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Listening Part A Overview

How does the Listening Part A task work?

Part A of the Listening sub-test consists of a recorded consultation between a health professional and a patient. You will be given an answer booklet for this task with various headings above a space where you can write notes. As you listen to the dialogue between patient and professional, you must record notes beneath the headings. Your notes should relate to the headings and be only the most important information you hear.

Although you will hear the conversation only once, there will be pauses during the recordings allowing you time to write your notes. It’s important to know that longer pauses in the recording likely mean the end of each numbered question. This is a good time for you to go back and make sure you have written notes under each of the headings in the question. The information you’ll need for your notes will be provided to you in order, so make sure you follow along instead of jumping to ahead or back while you are listening. In this part of the test you can use either pen or pencil. Overall this task will last about 20 minutes.

Example of the Listening Part A task

Below is a sample of the format for the headings and note taking space you will be completing. Keep in mind that you must only write what you think is the most important and specific information in your notes, not just the general ideas.


Screenshot 2016-06-27 12.49.02

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