What is Highlight Correct Summary?

In the “Highlight correct summary” task, you will see an audio recorder box with a multiple choice question beneath it. After 10 seconds, a brief audio recording (30-90 seconds) will play. Once the recording has finished, you must select the answer option that best summarizes the “gist” or the overall meaning of the recording. Here is an example of what you will see on your screen:

Highlight Correct Summary

What does Highlight Correct Summary test?

Your Specific Listening Ability: You are expected to identify key words and phrases in the recording and relate them to the answer options.

Your Reading Speed: You must be able to scan the answer options at the same speed that the speaker talks, and this will be naturally be quite fast. You must have the ability to read quickly and efficiently.

A Few Highlight Correct Summary Tips:

As you listen to the audio recording, you should make notes of the important key words you hear. This will make it much easier to identify those keywords in the answer options when you get a chance to fully read them.

You don’t have much time (only 10 seconds!) before the recording starts, but you can use this time to scan the questions for overall meaning. This will help you when you listen for keywords, as you may have seen a keyword already when you scanned the answer options earlier. It will also give you a good overview of the topic to be discussed.

Don’t forget that sometimes, a synonym of a keyword may be used. This means that there may be a word in the answer options that means the same thing as a word used in the recording, but looks different. Make sure you keep this in mind as you narrow down the answer options.

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