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Update: 6th August 2020

The days leading up to Test Day are always a little nerve-wracking as you wonder if you have done enough to prepare and you wonder how you will perform on the day. Recently with COVID this has become even more traumatic as you wonder if your PTE test centre will be open, you wonder if you need to wear a mask during your test and even how a mask will affect your test results.

Pearson have put out a lot of information related to these and other questions. 

Check this link for up-to-date information. Some of that information has been copied below based on the information on the Pearson site as at 6 August, 2020. Please ensure that you check the Pearson PTE pages and your test centre to see if the information still applies.

Note: there are two kinds of centres: Pearson Professional Centre (PPC) and Pearson partner centres. The PPCs are run by Pearson and the information they provide is for those sites. Partner centres may run under slightly different guidelines. Your appointment details will tell you which kind of centre you are booked into.

Current Information About Testing

Link here to the main PTE COVID page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Scroll down on this linked page to see a range of common questions and answers.




Link here for the most recent information about cancellations.

*Be sure to check any updates on the link at the bottom.



Health and Safety

Pearson’s health and safety information regarding attending your appointment

Link here for the most recent information about health & safety related to COVID.

Be sure to check the Pearson PTE website before your test. Check your email for any late changes. Reduce stress by knowing what to expect. Then get in there and demonstrate all your skills. Break a leg!

Update: 26th June 2020

What you need to know

There are restrictions in some places and centres opening in others. Check through this information to understand what to do and how you are effected.

We are here for you. Stay learning, practising, participating. Tune in to Live Classes, Group Classes and Tutorials. Study from the platform. Read the blogs.

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See More: Pearson COVID-19 Update

Update: 1st May 2020

  • Testing in some locations remains suspended. 
  • In other locations, the number of test-takers are restricted in each session.

Testing is fully or partially suspended in the following locations:  

Country/Territory Status
Australia Reduced Availability
Austria Testing Suspended
Azerbaijan Testing Suspended
Bahrain Testing Suspended
Bangladesh Testing Suspended
Brazil Reduced Availability
Bulgaria Testing Suspended
Canada Testing Suspended
Chile Testing Suspended
China Reduced Availability
Colombia Testing Suspended
Ecuador Testing Suspended
Egypt Testing Suspended
Finland Testing Suspended
France Testing Suspended
Germany Testing Suspended
Greece Testing Suspended
Hong Kong, SAR, China Testing Suspended
India Testing Suspended
Indonesia Testing Suspended
Israel Testing Suspended
Italy Testing Suspended
Japan Reduced Availability
Jordan Testing Suspended
Kazakhstan Testing Suspended
Kenya Testing Suspended
Korea, South Reduced Availability
Kuwait Testing Suspended
Malaysia Reduced Availability
Mexico Testing Suspended
Nepal Testing Suspended
New Zealand Testing Suspended
Nigeria Reduced Availability
Oman Testing Suspended
Pakistan Testing Suspended
Philippines Testing Suspended
Saudi Arabia Testing Suspended
Singapore Reduced Availability
South Africa Testing Suspended
Spain Testing Suspended
Sri Lanka Reduced Availability
Taiwan, China Testing Suspended
Thailand Reduced Availability
Turkey Reduced Availability
United Arab Emirates Testing Suspended
United Kingdom Testing Suspended
United States Reduced Availability
Vietnam Testing Suspended

Official update: March 17 2020

We understand the anxieties and concerns of future test takers and hope we can provide some clarity during these uncertain times.

Do you have a PTE test scheduled in the upcoming months? 

E2Language will keep you updated on the current Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak and the potential impact on students trying to take their PTE test.


  • Extending suspension of test deliveries in mainland China through to the end of March.
  • All tests originally scheduled to be taken within this timeframe have been cancelled.
  • In the US from March 17 to April 16 all testing has been suspended

Test takers who have paid with a voucher can rebook using the same voucher code, or a full refund will be issued if payment was made by credit card to Pearson VUE. Test takers are able to rebook their test from April 1, 2020.

Country Specific Availability:

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