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E2Language supports a wide range of features to improve your learning experience. As a student, you need quality material and a conducive learning environment. Traditionally, this has taken the form of textbooks and classrooms. IELTS Live Classes, however, are a little different.

IELTS Live Classes are streamed multiple times a week and our students love them. Taking place within the comfort of your home, just because you can’t work in it doesn’t mean you can’t make IELTS Live Classes work for you!

A More Effective Way to Learn

Online courses have become widely popular in all areas of study. However, there still exists somewhat of a stigma associated with online learning. So let’s dispel some of those myths.

Firstly, studies have shown that students take in more information when they interact with multimedia content offered by online courses. In fact, compared with traditional classes, students can learn up to FIVE times more in online learning classes!

IELTS Live Classes On-Demand

How is this the case? Why are online courses outperforming traditional classrooms? Well, it has everything to do with YOU, the student.

Everyone works differently and learns at a certain pace. What’s so great about IELTS Live Classes is that, once the class has concluded, our students are able to access all past classes also. Students can pause, rewind and rewatch any of our IELTS Live Classes. The ability to do this means our students are able to make the most out of every one!

The efficacy of this mode of learning is evident and students are voting with their feet. Online courses have shown an increased retention rate, meaning fewer drop-outs! At E2Language, our students show a similarly positive attitude to our online material. IELTS Live Classes have seen a steady increase in viewer attendance, with some classes hosting up to 300 students. We must be doing something right… right?

Engaging Content

All IELTS Live Classes have an interactive element that makes learning engaging and fun! Each class focuses on a skill, then details ways to improve through practice exercises and live feedback. Students are able to ask questions, as well as benefit from the answers to questions posed by other students in the class.

Together these aspects of the Live Class provide a fast-paced and interactive learning environment that keeps our students (and teachers) on their toes! This active learning environment is a fundamental aspect of what makes IELTS Live Classes such a success amongst our students!

E2 Experts

One of the pitfalls of signing up for an online course is the lack of face-to-face contact. A certain element of trust is required from students when they sign on to an online school or institution. Unfortunately, this has been exploited by dishonest people and some students have been conned into paying for phony courses or “FREE IELTS CERTIFICATES”. Please do not be fooled by these scams!

We have an amazing track record of delivering on our promise to offer our students the best help possible. Our E2 experts are true professionals in every respect. They are highly qualified and experienced in helping students prepare for IELTS-specific issues.

When grappling with the IELTS, our teachers act as a reliable point of clarification for students. This is especially true right before an exam when any doubts or last-minute questions can be allayed with the click of a button!


One notable difference between online and traditional classes is the difference in ease and convenience at which students can access online material. Gone are the lost hours traveling between home and school. IELTS Live Classes can be accessed from wherever you are. Many of our students are juggling various work and social commitments, making the prospect of traveling to and from a traditional school or learning centre impractical. E2’s flexibility offers our students is often the key to their ultimate success.

Why make the learning process harder to access by placing kilometers between you and the classroom? With IELTS Live Classes, where there’s a computer there’s a classroom!

How can I access IELTS Live Classes?

It’s easy. The first decision you have to make is to whether to sign up to E2Language! Students greatly benefit from their access to all of our Live Classes. The ability to rewatch any Live Class makes them an invaluable study resource.

Once you have signed up, you’ll need to register for each upcoming Live Class from the student dashboard. Then, when the class goes live, a link will be emailed to you. One click and you’re in!

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