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Do you know what 150 or 250 words look like? Well, here’s a top tip for you: practice your writing tasks with the official IELTS Writing answer sheet and know your word count by sight! 


In IELTS writing, word limits are important. You need to write at least 150 words for Task 1 and 250 for Task 2. 

If you prepare for the paper-delivered test by typing or by handwriting onto your notebook or scrap paper, you won’t know what 150 or 250 words look like on test day.

For instance, you might be used to writing 1 full A4 page but when you write on the official test paper, this could become 2.5 pages. Or maybe you just jot down your practice essays on whatever paper you have at hand, in which case you’ll really have no idea what 150 or 250 words look like!

Counting words on test day is a waste of time!

Of course, on test day, you may be worried about the word limit but you will also be worried about the time limit. Counting your words can cost you 1, 2, 3… a lot of time! However, if you’ve prepared well, you should know your word count (approximately) by sight. 

Try it!

Download and print out the official IELTS answer sheet.Grab a topic from our list of Task 2 essay prompts, time yourself writing a full task, and then count your words.

Perhaps you’ve done 1.5 pages, or perhaps you have big writing and need 2 or more pages. 

The point is, on test day, you shouldn’t need to count your words to know how close you are to the word limit, you should just… know!

One more time…

When you’re preparing for IELTS, counting your words is a great idea. On test day though, you should be using every second to read, plan and craft a beautiful piece of writing. 

So, download the answer, jump into a live class and practice your writing tasks today!

Click here to download the IELTS Writing Task Sheet!

Learn about how your writing is scored and watch the video below!

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