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After a disappointing PTE result, it’s tempting to request a PTE rescore. But is it worth it?

It is a sad, old tale. A student has prepared for weeks ahead of their life-changing PTE exam for which they have paid dearly in both time and money. They turn up on test day hopeful that they will achieve the required 65 points in each skill. They feel positive about their performance on test day. They tell their friends and family that this time they’ve done for sure, they can start preparing the rest of their papers for migration to Australia. Then comes the feeling of depression when their results come through three days later and discover that they’re a few points short in two of the communicative skills.

In such circumstances, it is natural to react with anger. We lash out and look for someone to blame: “The test centre was wrong!”, “My microphone was faulty!”, or “This whole test is rigged against me!”. Most common of all is “I’m going to lodge a formal complaint with Pearson!”, and this is what I’ll talk about below.

PTE rescore
It’s incredibly frustrating when you feel like your score doesn’t reflect your effort and skills. But is it worth asking for a rescore?

For anyone reading this article who is thinking about challenging their PTE results, I recommend that you to be cautious. Unfortunately, it is very unlikely that Pearson will change your score; in fact, the best English idiom to describe how often scores will change is ‘once in a blue moon’.

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If you’re thinking about a PTE rescore, consider this information first:

  1. It’s not cheap: Be ready to spend over $100 to appeal your score.
  2. The results are, in reality, very reliable. (Pearson already scores every test twice to be safe)
  3. Technical issues, such as faulty microphones, are very rare. (Human error like loud breathing is much more common and is not considered a technical issue).
  4. Marks can be revised down as well as up, and a score decrease is actually more likely than a score increase.

Deciding if a PTE rescore is right for you

Here is the information taken from the official Pearson FAQs page regarding what you should do about a score if you are unhappy about it. I have added my observations in an effort to help you make the decision that is right for you.

If you are disappointed with the score you have achieved, you can take the test again. [There is no discount as a repeat customer; there is no ‘loyalty bonus’.]

You may retake PTE Academic as many times as you want, although you must wait until you have received your scores from one test before booking another. Institutions will not see your scores unless you allow them to by sending your scores to them via the website. [This is a good thing about the PTE: quick results and quick to rebook if need be.]

This means that institutions will not be able to see if your scores are better or worse than previous attempts. You can send them to an unlimited number of institutions, but you may only select seven recipients at any one time (per score order).

Test scores are valid for up to two years from the date of the test. After that, you will no longer be able to view those scores on the website. [This is all fair enough, and is a common feature of high-stakes EFL tests.]

PTE Rescore
Getting a PTE rescore can be costly and disappointing

Requesting a PTE rescore

If you are unhappy with your PTE Academic score, you may request a rescore. Before doing this, test takers should take the following into consideration:

  • PTE Academic is automatically rescored; therefore, it is unlikely that your overall scores will change. [The algorithms and technology are impressive. They’re not amateurs.]
  • Only spoken responses and open-ended written responses [ie: essay, summarise written text and summarise spoken text] are rescored. [This alone should give you pause for thought! Are you so confident about your spoken performance that you would risk the money and potential loss of marks?]
  • In the unlikely event that your score changes, it may go up or down. [Translation: buyer beware! More often than not, you’ll lose marks!]
  • If your score changes, it will replace your previous score.
  • You may only request a rescore of your most recent PTE Academic test. You cannot request a rescore if you have already either scheduled another test or sent your score to an institution.
  • To order a PTE rescore, you must contact Pearson Customer Service within 14 calendar days of your score report being made available to you.
  • The fee for rescores is available from the Customer Service team. In the unlikely event that either your Overall, Communicative Skills or Enabling Skills scores change, the rescore fee will be fully refunded. [As I said before, the chances are once in a blue moon. But you never know, you might be the lucky one!]

Have a read of this article: 3 Mistakes Keeping You From The PTE Test Result You Need.

I hope this article clarifies things a little better for PTE rescore hopefuls. If you’ve ever received a rescore, let me know in the comments what the experience was like for you!

Written by Colin David

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  • Divya Bhargava says:

    My husband appeared for his PTE exam.
    He did well in all sections, scores are:

    Communiction skills:
    Listening : 70
    Reading – 80
    Speaking – 81
    Writing – 64

    Enabling skills:
    Grammar : 88
    Oral fluency – 77
    Pronunciation – 85
    Spelling – 77
    Vocabulary – 78
    Written discusoure – 90

    I am very astonished to see that he has missed writing by 1 marks, however if you see his scores for spelling and written discourse they are very good. Is this score possible?

    Do you think we should apply for re-scoring? My luck is becoming harder as i myself failed twice in PTE and now he just missed writing by 1 point?????
    Have you seen any case where only by 1 point the candidate has missed the goal and re-scoring helped.

    Please advise urgently so that we can plan the next move.

    • Kaia Myers-Stewart says:

      Hi Divya,

      I’m so sorry to hear this! I think Jay sent you an email with a recommendation just now, good luck!

      • Milind Somaiya says:

        Hi, Divya.

        Please don’t waste money in re-scoring. I needed 79 in all four components and I got and even I missed out by one mark. My scores were:
        S 90
        L 90
        R 84
        W 78

        Grammar 80
        OF 90
        Pro’tn 90
        Spelling 49
        Vocab 90
        WD 79

        I had paid extra $150 dollars for re-scoring but there was no change to my score. So I would recommend you not to waste money in re-scoring.

        • Hi Gagan

          Did u apply for re-score?
          If yes,please share the feedback,if your score was improved on revaluation or not?
          I also missed by 2 points.Confused between re-score or re-take?????

    • Hey guys!

      I need an advice too.

      I have everything 79+ except for writing with 71

      My enabling skills: spelling is 20 and writing discourse is 10.

      Is this normal?

      Should a rescore be relevant here ?

    • Hi Divya,

      I’m in the same situation too. I missed writing by 2 marks! It’s so frustrating! Did your husband get his score rechecked ?? Or

  • Hello, I did the test twice. I got lower scores second time. However, my question is about speaking because I got a very low score in speaking both times. I watched your videos and webinars and I practiced speaking using different apps.
    Test 1: speaking 48 (oral fluency: 35 , pronunciation:49 )
    Test 2: speaking 34 (oral fluency 10, pronunciation:17!!)

    I emailed PTE and called them, their responses are not helpful at all, actually they just said they couldnt help. I am not a native speaker and I do not expect a high score but I definitely can talk and native speakers can understand me. They are not giving me any feedback. Would you please explain what could be the reason? I tried to speak slowly and loudly. I just want 65-70.

    In general, in the second test I got higher scores in enabling skills (except those mentioned above) while my communicative skills scores are lower than the first time.

    • Kaia Myers-Stewart says:

      Hi Taravat,

      Can you please email us at [email protected] with your PTE score cards and a bit of information about yourself (where you’re from, what you need PTE for, etc.) We might be able to provide some insight with a clearer picture of your situation! 🙂

      • Hi-

        I received my scorecard today, as below, for my second attempt. Please suggest if I shall apply for re-evaluation or not. I had kind-of similar scores on my first attempt too, where I missed reading section by 1mark.

        Communicative Skills
        Listening : 90
        Reading : 79
        Speaking : 90
        Writing : 82

        Enabling Skills
        Oral Fluency : 82
        Grammar : 69
        Pronunciation : 90
        Spelling : 39
        Vocabulary : 87
        Written Discourse : 84

        My scores in spelling went way down but rest went up.

        • Unfortunately, because the Spelling score is so low I would be reluctant to suggest a rescoring.If you were just a few points off I’d approve of a rescore but I’m afraid this is slightly too low to be too sure a rescore will help.

          We wish you the best!
          The E2 Team

          • Hi, just got this scorecard but doesn’t seem right to me. What do think?
            Communicative Skills
            Listening 61 Reading 54 Speaking 60 Writing 61
            Enabling Skills
            Grammar 56 Oral Fluency 72
            Pronunciation 40 Spelling 19
            Vocabulary 76 Written Discourse



        I received an overall score of 82 with 90 in speaking, 80 in listening, 86 in reading and 78 in writing.

