What is it?

For the “Multiple-choice, choose multiple answers” task you will be presented with a reading text containing 300 words or less. Next to the text, there will be a multiple choice question. You must read the text and answer the multiple choice question by selecting multiple options. You have the option of making notes about what you read on the Erasable Noteboard Booklet you will be given. It is important for you to know that none of the reading tasks are timed individually. This means that you will have a set amount of time (30-40 minutes) to complete the entire reading section, and you must use your time wisely for each task. Here is what you will see on the screen:

Multiple choice, multiple answer


What does it test?

  1. Your Ability to Identify the Main Idea: This is how well you recognize the “gist” of a paragraph its most important points. For example: “What is the main objective of this text?”
  2. Your Eye for Detail: This is your ability to pinpoint the specific information, facts, opinions or sequences of events that contribute to the main idea of the text. For example: “Which of the following events most contributed to the fall of Rome?” 
  3. Your Understanding of Purpose: This means that you can read the text and understand why the author included certain pieces of information in it. For example: “What is the writer trying to convey in the text”?
  4. Your Understanding of Organization: This is your ability to link the ideas present in different parts of the text and understand the connections between them. For example: “What do the introductory paragraph and the conclusion have in common?”
  5. Your Ability to Infer Information: This means that you can use the information you have read to draw logical conclusions about the general goals of the text, or connect it to your previous ideas on the topic. For example: “What conclusions can be drawn from the text about the Cuban missile crisis?” 

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