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If you are a paid user and cannot make the Live Classes at the scheduled time, then you can access the Live Class Recordings from your student dashboard under Recorded Classes

Unlike Live Classes, you will not need to register for Recorded Classes. They are not counted from your total number of Live Classes thus you can watch as many as you wish. 

You can enjoy the flexibility of watching your classes at any time that is convenience for you as well as being able to pause and repeat sections as you need!

Note that the Live Class Recordings are available to watch for 2 WEEKS ONLY and that there may be a delay between the end of a live class and the upload of its recording due to editing requirements.

Are you having trouble viewing the recordings?

This is likely due to a recent update which now allows the classes to open in a separate window or tab.

We recommend you try accessing the recorded classes on a laptop/desktop computer using Google Chrome and you may have to allow pop-ups fromE2Language to open.

For other browsers:


Microsoft Edge

If you are using an Ad-blocker, try disabling it and refreshing the page.

If you have already tried these and are still unable to view the classes, please complete a system checker, if you have any other issues contact support here.

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