        I am short of one mark.

        I am confused if i should go ahead with re-score or prepare for another exam.

        • I understand your frustration but unfortunately we cannot give any guarantees except to warn you it is heavily computer graded. So if you are to ask for a re-score proceed with caution. It’s hard to be too sure.

    • Hi Taravat, did you get your desire score in PTE? I am facing similar problem in PTE. Could you please share me your journey with PTE. Thank you

  • Danielle Kuter says:

    Hi, I am an ESL teacher who has been coaching students for the PTE test and I am now at my wits end seeing students being poor lambs to the slaughter in terms of not achieving their speaking scores when I know they have reached a high level but this doesn’t get reflected in their scores. I strongly feel it is due to either how the computer is picking up their voice and/ or background interference.
    I plan to write to various media sources, including radio, TV, newspapers as well as the Dptment of Foreign Affairs/ Prime Minister’s office as I’ve witnessed enough incorrect scoring in the speaking section of the test. Do you have any advice or recommendations in terms of getting Pearson to actually get a hum being to mark the recorded tests??! Thanks, from a livid PTE teacher/ tutor.

    • Kaia Myers-Stewart says:

      Hi Danielle,

      You are not alone in your frustrations! Unfortunately, other than directly emailing Pearson- I don’t know of any way to contact a relevant person about this issue. When I failed the speaking section of the PTE due to “human error”, I was permitted to sit the test again at no extra cost- but I think this was due to the fact that I am a native speaker and would very rarely be extended to other test-takers. 🙁 It’s definitely worth a shot to email or phone their contact number though!

      Good luck!

    • I agree with you . This is just good business. No one can complain about matchine.! That is the strategy for them . But we need to remember computer is made by human being, so if human make mistakes then matchine will do more. Finally this is a luck game 100%.

    • I totally agree. PTE is just a joke. Remember I was stuck in getting 65+ in all sections. After I changed, using my own-made strategy, I got 79+ in all my sections. The test is indeed ridiculous.

      • Hi Danielle,
        I totally agree with you and would be happy to help you. This test is a ridiculous joke and I don’t know why I became so stupid to take this test while I could meet the requirements by taking TOEFL .

        • Hello Hisham,

          Glad to see you reaching out to discuss.

          You can also join the E2 PTE Study Group in Facebook to discuss with other students who are taking the exam.


          • Hi Danielle,
            I think you should do that. I wrote PTE 4 times already only because I got <65 in speaking. I have lost so much money . I work in a software firm and work with clients in US they have no trouble in understanding what I say. I have even received feedback from a coaching institute saying that my pronunciation is good and can be understood by a native speaker. I really don't know if I should write my exam again because I don't trust the computer software. Pearson should definitely change the way the exams are assessed or the way re-evaluation is done.Pearson should have people perform re-eval rather than the software.

      • Vipin Chauhan says:

        Hi Ken, happy for u that your efforts paid you well. Congrats.
        Could I please request u to share the strategies that helped you in achieving your score of 79? I am struggling like anything for the same especially in Reading and Listening. I am most worried about Reading section, getting sleepless nights since weeks now.
        Your assistance would be immensly appreciable and helpful.

        Thank you

      • Hi Ken,

        Please suggest me how to get 65 .I tried 3 and every time score is missed in different sections not sure how I am lagging in speaking when I was able to score good at 1 st time. I just need 65 in all sections. Please help, my exam is just one day away.

  • Hi,
    Firstly, I would like to thank you for writing such informative articles about the PTE exam.
    Secondly, I would like to ask that do we have to pay again for retaking the test? or is it just one time pay and we can retake it till the time we get our desired score?

    • Hi Sarah,
      Unfortunately, you must pay the same amount every single time you take the test. That’s why it’s so important to prepare properly and achieve your desired score on the first try!

  • Hi
    I got very less score in speaking, I showed my score to my tutor, he was very confident that only due to technical issue I got less in speaking , so I gave another attempt but again the same score, so I did much practice under the supervision of English professor still I got the same score, So I changed the institute even that professor was confident that only due to some technical issue I got less score, I resigned to my job and have been to many institutes to test my speaking skills, all the tutors tested my mice position & speaking skills and rated me that I am very good at speaking and can able to score minimum of 80 but my score is still landing in 30’s . Many of my friends who got 90 in speaking they tested my speaking skills and recommended me to go for revaluation. Does it help in my case. It is frustrating me. Please suggest

    • Hi Radhi,

      What an insanely frustrating experience! I’m so sorry to hear about this issue. Here’s my advice: request a re-score from PTE to make sure you can rule out technical issues. If they come back with the same speaking score, it’s time to switch tests. It’s very rare, but sometimes the PTE just won’t pick up on certain accents or tones of voice. If your re-score comes back and your speaking score remains unchanged, you need to move on. Consider taking a test like IELTS where you speak with a human examiner who can clearly understand your English level the way that your former professors and peers can!

      Good luck, please let us know how it goes for you!

  • Hi from my experience Pte is just luck game . I attended Pte frist time , with no knowledge got scored 40.
    Then I thought I would need to do study, I went through Pte material, YouTube, and many websites then got scored 46.
    After that I was hoping if I do more effort that would be better then went to professional Pte coaching center and done 2 weeks course. Then I appeared exam and this time I got overall 44.

    Finally I was very unhappy, and changed my institution and student from there with same practices material and format they are getting 70 above . Then I was study hard, study 6 weeks advanced classes and My teachers said you will get good scores,cause they test my mock test .this time I give my best effort with the same format and material I got 44 again . Now to whom I am going ask ? Teacher of my institution told me there is something wrong. Now how people suffer from this sort of trap . What I can say matchine is deciding our life whatever effort you have done.

  • Divya Shrestha says:


    I asked to change the microphone in the exam but they didn’t change saying all good. Now I got 29 in speaking. What shall I do now?

    • Hi Divya,

      Please send us an email and ask for a post-test consultation so we can have a chat to you about this! So sorry to hear that this happened. 🙁

  • Hi,

    I am very disheartened that I got only 27 in Speaking and 10 in Pronunciation. That’s just so unfair it’s almost like saying that I wasn’t able to pronounce every single word correctly during the exams. I may not be a perfect speaker but I am definitely not this poor. I even got 6.5 in IELTS Speaking. It’s so frustrating.


    • Hi Mae,

      That is incredibly frustrating! That’s the thing about PTE though, automated scoring can be quite a bit more particular (and sometimes flawed!) than human scoring. It’s definitely not perfect. If you’re willing to give PTE another go, it’s time to think about training your pronunciation and fluency to match what the test is looking for. Otherwise, I would look into TOEFL (on a computer but scored by humans!) or back into IELTS. Feel free to email us at [email protected] and send us your scorecard for more recommendations!

      GOOD LUCK!

  • Hi I need 50 each but in listening I got only 49 is it worth to recheck or not? Please reply me as soon as possible.

  • Hi,

    I just appeared on my test yesterday and the result was really disappointing. That was my third attempt and just needed to get 65+ in speaking. Got 51 on my first attempt and then 61 on the 2nd one. Did two paid practice tests and I scored 85 and 69 in that section. I was confident enough that I did well on that particular section yesterday but I was shocked when I opened the result, it was just 48. It just broke me down. 🙁
    Any advise you can give?

    • Hi Blessa,

      I’m so sorry to hear about your situation. It’s difficult to say without knowing more details, but it’s possible that your score dropped because of the environmental differences between the PTE practice tests (probably conducted in your home or a less noisy, distracting setting) and the real PTE test (in a loud, stressful test centre). However, it could have also been a content issue (i.e. your answers were not as clear or detailed as this particular test required). If you like, you can send your scorecard and a brief overview of your situation to [email protected] and one of our awesome tutors can help you out with some recommendations!

      Good luck!

  • Hi,
    I took my PTE test last week and I managed to score 65 and above in all sections apart from speaking. I answered all the speaking questions which I am confident in doing well but I only managed to score 10 marks in my oral frequency. I strongly suspect this is due to a human error (heavy breathing) rather than techinical error. Do you think I should request for a rescore? Thank you.

