What is it?

In the “Multiple-choice, single answer” task you will see an audio recording box on your screen with a multiple choice question beneath it. After 5 seconds, a recording will automatically play, and will last for approximately 30-60 seconds. Once the recording has finished, you will need to answer the multiple choice question by selecting only one answer. Here is what you will see on your screen:

Listening- Multiple Choice, Single Answer

What does it test?

  1. Your Ability to Identify the Main Idea: This is how well you recognize the “gist” of the recording its most important points. For example: “What is the main objective of this lecture?”
  2. Your Eye for Detail: This is your ability to pinpoint the specific information, facts, opinions or sequences of events that contribute to the main idea of the recording. For example: “Which of the following is the main reason for deforestation in Brazil?” 
  3. Your Understanding of Purpose: This means that you can listen to the recording and understand why the speaker included certain pieces of information in it. For example: “What is the main point the speaker is trying to convey”?
  4. Your Understanding of Organization: This is your ability to link the ideas present in different parts of the recording and understand the connections between them. For example: “What does the introduction have in common with the concluding sentence?”
  5. Your Ability to Infer Information: This means that you can use the information you have heard to draw logical conclusions about the general goals of the recording, or connect it to your previous ideas on the topic. For example: “What main conclusion can be drawn from the speaker about the meat industry?” 

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