What is it?

In the “Highlight incorrect words” task you will see an audio recorder box and a short transcript below. The transcript is complete, but some of the words in it are incorrect, and are not the words used by the speaker in the recording. After 10 seconds, the audio recording will play for between 15 and 50 seconds. In the recording, the speaker will read the transcript with the appropriate words, and you must listen for words that are different than what is written and highlight them with your mouse cursor.  Here is what you will see on your screen:


Highlight Incorrect Words

What does it test?

  1. Your Specific Listening Ability: You are expected to identify errors in the text using only the auditory information from the recording. This means you will have to understand and differentiate between specific vocabulary words that are presented in different forms.
  2. Your Reading Speed: You must be able to follow along at the same speed that the speaker talks, and this will be naturally be quite fast. You must have the ability to read quickly and efficiently.

For tips on how to succeed at this task, click here.