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Multiple Choice Practice

Struggling with multiple choice questions in IELTS Listening Multiple Choice? You’re not alone!

If you’re reading this, you’re probably familiar with IELTS Listening, the 4 sections and the different task types and strategies to do well.

But multiple-choice questions are a bit tougher than other question types, which is why we practice it so much in our Live Classes!

So, there are some important things to know about this type of task, but once you understand how multiple choice questions work, you’ll be much better equipped for your test.

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First, test yourself with the 4 multiple choice practice questions below. Listen to the audio and, if you need it, read the accompanying script to go with it, then have a go at answering the questions!

When you’re done, you can check out the video at the bottom of the page, where IELTS expert, Alex, breaks down Multiple Choice for you!


SECTION 3 Questions 21-24

If you need more help, check out the script below as well.

Click to read script

Professor: Hi Jamie. Thanks for coming in today and let me start by saying well done on a really great presentation.

Jamie: Oh thank you

Professor: I was actually very impressed with the class overall and I could see you’d put in a lot of work.

Jamie: I sure did. But I must say, it was surprisingly enjoyable!

Professor: That’s good. Now, your topic was genetically modified food and the controversy surrounding it on both sides of the political divide.

Jamie: That’s right

Professor: So, how did you come to settle on this topic? Was it because of all the articles about GM food in the papers recently?

Jamie: I actually felt like the issue has dropped out of the public consciousness lately. I haven’t seen an article on it in the mainstream media for a long time. I do remember that my dad used to get so furious reading all about the plans to expand GM crops and imports…

Professor: I see.

Jamie: When I saw that movie by the naturalist, ah I forget his name… the soil expert… I guess that’s when I really got interested … and my presentation just flowed from there.

Professor: Yes, I know the one. It won several awards. So did you know much about GM food prior to your research?

Jamie: I’d thought I was an expert! But what I realised through my reading for this presentation was that I’d had a really biased attitude. I mean, I was only really aware of one half of the argument. I never read anything by people who were in favour of GM technology. It’s obvious now but I don’t think I really understood the different views on the matter.

Professor: Yes, that can happen, particularly these days with the way our social media is curated.

Jamie: How do you mean?

Professor: Well, everyone’s social media is increasingly personalised. The news stories that appear on your facebook feed for instance, tend to reflect the political or social views you hold.

Jamie: Yeh, I guess you’re right. What do we do about that though? I mean, we can’t just disregard everything we see right? How do we know which stories to trust? Only mainstream media?

Professor: It’s more a matter of consciousness, I would say. As long as you understand the way modern marketing and media work and their strategies, you can make informed choices about what you read and how far you trust it. Do remember that mainstream media also has its biases.

Jamie: Of course, that’s true.

Professor: Now back to your presentation, I made notes which I’ll send through with your final grade but I’m interested to know how you feel about it. Were there any areas that you were disappointed in? I know you’d been anxious about the technology side of things.

Jamie: I was. Last time I did a presentation for my history subject, it was a disaster.

Professor: How so?

Jamie: I think I was just way too ambitious with the tech on that occasion. I had moving graphics and audio and video and in the end, it just distracted from what I really wanted to say.

Professor: That certainly wasn’t the case this time though.

Jamie: No. I think that’s what I’m unhappy about. I was so put off by that previous experience that I went for just bare bones this time. It was very rudimentary really. I wish I’d aimed a bit higher.

Professor: Well, that’s something to keep in mind for next time.

Jamie: Yeh, a good lesson I guess.

When you’re through, you’ll be a multiple choice guru!

Choose the correct letter, A, B or C


21) How did Jamie choose the topic for her presentation?

A She saw a film about it.
B The issue has been in the media recently.
C One of her parents is an expert on it.


22) Jamie says that before this presentation,

A she was indifferent towards to the issue.
B she was strongly in favour of GM food.
C she knew only one side of the argument.


23) In relation to social media, the professor advises Jamie to

A ignore articles with political messages.
B be aware of the techniques marketers use.
C only trust stories from mainstream media.


24) What does Jamie say about using technology in this presentation?

A She found it harder than she had expected.
B She should have been more ambitious.
C She felt it distracted from her message.



All done? Check your answers below and see how many you got right.

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21) A

22) C

23) B

24) B

And, if you haven’t already, get to class with Teacher Alex for your task of the week below!

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