  • Hello ,

    I got 70+ in each part except listening scored 63, does PTE have any software going crazy and playing with us because it was my third time ??.


    • Hi Imran,

      I’ve never heard of any issues with the listening section before when it comes to PTE software problems… generally if there are technical or human errors in scoring, they occur in the speaking section. For the listening section, the scoring mechanisms are very robust. I would suggest mastering the method for every listening task, identifying the tasks where you are losing the most points, and doing as much practice as possible!

      Check out these free resources for some help:
      PTE Listening Mock Test
      Write From Dictation Method

      Good luck!

  • Hello can you please suggest me something …I got 63 in speaking ,60 in reading ,59 in writing and 51 listening but over all is 57 but I needed 58 so should I go for rescore and can u please explain because when I did calculate and divide by 4 I m getting 58 above
    Thank you

    • Hello Aakash,

      That is strange! While we do not recommend re-score as the best option, we think you should write to Pearson to clarify your scores. The process costs close to USD $125 and can lead to a possible increase or decrease of your scores, so we would say, not worth the gamble. Please do write to Pearson about your score calculation as they would be able to help you out with that.

      Let us know how it goes 🙂


  • Ahsan Khushdil says:

    Hi kaia, i am just wondering if i should rescore my test. I got 79+ in reading listening and writing but i missed out by a point in speaking (78). Do you reckon i have a chance or not?

    • Hello Ahsan,

      Ah damn! That is a bummer! 🙁

      From our experience, asking for a re-score has not worked out in the student’s best interests. Firstly, it costs almost USD $125 and then the process can either make your scores go up or down. I know that you are tempted to give it a shot because you are so close but our recommendation would be to write the test again!

      Hope this helps.


  • Aastha Shah says:

    Hello, i got Pte score
    Plz tell how to improve in speaking section.Should i speak slow or louder ? How marks are scored.?

  • Hey,
    I got

    L – 85
    R- 80
    W – 90
    S- 78

    Before the test started I had asked on of the monitors that the microphone was not picking up my audio properly to which they replied that the machine can pick up well, it’s just how it is. I gave the exam on the 4th of July . Any help please ? I needed 79 in speaking !!

  • Ankit Shukla says:


    Attempted PTE for the second time and my scores increased in every section except for speaking. Scored only 41 in speaking. Scored above 75 in all enabling skills (even 90 and 80 )except for pronunciation in which i got 27.

    Is it because of my accent or really effeminate voice of mine . I speak really soft but I dont think volume or tone should effect pronunciation. Should I go for re score.

    Also, this was my second attempt but the saga repeated itself. for the first time I thought it could my mistake. But, now i seriously doubt.

    Frustrated and doubting my English

    • Hell Ankit,

      Not to worry as PTE scrutinises pretty heavily on Speaking. The computer is trained to recognise a native-like accent, which is usually an obstacle for non-native speakers. Please send across your scorecard to [email protected] so that our expert teachers can analyse it for you.


      • Shubham Sharma says:


        I talked directly in my college and they were ready to take an exam/interview. If you are giving PTE for education purposes and not for PR this could work.


  • Hi,

    Listening – 77
    Reading – 79
    Speaking – 90
    Writing – 80

    Is there any chance of increasing marks in listening if I apply for re-evaluate my score?

    • Hello Divyesh,

      We would not recommend asking for a revaluation as the listening section is programmed inside the computer to allocate marks based on the answers. There is no subjective element here for Pearson to assess again. I know that it is excruciatingly painful to be so agonisingly close but you would have to write the PTE again 🙁


  • Mohamed Nasr says:


    I took my PTE exam for the second time and my scores are increased in all sections, however in writing I couldn’t achieve 79 but I am sure I did well in the writing section so I am thinking to apply for rescore will it be useful ? Please advise.

    My score Report below:

    Overall Score: 84

    Listening: 82
    Reading: 89
    Speaking: 90
    Writing: 74

    Oral Fluency 88
    Grammar 66
    Pronunciation 80
    Spelling 77
    Vocabulary 81
    Written Discourse 53

    Mohamed Nasr

    • Did you end up getting rescore? I just got my result. I didn’t manage to nail even one describe image and kept repeating myself in panic to fix my pronunciation (I couldn’t pronounce “municipalities”). On the other hand, I was really confident with my writing. I’ve also got 3 repeated lecture so I knew what’s the overall idea even before the recording finished. This it what I got.

      Communiction skills:
      Listening : 89
      Reading – 80
      Speaking – 90
      Writing – 76

      Enabling skills:
      Grammar : 70
      Oral fluency – 90
      Pronunciation – 86
      Spelling – 90
      Vocabulary – 90
      Written discourse – 90

      Do you think I should do a rescore?

      PS: I’ve used your writing method and can’t believe my written discourse mark. I used to score less than 60.

      • Hello Angelica,

        Ooh, it looks like you’re really close!

        We would not recommend having your scores checked again as it is of little use. Upon requesting a re-score, the algorithm just adds up the individual scores for each section. This is not a gamble we would recommend taking.


        P.S: Congratulations on getting a 90 in Written Discourse and it looks like your practice has paid off! 🙂

  • Sunsetmagic says:

    Hello. I got 62 in speaking, short by 3 points. I was actually down woth bad flu and sore throat. Would they consider my marks? 🙁

  • Hello,
    My name is Zheyan Wu. I took PTE test on 2 Aug 2017 in Adelaide. I’m not satisfied with my speaking score(only 33). I want to have a rescore.
    On that test day, when I was testing my voice, I heard some noise in my record. I asked the examiner and he said it’s OK, then I started the speaking test. I didn’t hear any noise in the real tell lecture and listening test. So there must be some problems with the microphone, not the headset. I think these problems affected my speaking score. If they listen to my record, they will hear that noise too.
    Should I request a rescore? How long time can I get a result?
    Thank you!


    Zheyan Wu

    • Hello Zheyan,

      We would not recommend having your scores evaluated again as there is a high probability that your scores can either increase or decrease due to the calculation (computer algorithms). You can raise this issue with Pearson to see if they would consider but we think you should take the exam again 🙁


  • I got 1 question, and is about re-score,
    I needed +65 for each section and i received everything +65 or 65, except writing,
    I am considering about re-score, can I grab some advice whether I should apply for re-score or not?
    Because my enabling skills mark were not bad
    as everything related writing (grammar, spelling, vocab, written discourse) was+75 except vocab (it was 74)

    • Hello Jack,

      We would not recommend having your results scored again as the scores can increase or decrease when the computer algorithm checks your scores again. As frustrating as it sounds, you will have to take the test again 🙁


  • Hi,

    My scores in PTE are :-
    Listening 79
    Reading 80
    Speaking 76
    Writing . 90

    Grammar 63
    Oral Fluency 79
    Pronunciation 68
    Spelling 77
    Vocabulary 85
    Written Discourse . 79

    This is the second time I gave PTE. Before I had scored the highest in speaking- 90. And speaking is the skill I am best at and very confident out of the 4. I have a doubt that there was some issue with my recording. Shall I apply for rescoring?

    • Hello Parul,

      We would not recommend having your scores checked again. The algorithm would just total up the answers and there is a possibility that the scores can increase or decrease.

      As anguishing as it sounds, you will have to take the test again.


  • Hello Sir,

    Today I have received my PTE result as below

    Listening: 65
    Speaking: 65
    Writing: 68
    Reading: 64

    I just missed 1 mark in reading section, Although my reading test was good in the exam but I am shot with only 1 mark

    Can you suggest me if I should go for rescore or not ? Or any other way around?


    • Hello Ahmed,

      You were so close! 🙁

      We would not recommend a having your scores checked again as it wouldn’t be really helpful. The computer algorithm just adds up your scores again and there is little chance that your scores would change. As disheartening as it sounds, you would have to take the test again.


  • Hi,

    The first time round, I got:
    Listening – 90
    Reading – 83
    Speaking – 72
    Writing – 90

    I know I did not do well in speaking and I needed to get a minimum of 79 for all 4 so i retook the test. Second time round, i know I did better overalI but I scored worse than my first time:

    Listening – 63
    Reading – 90
    Speaking – 86
    Writing – 66

    This doesn’t seem to make sense at all. I feel so cheated. Should I request for a remark? Would it then be marked by a human?

