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Use of the IELTS for nurses has been subject to criticism for being too difficult to pass. It has even been suggested as the reason why healthcare professionals are failing UK Language requirements, leading to a huge drop in registered nurses. Several Staff members fail multiple attempts, needing 8 months to a whole year to pass; even then, only half of the participants are ultimately successful. This has led to criticism that the IELTS for nurses is simply too hard, causing problems with migration and employment for English speakers internationally; however, the test remains an international standard in English testing, as professionals are left frustrated.

Writing is commonly where IELTS test takers fail. Many candidates have tried multiple times to increase their writing score and failed, despite good preparation, advice, and feedback. This is because of the band descriptors which can be tricky to understand. These mysterious band descriptors, or criteria, are what IELTS examiners use to score candidates’ essays. Although the band descriptors are publicly available, looking at them is like looking at a code that only a highly trained IELTS examiner can crack. This means that the mystery behind the IELTS writing scoring remains elusive and unsolved for the average test-taker, often misinterpreted and misunderstood.

According to IELTS test statistics published in 2016, the average IELTS writing band score worldwide is 6.0. This average is taken from a 2016 sample of 3 million test-takers in over 140 countries. Indian candidates on average scored 5.5 for writing, while candidates in Saudi Arabia achieved an average writing score of 4.5.

Another factor contributing to the high failure rate is lack of support. Students often attempt to prepare for the exams alone, without a study plan. Absorbing many different sources of information can lead to confusion and inconsistencies in technique. Relying on a structured method can ease the stress of organizing study and help participants to feel confident and supported. Online courses are becoming more popular amongst IELTS hopefuls as a practical, efficient way to prepare. Working professionals, in particular, are satisfied with a program they can adjust to fit their busy schedules.

Popular IELTS Preparation provider E2Language has uncovered secrets in the IELTS exam which may explain the widespread tendency towards unsatisfactory Band 6 scores. E2Language will have an extensive IELTS Writing discussion that will take place 100% online over five days in March. It will be accessible to students all over the world. Amongst skills taught will be the ability to confidently write a band 8 essay, a task found intimidating by many participants. The class is targeted at all students aiming for band scores higher than 6.

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Written by Claudia

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  • Johnny sins says:

    You know why many fail despite many attempts? Because they never return the scrutinized paper! So how is someone able to learn from his mistakes?! This is a money making scheme

    • That’s right! It is a racketeering, a bunch of thiefs who are enjoying the easy life on behalf of less fortunate ones! Shame on them and what more , they are going to give a big answer in front of God! Whioooooooooo!🤐:((((((((

  • Hi.

    Please keep me up to date with any new developments regarding the the ielts.

    My wife has done this test 8 times already now and to no avail on the writing side.

    We are really hoping that the scores are re evaluated in the very near future.

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