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We get it; with so many options to choose from, it can be challenging to pick the test preparation package that’s right for you. Our commitment is to give you learning resources that adapt to your needs and boost your confidence for test day.

All E2 Test Prep content is developed by experts, and former examiners and endorsed by the major English test providers worldwide. The above means you are not only getting high-quality content but also a test-like experience regardless of the exam you are preparing for.

If you have reached this page and still have not decided which test you are taking we invite you to read the article below. It contains valuable tools to help you choose which English test you are taking.

How can an E2 test preparation paid package help me? 

At the forefront of every E2 Test Prep package is one goal – to get you the best possible score on your English language test, whether it’s in a month, three months or a year from now. 

All our premium packages include access to ALL our method lessons and practice activities, Live Classes of your choice and recordings of Live Classes.

Our package prices vary according to the amount of access to personalised teacher feedback, such as one-on-one tutorials, mock tests marked by teachers and writing or speaking assessments with feedback. 

Pro tip: Feedback is key to your success! Make sure to use all the included resources in your package before your test date, our experts will give you valuable insights on the areas you need to improve reducing the possibility of nasty surprises when you sit the test.

If you are confident with your skill level and you are motivated to self-study

Our express packages are your perfect match!

The Express Package will give you method lessons and practice activities to do in your own time. Plus, you can attend some live classes for extra tips from teachers. 

The Express+ Package adds a mock test for personalised feedback.


If you have time to make sure you get your desired score and you want individual support from an expert teacher

The Bronze, Silver and Gold packages will give you one-on-one tutorials and writing or speaking assessments with feedback. The amount of personalised feedback will increase from Bronze, to Silver, to Gold. These packages will help increase your overall score significantly.

  • The Bronze Package comes with a mock test, assessments and 1 tutorial
  • The Silver Package comes with a mock test, MORE assessments, 2 tutorials and a Pre-test strategy session
  • The Gold Package comes with a mock test, EVEN MORE assessments, 3 tutorials, a Pre-test strategy session and a Post-test strategy session.

If you are confident in your ability but want help mastering your writing/speaking skills

For those who want to focus on a particular area, we have developed intensive packages. Choose between writing and speaking and access live classes, practice questions, mock assessments, and feedback.

The Writing Intensive Package is designed to enhance your writing skills and improve your writing score. It comes with a bundle of writing assessments that are marked by our expert teachers, giving you detailed feedback on how well you responded to each question type and how you can improve. 

The Speaking Intensive Package is designed to enhance your speaking skills and improve your speaking score. It comes with a bundle of speaking assessments that are marked by our expert teachers, giving you detailed feedback on each criteria and overall teacher comments.

What if my test is soon and I feel unprepared or anxious? 

There’s no need to panic if you haven’t had time to prepare properly for your English language test.

If you’re under time pressure, check our express packages, designed to improve your English as fast as possible. We also highly recommend you booking one on one tutorials with our experts, they can help you identify quickly the skills you need to reinforce or have a test strategy session.

Can I test the platform first? 

You can access the test preparation platform for each test for free for 30 days. It is the best way to look around, participate in live classes and make sure you’re comfortable with us. 

While you can try out as many courses as you like, mind your access lasts for 30 days. Our best piece of advice is that you decide which test you are taking before you start your free trial. 

Once you’ve decided which test preparation package is right for you, we’ll be ready to face this challenge together!

Still deciding on which English test to choose? We are here to help!

If you have any questions or issues with our platform

Reach out to our wonderful support team, available 24/7 to help you out!

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  • I have done reading and listening 3 times but still cannot make it
    Iam successful with writing and speaking

    I need more practice on reading and listening
    Please if l can be assisted on above 2 with tutorials

  • Hi,

    I want to purchase the Express for $75. Why is it that, after typing the code, the amount still remains the same?

    Does it mean you are going to charge me $75 or what?


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