    Please advise.

    • Hello Amanda,

      I can only imagine what you are going through! 🙁

      We would not recommend a having your scores checked again as it wouldn’t be really helpful. The computer algorithm just adds up your scores again and there is little chance that your scores would change. As disheartening as it sounds, you would have to take the test again.


  • Hello can you please suggest me something …My overall score: 54. I got 55 in speaking ,53 in reading ,57 in writing and 51 listening but I needed to get 55 so should I go for rescore, you recommend me to apply for rescoring ?

    Also my enabling skills are:
    grammar: 77
    oral fluency: 46
    pronunciation: 67
    spelling: 78
    vocabulary: 44
    written discourse : 55

    Thank you

    • Hello can you please suggest me something …My overall score: 54. I got 55 in speaking ,53 in reading ,57 in writing and 51 listening but I needed to get 55 in overall so should I go for rescore, you recommend me to apply for rescoring ?

      Also my enabling skills are:
      grammar: 77
      oral fluency: 46
      pronunciation: 67
      spelling: 78
      vocabulary: 44
      written discourse : 55

      Thank you

  • PTE is nothing but a big thief. It’s a ridiculous test. I really advise people not to take this exam. I did it yesterday and while I did my speaking perfect I was shocked by my speaking result. While I study PhD at UQ in Australia and my score for speaking in TOEFL was 27 I received 55 in speaking and my pronunciation score was only 40. How is it possible to get this score in speaking while everyone knows TOEFL speaking section is by far harder than PTE speaking? and I did perfectly in my speaking

    • Hello Solmaz,

      Thank you for sharing your opinion. Please feel free to let us know if we can assist you in your test preparation.


  • Sarabjeet Singh says:

    Hi there,
    Please help jay i am a regular follower of your you tube videos,
    My name is sarabjeet singh and i am aiming 79+ each module…
    Wat do you recommend , should i apply for revaluation????
    I just missed by 1 marks in writing my score is :
    Speaking 90
    Listening 83
    Reading 83
    Writing 78
    My enabling skills are
    Grammer 90
    Fluency 90
    Pronounciation 90
    Spelling 79
    Vocabulary 87
    Written discourse 90


    • Hello Sarabjeet,

      Thank you for sharing your scores. You missed out by just one point and that is disheartening! 🙁

      However, having your results checked again would be of little help. Your scores could increase/ decrease and that is not a gamble we would recommend taking. As anguishing as it sounds, you will have to take the test again.


  • Hi I did PTE twice and and my speaking score is low on both times. 54 and 56. I normally managed to speak well and in the class I went I was told my speaking is fine. I can’t understand why I keep getting a low mark. Is there a way to find out what went wrong during the exam. Weather my voice wasn’t clear or weather it was the mic position.

    • Hello Jannie.

      Thank you for reaching out.

      There could be a lot of reasons for your Speaking scores having gone down. We would be happy to analyse your scorecards to identify the areas that you need to work upon. Please send across your test scores, the scores that you are hoping to achieve and your next test date to [email protected] so that our Duty Tutor can assist you further.


  • Hello,

    Can you please advise me on below score, My Overall score is 52, L/R/S/W-52/49/52/58 but i needed to get 50 score in Reading section.should I go for rescore, you recommend me to apply for rescoring ?

    • Hello Rao,

      Thank you for reaching out. It disheartens me to see that you missed out on the Reading by just 1 point! 🙁

      Having your scores checked again is not the best option as the computer would just add your individual section scores again. Further, there is no subjective element in the Reading section that could be disputed. You will have to take the test again, unfortunately.


  • Hi there
    I appeared Pte test on 30 oct
    I did well in all sections, scores are:

    Communiction skills:
    Listening : 70
    Reading – 72
    Speaking – 82
    Writing – 63

    Enabling skills:
    Grammar : 51
    Oral fluency –90
    Pronunciation – 64
    Spelling – 68
    Vocabulary – 67
    Written discusoure – 10

    Can you please suggest me
    Regards yasmin

    • Hello Yasmin,

      Thank you for sharing your scores across.

      We would like to analyse your scores to see the areas that you need to work on. Please send across your latest scores, the scores that you would like to achieve and your next test date to [email protected] so that our Duty Tutor can assist you further.


  • Hi there
    I appeared Pte test on 30 oct
    I did well in all sections, scores are:

    Communiction skills:
    Listening : 70
    Reading – 72
    Speaking – 82
    Writing – 63

    Enabling skills:
    Grammar : 51
    Oral fluency –90
    Pronunciation – 64
    Spelling – 68
    Vocabulary – 67
    Written discusoure – 10
    Please advice me is it ok to do rescoring .

    • Hello Yasmin,

      Having your scores evaluated again would not be ideal. It is entirely possible that the new scores (scores obtained after you ask for a rescoring) could increase or decrease and that is not a gamble that we would recommend taking. You will have to take the test again 🙁


  • Need help to know if we should apply for re-scoring:

    My wife’s scores are as follows

    Listening 71
    Reading 84
    Speaking 67
    Writing 74

    But what I found strange were the enabling skills
    Grammer 90
    Oral Fluency 51
    Pronunciation 69
    Spelling 86
    Vocabulary 90
    Written 90

    If written, spelling and grammar are above 85 I don’t understand why the writing is 74. Please help

    • Hello Nakul,

      Good question! 🙂

      In this case, the only possible scenario is that your wife’s answers were contextually incorrect. This means that even though her language and sentences were grammatically accurate, her answers with regards to the question prompts were incorrect. This has resulted in her overall writing scores going down, even though her enabling skills are top notch for spelling and grammar 🙂

      We wouldn’t recommend having your scores checked again as the computer algorithm just adds the individual sections’ marks and that can result in your scores increasing or decreasing. Hence, this is a gamble we wouldn’t recommend taking.

      Hope this helps.


    • Hello Aman,

      We would not recommend having your scores checked again. The computer would just add up the individual scores and that would be effective in the Reading section as there is no subjectivity involved.


  • Hi,

    I wrote my Exam on 2/12/2017 and got the following score:
    Speaking 79
    Grammer 68
    oral fluency 65
    Pronunciation 76
    spelling 65
    vocabulary 75
    WD 51

    Am really disappointed . I lost for a single point in reading. I have taken the test date again for 18th Dec. What should i do. Can you help me out to clear this time in this short time.


  • Kailash Sridhar says:

    Hi there,

    I took my Pte exam on 14th Feb. I got an overall score of 80 and the section-wise breakdown was:

    Speaking 90, Reading 82, Writing and Listening 74

    Enabling skills:
    Grammar 78, Oral fluency 90, Pronunciation 90, Spelling 79, Vocabulary 90, Written Discourse 90.

    I prepared based on watching Jay’s pte videos on youtube. I gave my best but still fell short of my desired score of 79+ in each band. It will be great if you can help me out as I am re-taking the test in about 2 weeks time. Thanks in advance.

  • Hello,

    I just received my results. Agree with all except Writing and the Overall score.
    Communicative skills:
    Listening – 71
    Reading – 64
    Speaking – 84
    Writing – 66

    Enabling Skills:
    Grammar – 88
    Oral Fluency – 83
    Pronunciation – 85
    Vocabulary – 74
    Written Discourse – 50

    I saw many students had much lower scores in grammar and spelling or vocabulary, and their written discourse 50-53, but in total writing could be 70 or 68. How this possible to get such low mark if grammar, spelling and vocabulary are higher?
    Also, overall score when I calculated it showed me overall 71, so why PTE gave me only 68?
    Could you please give me any advice?

    • Hello Sandeep,

      Having your scores checked again is not a gamble that we would recommend taking. I can feel your disappointment as you are really close to your target score but asking for a re-score would not be helpful I’mn afraid 🙁


  • Cheska Zamora says:

    Hello, I need advise. I received low scores on both Oral Fluency and Pronunciation. I am not a native speaker but I can speak English and I believe people can understand me just fine. I tried Jay’s suggestion and downloaded several Voice to Notes app and all the apps I tried worked great! I don’t know what I am doing wrong. It might be the way I breath during Read Aloud.

