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OET Listening FAQs

Q: How is this section structured?

A. This section is broken into two parts, each containing one task.

Part A is a recording of a simulated professional-patient consultation (about 15 minutes) with note-taking questions. You must create case notes (under the correct heading), and write down all of the relevant information that you hear about the patient in the recording. You’ll have 25 minutes in total for this task.

Part B consists of a lecture or talk on a health related topic that will last about 15 minutes. You must answer a series of short answer/ note-taking questions based on what you hear in the recording. You will have 25 minutes in total for this task.

Q. What skills are being tested in this section?

A. Part A is aimed at assessing your ability to pinpoint and organize critical information in a healthcare setting. This means that you recognize which aspects of the recording are relevant to your patient’s health, and you understand where to put this information.

Part B is assessing whether or not you understand specific information presented to you in English. You must be able to listen for the information that fits each question appropriately and ignore any extra information presented to you.

Q. How many times will I have to do each task?

A. You only have to complete each task only once.