says:

    E2 is really a great platform. It gives the most authentic material for OET exam. I used just the materials provided by official OET site and E2 materials provided free of cost. It made my journey a cake walk through the exam and was able to clear it in just 10 days of preparation. I recommend these 2 sites for preparation to all who are preparing for OET.

  • I don’t believe the course offered by E2 when my friend recommended to me at first. After having the trial session, I did enrolled with the Gold package. After a month of classes and tutorials, I sat for the exam and got the score required. Thank you to E2 tutors!💐

    • Congratulations! Thank you so much for your lovely comment. We’re so pleased we could help you achieve the score you needed! Best wishes for your future. E2 Team

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