    I already rescheduled my exam as I need a better score for University application. Please help me.


    • Hello Cheska,

      Thank you for reaching out.

      Have you had a chance to address this with our Duty Tutor? Please raise a request with our team here and you can forward your scorecard as well with this request. The Duty Tutor should be able to assist you further 🙂


  • Hi,

    I took my 2nd PTE exam yesterday and got my result today. I got an overall score of 77, 1 point lower than my first exam.

    Communicative skills:
    Listening – 76
    Reading – 75
    Speaking – 74
    Writing – 85

    Enabling Skills:
    Grammar – 85
    Oral Fluency – 65
    Pronunciation – 66
    Spelling – 90
    Vocabulary – 85
    Written Discourse -80

    When I listened to my audio there was a faint ssssss sound, I called the attention of one of the Pearson guys to listen to my recording. She asked me to adjust my mic and told me that all the background noise will be filtered by the computer. I am not sure if adjusting my mic impacted my speaking skills score. I didn’t notice any option to re-record after adjusting my mic. Would you advise me to request for re-score?

    • Hello Jammie,

      Ah, you are so close! 🙁

      As much as it seems a really good option, we would not recommend having your scores checked again. Unfortunately, you will have to take the test again 🙁

      With regards to the issue with the mic, you can raise the issue with Pearson and they should be able to help you with it.


  • Hello

    Just want to ask for advice if it is worth it to have a rescore about my result

    Writing 64
    Reading 73
    Listening 69
    Speaking 85

    Overall score 71

    Thank you for the advice i just need 65 in all areas

    • Hello James,

      Thank you for sharing your scores and it cringes me to know that you achingly close! 🙁

      Having your scores checked again would not be effective as the computer would just add up your individual scores which could result in receiving the same result. However, if you feel that this could be debatable, please share your complete scorecard with our Duty Tutors here so that we can confirm if getting your scores checked again would be useful.


  • Hello,

    Listening 77
    reading 76
    speaking 87
    writing 72
    grammar 83
    oral fluency 90
    pronunciation 78
    spelling 19
    vocab 84
    written discourse 85

    Is it possible to get spelling 19 with others scores being 70+? do you recommend a re-score?


    • Hi Harsh,

      I had similar odd result with spelling

      Listening 85
      reading 90
      speaking 90
      writing 78

      grammar 72
      oral fluency 90
      pronunciation 90
      spelling 21
      vocab 90
      written discourse 90

      It just looks anomalous to have spelling 21 while all else quite high. In reality my spelling is not that bad.
      I have also noticed that there seems to be something else that influences writing score apart from grammar, spelling, vocab & WD. Some of the results posted in this thread would otherwise make no sense.

      Quite frustrated to have missed that one point and considering rescore.

  • Gaurav Singla says:

    Hi Team,

    I appeared for PTE and score over all 84 my section-wise score is given below.
    My section wise score is given below. I am missing by 1 mark in Writing.

    Listening – 87
    Reading – 81
    Speaking – 90
    Writing – 78

    Grammar – 80
    Oral Fluency – 90
    Pronunciation – 87
    Spelling – 18
    Vocabulary – 74
    Written Discourse – 69

    I am very disappointed, missed the mark by just 1 mark.
    Can you please advise if i should go for re-evaluation?

    Gaurav Singla.

    • Hello Gaurav,

      We would not recommend having your scores checked again. In this case, we notice that your spelling scores are incredibly low and could have resulted in your scores dropping in the Writing section.

      Either way, having your scores checked again is not an excellent option as the computer algorithm just adds up your individual scores and that is of little use.


  • I got an overall score of 88 out of 90. However, the score I got for writing was only 75 which is 4 less than the required score of 79. Upon closer inspection, I noticed that I had scored 80+ in all the enabling skills besides spelling, in which I only got 15. “15” for God’s sake! I really don’t understand what happened?! First of all I am pretty confident that I am good at spelling out words. Secondly, a score of 15, if i am not mistaken, means that i spelled out almost everything incorrectly, which I highly doubt. Should i go for a recheck or should I just sit for the exam again?

    • Hello Najaf,

      Hmm, this is extremely strange and it must be very frustrating for you.

      Unfortunately, having your scores checked again would be of little use as the computer will just add up the individual sections. As disheartening as it sounds, you will have to take the test again.


  • Hello,

    I received my test result yesterday and I’m short of one mark in writing to achieve 65. I am completely disheartened by missing out in one mark. Do u recommend for rescoring? Below are my enabling scores.

    Grammar 82
    Vocabulary 76
    Spelling 60
    Written disclosure 63

    • Hello S G,

      Hmm, having your scores checked again is not a good option.

      While I am inclined to believe that your Enabling Skills have affected your overall writing score, there is also the possibility that you have veered off topic in the Writing section. Further, the computer would just add up your individual scores for each section and that would be of little use.

      Unfortunately, you will have to take the test again 🙁


  • Pradip Kadel says:

    I’ve already attended IELTS exam during year 2013 and the overall score was 6 with no band less than 6. However, it’s my first time for PTE.

    Yesterday I received my test score and unfortunately the score is out of my imagination. I was really surprised with my Enabling Skills, particularly pronunciation.

    Despite I used to give presentations in English and my pronunciation is quite good, I really don’t understand why it happens to me !

    Now, I need your serious recommendation, since I’m planning to apply for student visa to Australia by the first week of next week. Please suggest me what should I do now?

    • Pradip Kadel says:

      Listening 60
      reading 57
      speaking 44
      writing 69

      grammar 90
      oral fluency 45
      pronunciation 10
      spelling 48
      vocab 64
      written discourse 90

    • Hello Pradip,

      Firstly, the IELTS and PTE are two different tests so your scenario is not unusual as a lot of students go through this.

      I’m sure our Duty Tutors would be happy to assist you with your preparation. Please share your IELTS and PTE scorecards here along with your desired scores and your next test date.


  • Hi

    I took PTE for the first time and I got L=64, R=74, S=90, W=64. Then I took it the second time and I got L=73, R=70, S=54, W=80. I just need 65 and above scores. I have a really good pronunciation but on this test I had a low score. Is it worth the rescore?

    • Hello John,

      Hmm, that is definitely strange.

      We wouldn’t recommend having your scores checked again at this stage. However, could you please share both your scorecards with our Duty Tutor for further investigation? You can share your scorecards here.


  • Hi Team,

    I have taken PTE exam yesterday, where suddenly my headphone stopped working during repeat sentence section, and i immediately called supervisor and he fixed the issue by restarting the PC. In this process i have missed 2-3 repeat sentence question.
    The centre supervisor told that he made complaint to pearson.

    Today i have received the score where i have shocked as my listening score is 64 where other score are above 70. I contacted pearson helpdesk about my technical issue, however they asked me to wait for 3-5 business day.

    My query here is will my score report will be rescored, if so will i get points in my listening with atleast by 1 as i missed repeat sentence(partial mark for listening).

    Many thanks.

    • Hello Hari,

      Sorry to hear about what happened to you.

      To be honest, this is a question that only Pearson can answer as they control the marking and rescoring. Please let us know what they say once they respond.


  • Riyaz shaik says:

    Hi, I have taken test on Thursday and my scores are
    Listening 64
    Speaking 87
    Reading 67
    Writing 65
    I just need 1 more mark in listening. What do you reckon, should go for rescore or take the exam again?

  • Hello e2l team,

    Just got PTE results and overall scores is 71.
    L-67, R-80, S-67, W-73
    G-78, OF-86, P-10, S-77, V-85, WD-49

    I need 79, will re-appearing test would help as I have Very low pronunciation (just 10).
    With such low pronunciation would It be possible to get 79

    Please guide

  • Hi,

    I wrote PTE yesterday and got a score of
    Listening – 88
    Reading – 89
    Speaking – 90
    Writing – 78
    I missed the 79 cutoff by 1 mark for writing.
    During the test I recall making these errors
    – For one of the summary questions, I used 43 words.
    – And for another/or the same I did not click next and I let the time run out. I got a message saying your time expired. I am not sure if what I typed was evaluated.
    Would you suggest a re-valuation?
    Thanks for looking

    • Oh it’s hard to say! This will depend on your ‘enabling scores’… BUT by the sounds of it- You may just get that extra mark you need!

