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Melbourne, Australia – The Occupational English Test (OET) has collaborated with E2Language to provide a comprehensive OET preparation course, Start for Success – an online package available free-of-charge to potential OET candidates. The prominent international English language test for healthcare professionals signed the agreement with Australia’s leading online English test preparation provider, E2Language on Tuesday, March 27, 2018.

Present at the event were OET’s CEO Sujata Stead, Education Manager David Wiltshire, Head of Business Development Georgina Herbert, E2Language’s CEO Marcel Kreis, co-founder Jarrad Merlo, and Head of Marketing Leonel Fred Ador.

Recognised as proof of English proficiency for healthcare registration in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and Dubai for many years, demand for OET is growing with its recent acceptance in the UK and Ireland for doctors, nurses and midwives. Together, OET and E2Language are fully committed to helping test takers access quality materials through this partnership.

OET collaborates with E2Language
Sujata Stead, OET and Marcel Kreis, E2Language inked collaboration deal for “Start for Success” Package.

Sujata Stead, OET’s CEO said: “Preparation is key to success in OET. We are delighted to collaborate with E2Language, one of OET’s Premium Preparation Providers to give healthcare professionals around the world access to this comprehensive online resource”.

The free Start for Success package consists of more than 300 video-based grammar lessons, practice tests and sample answers, as well as 14 method lessons from experts who have helped thousands of students pass their test. In addition, students can also purchase the E2Language “Budget” package at a discounted price, enabling them to obtain feedback on their writing.

Stead continued: “OET candidates can access the online course anywhere, anytime to gain an understanding of what to expect in the test, helpful tips and strategies, as well as a wide range of skill-building activities. The combination of videos, written advice and opportunities to practice ensures the content is engaging and varied”.

Jarrad Merlo, E2Language’s Director of Teaching and Learning, has started to become an icon in English test preparation through YouTube. He developed the Start for Success package exclusively for OET candidates. “We have been teaching the OET for several years now and are among the most successful when it comes to helping doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals achieve the grades they need for the futures they want!”

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Written by: Abhiram Chandrasekar

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