      I can pretty confidently say! YOU might just want to test your luck and go in for a rescore!

      GOOD LUCK,
      Olivia, from the E2 Team

  • hello kaia

    I have take PTE on 5th june 2018. My scores are as below. This was my third attempt.
    My desire score is 65+.

    L 69 R 76 S 85 W 62
    G 33, PRo 70, oral 90, spel 21, vocab 83, WD 67

    I think due to my low grammar score I could not get 65+ in writing and i have applied for rescore yesterday.

    I have not received my rescore results. Can you tell how long do they take to rescore your test. Are there any chances that I can get 65+ in writing.

    please guide this is my 3rd attempt and I am really frustrated.

    • Spelling too plays a role in what must be, unfortunately, pulling down your overall Writing score!

      Be patient with your rescore. It is normal they take longer than expected.

      There are even students who have to wait 2 weeks after their tests to receive their initial grades!We’ve spoken to Pearson. This is due to a number of reasons- but I wouldn’t worry about it. For the most part they are just conducting regrades and making sure everything is correct.

      If you have not received it in 3 weeks from when it estimated than we suggest contacting them directly.

      GOOD LUCK!
      The E2 Team
      In the future, try to boost your spelling and grammar.

  • Hello,
    I got the following scores
    L – 78
    R – 86
    S – 80
    W- 81

    I need 79 in all sections. Should I go for rescore or rechecking??

  • Hardeep Kaur says:

    I have taken PTE exam yesterday and received my results.

    Communication skills:
    Listening: 76
    Reading – 72
    Speaking – 90
    Writing – 64

    Enabling skills: 67
    Grammar: 89
    Oral fluency – 89
    Pronunciation – 90
    Spelling – 42
    Vocabulary – 75
    Written discusoure – 81

    I am very astonished to see that I missed writing with 1 marks.

    Do you think I should apply for re-scoring? My requirement is 7 each.
    Is it worth going for rescoring or not?

    Please advise urgently so that I can book in another test because it is really hard for me I live in Tasmania, Australia and there are no test centres here I have to travel to Melbourne for every test and this was my second test.

    • Honestly I fear that due to your Spelling score being so low a rescore would not help.

      It is better you plan on taking another exam and work on improving your spelling. Your scores are so promising in other ways!

      You can do this!
      Good Luck,
      Olivia, & The E2 Team

  • Hi there,
    Missed by 1 mark in writing (78) rest above 79
    Should I go for recheck?

    enabling skills
    Grammar 69
    Spelling 73
    vocab 84
    Written discourse 55


    • Hi AK,

      Oh I wish it was easy to say! As you’ve read in this article it can be very tricky to make this decision!
      Since you’re only missing by 1 mark in writing I’m inclined to say it is worth it!

      Hmm.. BUT at the same time, your ‘lower’ scores in both grammar and written discourse worry me that your rescore grade may still remain the same.

      The 69, 73 and 55 are a bad sign for your overall Writing. Writing can be tricky and those enabling skills directly affect your overall score!

      Honestly, it’s up to you! If you really feel confident you deserve that 1 mark more- it wouldn’t hurt to try a rescore. BUT even if your rescore is unsuccessful you know, now, where to focus your efforts! Improving your grammar and really practicing answering Writing tasks in a structured way is KEY for your success.

      This will be helpful to you:

      GOOD LUCK!
      We wish you the best,
      Olivia, & The E2 Team

  • Hi there,

    I took two official online tests of Pearson with the following results.
    The first time, for the test A, I got:

    Listening 70
    Reading 54
    Speaking 64
    Writing 76
    Grammar 83
    Oral Fluency 39
    Pronunciation 64
    Spelling 90
    Vocabulary 90
    Written Discourse 90

    The second time (for the test B) my computer went off during one of the read aloud questions so I couldn’t answer it. Even though, I got these marks:

    Listening 68
    Reading 61
    Speaking 57
    Writing 74
    Grammar 65
    Oral Fluency 46
    Pronunciation 52
    Spelling 84
    Vocabulary 68
    Written Discourse 45

    However, I just received the real test results with the following scores:

    Listening 63
    Reading 62
    Speaking 44
    Writing 77
    Grammar 89
    Oral fluency 21
    Pronunciation 37
    Spelling 90
    Vocabulary 65
    Communicative Skills 90

    is it possible to have such a low score in speaking? I don’t feel I was particularly worse in the real test than in the online practices. Contrarily, I actually believe I performed better. In addition, I had taken English tests before but have never been in such a low band. 44 of PTE is like a 5.5 in IELTS or a “modest user”, which means that “[I] have a partial command of the language, and cope with overall meaning in most situations, …[ but I am] likely to make many mistakes…[ yet, I] should be able to handle basic communication in …[my] own field”. I have lived more than two years in English speaking countries and I’ve been studying a master degree for the last 8 months with most of my grades being distinctions. How is it possible that a “modes user” of English can perform well in one of the 8 top Universities of Australia?… If there wasn’t a technical problem then either PTE is a bad joke or they have gone too far trying to make money. I might make mistakes but a score of 44 is still to low. Is it possible to know if there was a technical error without paying more money on top of all I have already paid?

  • Hi there! During my PTE exam last week, the PTE test application froze while I was attempting re-tell lecture and the blue recording bar showed “recorded’ without giving 40 seconds recording time at all. I immediately called the supervisor and she re-started the same question for me. But, the same thing happened again and I had to call the supervisor again for the second time and she had to skip that particluar question as it had some technical issue. And she told me to note down the question number so that I can complain to Pearson after exam, which they did that day itself.

    After two days, Pearson replied that they have conducted a review and found no errors or loss of time. Today I received my results and I have 79+ in all sections except Listening which I scored 77. I am 100% sure that I lost marks due to this technical issue. Please advise me what to do.

    These are my scores:
    Listening 77
    Reading 80
    Speaking 83
    Writing 83

    Enabling Skills:
    Grammar 77
    Oral Fluency 75
    Pronunciation 79
    Spelling 65
    Vocabulary 68
    Written Discourse 90

    OVERALL 79

  • Hi

    My Score below:
    Listening: 53
    Reading : 57
    Writing: 55

    Grammar: 69
    Oral Fluency: 63
    Pronunciation: 76
    Spelling: 85
    Vocab: 53
    Written Discourse:90

    with the above Enabling skills, why my written score down?

    how should i get good score? Can you suggest?

  • Hello,
    I have taken PTE exam 3 days and received my results.

    Communication skills:
    Listening: 64
    Reading – 73
    Speaking – 71
    Writing – 67

    Enabling skills: 67
    Grammar: 82
    Oral fluency – 71
    Pronunciation – 49
    Spelling – 73
    Vocabulary – 84
    Written discusoure – 81

    I am very astonished to see that I missed listening with 1 marks.

    Do you think I should apply for re-scoring? My requirement is 7 each.

    • Unfortunately because your pronunciation is significantly lower than the rest of your enabling skills I’m afraid we cannot suggest a rescore.

      GOOD LUCK!
      The E2 Team

  • Hi,
    My husband has just attempted PTE exam for the 2nd time
    He did well in all sections, scores are:

    1st Attempt scores are:

    Communication skills
    Listening: 85
    Reading – 90
    Speaking – 90
    Writing – 74

    Enabling skills:
    Grammar: 88
    Oral fluency – 88
    Pronunciation – 90
    Spelling – 19
    Vocabulary – 90
    Written discourse – 55

    2nd attempt scores are:

    Communication skills
    Listening: 82
    Reading – 85
    Speaking – 90
    Writing – 76

    Enabling skills:
    Grammar: 77
    Oral fluency – 90
    Pronunciation – 90
    Spelling – 81
    Vocabulary – 87
    Written discourse – 59

    We are very disappointed to see that he has missed writing with 3 marks. We took profession help as well he prepared for a month after 1 st attempt, but still, the scores are not satisfactory. We really need a 79+ score.

    Do you think we should apply for re-scoring?

    Please advise that what should we do, as we are not able to figure out what exactly is the mistake we are making in writing.

  • Hi,
    I need a help to figure out should I go for re-scoring or not.

    Below are my marks:
    Communicative Skills:
    Listening: 69
    Reading: 72
    Speaking: 48
    Writing: 76

    Enabling skills:
    Grammer: 78
    Oral fluency: 50
    Pronunciation: 34
    Spelling: 62
    Vocabulary: 90
    Written Discourse: 90

    I just need 50 in each as I just need competent for partner skills points.

    I am not sure what happened and why I am short of 2 marks in speaking. I made few mistakes though.
    Please guide should I go for re-scoring for speaking to get 50???


  • Hi I have scored
    In enabling skills except for spelling where i scored 86 rest is 90
    Do u suggest i should go for rechecking ?
    Thank you

  • Hello Jay,

    I watched all your PTE lectures and strategies for all the four sections of PTE Academic English Test including Reading, Writing, Speaking, and Listening. You are a great teacher and firstly I would like to thank you and the whole E2 Language team for all the free training material that E2 language provides. I appeared for PTE Academic English Test for the first time yesterday and received my PTE score card as mentioned below-

    Communicative Skills-

    Listening- 90
    Reading- 78
    Speaking- 90
    Writing- 90

    Enabling Skills-

    Grammar- 90
    Oral Fluency- 90
    Pronunciation- 90
    Spelling- 90
    Vocabulary- 81
    Written Discourse- 90

    I continually watched, learned, practiced and revised PTE strategies and questions as well as a few Core Skills but I missed just 1 point in my Reading section of the test. My target was to achieve 90/90 in all, or atleast 79+ in each section but I could not achieve the desired score in Reading section. The section that I practised the most was Reading itself and it’s very disappointing for me as I was so close to 79. I even thought of applying for a rescore but went through this blog and the rescore fees which is very high. Can you please guide me whether I should apply for a rescoring or appear for another PTE exam? Are there any chances of PTE Reading score getting changed? It would be very helpful.

    Thanks again.

  • L 65
    S 74
    R 69
    W 63

    Grammar 86
    Fluency 66
    Pronunciation 61
    Spelling 66
    Vocabulary 81
    Written discourse 85

    Re-score recommended or re-test??
    Thank you

  • Hello again!
    I got
    L 65
    R 69
    S 74
    W 63

    Grammar 86
    Fluency 66
    Spelling 66
    Vocabulary 81
    Written discourse 85

    I write before but unfortunately it didn’t appear
    I need 65 should I have Re-score or re-test??

  • Hi,

    I have taken my test couple of days back, below are my score,

    L : 88
    R : 78
    S : 90
    W : 80

    Grammer : 65
    OF : 90
    Pronunciation : 89
    Spelling : 46
    Vocab : 74
    WD : 55

    I was looking for 79 in each, and got 78 in Reading, in other section it is more .

    Could you please suggest, If I should go for rescore?


  • Hi experts,

    Should I apply for re-score? I have got a very weird overall score, despite having 2 sections lower than 85, I still manage to get a 90 overall. It seems something is not right.

    Overall: 90
    L 84 R 90 S 90 W 76
    G 84 OF 79 P 90 S 72 V 90 WD 90

  • Hi,
    I scored an overall of 87 with following in each section. I need a 79 in all sections to get appropriate Australian PR requirements and have missed by 1 mark in Speaking.
    Listening – 90
    Reading – 88
    Speaking – 78
    Writing – 87

    Would you suggest if rescoring will increase my speaking score? My Enabling areas are below:
    Grammar – 66
    Oral Fluency – 86
    Pronunciation – 66
    Spelling – 76
    Vocabulary – 88
    Written Discourse – 84

    Please let me know your recommendations.

  • I also missed my required mark by 1 mark less in speaking. Interested to know if rescoring works but I guess you can go much lower. Candid advice is very important here. Guess I will have to sit for another PTE.

  • Hi,

    I just received my score card with below details. I need overall 79 and also 79 for each of the four components, but I miss listening by 1 point. Would you recommend re-scoring?

    -Overall 79-
    Listening 78
    Writing 79
    Speaking 87
    Reading 79

    Grammar 79
    Oral Fluency 73
    Pronunciation 86
    Spelling 90
    Vocabulary 81
    Written Discourse 84

    Thank you.

    • Hello Laurentia,

      Oh no, you were so close! 🙁

      We wouldn’t recommend having your scores checked again. The system would just total up the individual scores and there are chances that your scores could go down as well. Further, as you have missed out on the Listening, it is highly unlikely that your scores could increase as there is no subjective element involved (i.e. with Speaking and Writing).

      You will have to take the test again, unfortunately 🙁


  • Sagar Muherjee says:


    I got an overall score of 85 with Speaking 90, Reading 90, Listening 77 and Writing 78.
    Given below are the enabling score in details.

    Grammar : 71
    Oral Fluency: 90
    Pronunciation: 90
    Spelling: 75
    Vocabulary: 63
    Written Discourse: 85

    The scores looks odd, should I apply for rescore?

    • I can understand where you’re coming from.

      We wouldn’t recommend having your scores checked again. The system would just total up the individual scores and there are chances that your scores could go down as well. We would recommend playing safe in this scenario.

      However, you will have to take the test again to achieve the 79+ that you are aiming for 🙁


  • Salman Ali Ammar says:

    All of my scores are over 79 but only in Reading I received 78 score. It is unbelievable!
    I suspect a foul play in PTE system to keep me away from achieving required 20 points for immigration and give me less score so that I have to pay again to reappear. That is absolutely unfair.

  • Hi Team,

    I have been following you on youtube and thought it would be best if I reach out to you for advise. I am from India and believe that my English is above standard. Just for your reference, I need 79+ in each of the sections.

    However, the following are my scores:

    Communicative Skills Enabling Skills
    Listening Reading Speaking Writing Grammar Fluency Pronunciation Spelling Vocab W. Discourse
    Practice Test A 90 66 83 78 15 61 90 38 72 47
    Practice Test B 90 78 82 90 65 83 90 84 90 90
    Actual Test 1 90 76 80 90 81 56 90 84 84 90
    Practice Test C 90 89 87 90 90 70 90 80 90 90
    Actual Test 2 88 67 59 90 85 36 72 90 90 90

    Note: I gave Practice Test A without even knowing the structure of the test.

    As you can clearly see that the scores in my second test, ‘Actual Test 2’ are significantly lower than my previous attempts. Moreover, this was by far my best attempt. Can you please suggest what I can do? Could it be a major technical issue? Should I opt for a re-evaluation because honestly, I’m quite tired of giving this exam. I see that my pronunciation has dropped from a consistent 90 to a 72 and my oral fluency is at 36. Could it be that I have messed my speaking section due to a technical glitch? How do I proceed with this? I can also get on a call for this if required.


  • This is my 6th time sitting for PTE. My results are L 80 S 73 R84 W86. All the other PTE exams that I sat for , my speaking is stuck at 73-75. I dont know what to do.

  • Hi ,

    This is my fifth attempt for PTE.

    My recent results are as follow :-
    Fluency -84
    Pronunciation :71

    Should I apply for a rescore?

  • Gurjeet Singh says:

    I need 65+ in each sections. In my previous attempts I was not getting required score in Reading section. This time I got desired marks in Reading but scored 64 in Speaking.

    In my previous attempts I scored 75+ all the times and this time also I was confident in Speaking. Should I go for rescoring. Please suggest.

  • I need 65+ in each sections. In my previous attempts I was not getting required score in Reading section. This time I got desired marks in Reading but scored 64 in Speaking.

    In my previous attempts I scored 75+ all the times and this time also I was confident in Speaking. Should I go for rescoring. Please suggest.

  • Hi, please can you give me advise. I wrote the PTE Academic test and my results are as follows – scored overall 83. Listening- 90, Reading- 77, Speaking- 80 and Writing- 88. I need 79 in Reading. Should I request a rescore or re-write the test..
    Thanks Nikki

  • Amandeep Singh says:

    I had previously given IELTS and scored 8.5 bands in my first attempt…….I had 8 or more in all section, except Speaking where I had 7.5

    I needed 8+ in all, but I decided to go with PTE for this instead of IELTS………I got my scores yesterday and they were disappointing. Overall – 77, Reading – 79, Writing-83, Listening – 75 and Speaking – 61.

    In my enabling scores, I had low ones in Oral fluency(55) and Pronunciation(38). Rest others were 90 or above 80. I am fairly confident that my pronunciation is ok and not this bad. My fluency can be a bit less, but again not this bad. I had practiced hard and my speaking section went well.

    I strong think it happened due to “human error”. I think my voice was not recorded properly, it could be either or combination of: 1. incorrect mic position, it was parallel to my lips although not very close since I did not bend it 2. interference from adjacent cabin, the guy was speaking way too loud, this in India and here you can expect substandard used to death earphones (perhaps its noise cancellation was not working due to wear and tear) and cramped space 3. my own voice which is naturally soft and I had unfortunately followed the invigilator’s instruction was not speaking loudly (just moderately as instructed).

    What do you think ?

  • Hi,
    When I first attempted my the PTE examination my score was:

    Overall 84
    Listening 81
    Writing 72
    Speaking 90
    Reading 90

    Grammar 58
    Oral Fluency 90
    Pronunciation 90
    Spelling 20
    Vocabulary 80
    Written Discourse 57

    and since I needed 79 in all communicative skills, I wrote the exam again after watching all of your videos on youtube and there were some improvements but the writing score was still the same.

    Overall 87
    Listening 83
    Writing 72
    Speaking 90
    Reading 90

    Grammar 90
    Oral Fluency 90
    Pronunciation 90
    Spelling 55
    Vocabulary 90
    Written Discourse 85

    Why did this happen when there was considerable improvement in my enabling skills, I mean the total writing score is still 72, Is it helpful if I send it for re scoring?
    Please give me some feedback as I’m currently lost.

  • Hi Jay

    I am your fan and have been following your videos and methods for PTE preparation. I am aiming for a 79+. I did give the exam once and scored the following marks.

    Listening – 90
    Reading – 75
    Speaking – 90
    Writing – 80

    I am not sure where I have gone wrong in the reading section. It would be great if you could please throw some light into this and let me know where all should I have to concentrate to get an overall 79+.

  • Hi !
    I just received my score today as below:

    Communicative skills:
    Listening 89
    Reading 74
    Speaking 76
    Writing 81

    Enabling Skills:
    Grammar 82
    Oral Fluency 74
    Pronunciation 74
    Spelling 79
    Vocabulary 90
    Written Discourse 90

    This is surprising because I was not expecting a low speaking or Reading Score.
    I took IELTS and got R9/L9/S8/W7.5.

    I needed IELTS 8 each and PTE 79+ each.
    Should I go for a rescore?


    • Unfortunately because the PTE is so heavily computer graded it would be rare that a regrade changes much.

      We would advise against.

      GOOD LUCK!

  • Sudhanshu Singh says:


    I have received my updated scores after i applied for a re-score. Marks has been increased in enabling skills but there is no impact on communicative skills.

    Can you please explain, why for two different set of enabling skills, i am getting the same score.

    Also the difference is not minor, there is a change of 14 marks in grammar and 8 marks in Vocabulary.

    I am not sure, should i apply again for recheck, as i am confused after seeing this.

    Is it possible that enabling skills has been update and somehow communicate skills are missed.

    I score 78 in writing and just need 1 more mark for 79 + in all sections.

    • It’s so tricky to say whether or not you should apply for a rescore! As frustrating as I’m sure it is for you to be so close as you can tell from this article it is never ‘guaranteed’ you can be sure your score will go up. I wouldn’t want to suggest to you to do it and leave you disappointed! We are experts on the ‘test-taking’ methods of the PTE! But, as you know, the grading is left up to Pearson! It would be wrong of us to make individual suggestions! BUT if you’re looking for more direct E2 help and want to see what some of our services could do for your scores you can learn more here:

    • Hello Sudhansu ,,, I’m also in the same situation as yours. Have you applied for rescore ? If so , did it help ….?

  • It’s really frustrating that how this test scored with first attempt barely prepared for two days got 70+ in all sections ,and for second time for 8 I have tried after two of months of prep and my score dropped two points over all.

  • I wrote exam twice. However my score was lower than the first exam. I wanted 65 plus for all the 4 modules. In that for speaking my score was less than 65.
    1st PTE Exam – S-63,W-76,R-70,L-68.
    2nd PTE Exam – S-61,W-72,R-60, L-67.

    Can you please send me a study timetable inoder to score better in speaking and the rest of the module. I am really frustrated as I was not able to attain my desired score. Please guide.

  • Hi,

    I have not been able to reach 79+ only in Reading section even in my 4th attempt.
    Below is my score in the latest attempt.

    Speaking 90
    Reading 72
    Listening 88
    Writing 81

    Can you please provide recommendations for improving Reading score to 79+.


  • Hi, I am reaching out to get some guidance for PTE rescoring. I have given the test and my score is: L-80 , R-78, S-90 and W-83 and Enabling skills are Grammar-59, Oral Fluency-89, Pronunciation-70, Spelling-90, Vocabulary-77, Written Discourse-48. I would need some guidance and assistance as to if I should submit a request for reevaluation. I am sure to have got 79+ in all sections as I did a lot of practice through e2, pte mocks as well as a lot many other practice resources. Can you please help?

  • Hello there,

    My latest PTE Academic score was , Speaking : 90, Reading : 88, Listening : 79, Writing : 71
    Enabling Skills : Grammar : 61, Oral Fluency : 89, Pronunciation : 90, Spelling : 40, Vocabulary : 90, Written Discourse : 75.

    I am a non native speaker and prepared for a week before the exam with some paid mock tests (different websites) and Youtube videos of . However, I still missed to get my required writing score of 79+.

    I am not sure where did I miss my valuable marks in writing as I can make out with the results of others that enabling skills do not have a very logical or direct impact.

    I am planning for a re-test in another 10-15 days time but not sure what went wrong. Can you help?

  • Listening 78
    Reading 87
    Speaking 90
    Writing 85
    Enabling Skills
    Grammar 90
    Oral Fluency 79
    Pronunciation 90
    Spelling 90
    Vocabulary 81
    Written Discourse 90

    i am missing just one point in listening. Do you think if i will apply for a re-score, it will be worth it? I am aware they will re-check speaking and written answers.

  • HI
    Did anyone have experience of re-score and success? I m 1 mark short.

    Listening 64
    Reading 72
    Speaking 67
    Writing 73

    Anyone can give suggestions on this, is it worth to go for re-score? i want each band 65

  • Good Day,
    I did PTE for my first time. I was looking for a 58 overall with no communication band less than 50.

    56 Listening
    53 Reading
    61 Speaking
    65 Writing

    89 Grammar
    49 Oral Fluency
    63 Pronunciation
    87 Spelling
    83 Vocabulary
    85 Written discourse

    Whatever my average would be 58.75 I had a 57 overall. Because of Covid19 we had to wear a mask even during the speaking that of course may influence Pronunciation and Oral Fluency.

    Honestly I do not understand how I can loose 1.75 in my average when mostly of the bands are between 83-89.
    Should I contest?

  • Aramã Aragão Antunes says:

    Hello! Plz help me if i can try to rescore or not. I just got my results today, i need 58 overall and 50 in all bands, but i got this instead.
    66 Listening
    71 Reading
    48 Speaking
    72 Writing

    73 Grammar
    46 Oral Fluency
    55 Pronunciation
    86 Spelling
    50 Vocabulary
    49 Written discourse

    I didint thought about the mask usage, im sure this was my fault. Plz help me if i can try to rescore or not, i need 2 points in speaking.

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