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Our new OET small group classes for nurses and doctors are the perfect way to ensure you’re test ready. Classes are kept to no more than 10 students, allowing you to get maximum teacher interaction as well as the opportunity to interact with other medical professionals. Class cost is US$20 per class and duration is 55 minutes.

Take a few classes early in your test prep journey to familiarise yourself with the test structure, or join a few right before you sit for your test to boost your confidence. How and when you join a class is entirely up to you so that you can tailor your small group class experience to your specific learning needs. 

Small class sizes mean you get more one-on-one interaction with your teacher and a chance to chat with other doctors and nurses looking to migrate (you may even make a friend heading to the same destination as you!). You’ll benefit from detailed feedback from your E2 expert instructor.  

These small classes are not just excellent preparation for sitting your OET test; they’ll also build your English language skills for your big move and professional future. 

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What is OET?

OET stands for Occupational English Test and is an English-language test not dissimilar to other popular tests you may have heard of like IELTS, TOEFL or CELPIP. The key difference is that OET is specifically designed for healthcare professionals. 

The OET is a requirement in many English-speaking countries for those looking to migrate for work in the healthcare sector. For example, if you want to migrate to the US as a doctor, you’ll need to sit and pass the OET.  

We understand that taking a test like the OET can be challenging. When you’re preparing to migrate, you’ve often invested significant amounts of time, money and energy into planning your move, and it’s scary to consider that your dream of migration ultimately depends on whether you pass the OET. Rest assured that E2 can support your test preparation no matter where you are on your English language journey.    

Our materials are developed by experts. We are an official partner of the language tests we provide test preparation packages for, including OET. 

How to study for OET

Everyone’s studying style is different, so what works for someone else may not work for you. Studying for the OET is different to studying for other English language tests because OET is occupation-specific. 

The first step to passing the OET with flying colours is understanding the structure of the test. As such, our E2 Test Prep courses familiarise you with the different elements and what to expect from each section. 

E2 has excellent options for those wishing to pass the OET. Our test preparation packages for doctors and nurses will equip you with the skills you need to achieve a fantastic grade on the OET and feel confident doing it.

The E2 OET test preparation packages let you develop a study pathway to ensure you reach your goal of passing the OET with an excellent grade. Once you’ve signed up, you’ll be able to access:

  • Practice questions
  • (Mini) mock tests
  • Speaking and writing assessments
  • Small group classes
  • Regular live classes
  • One-on-one expert tutorials
  • Skill building classes
  • 100s of video grammar lessons 

Dive right in with a six, nine or 12-month package. If you’ve only got a short time to prepare for OET, purchase an Express Package for nurses or doctors, which will help you be OET ready in just three months. Use our intensive packages for nurses or doctors to gain extra skills in writing and speaking. 

You can complement these packages with our new OET small group classes. Book in as many classes as you want and enjoy a flexible approach. 

E2’s new OET small group classes are perfect for those who like to learn with others but find it hard to make themselves heard in large groups. OET small group classes offer huge benefits for those studying for the OET:

  • One-on-one interaction with an E2 expert teacher
  • A maximum of ten students 
  • Peer interaction with detailed and individual feedback 
  • See results faster 
  • Affordable option to help boost results 
  • Tailor to your schedule 
  • Classes specific to your profession

eep up the momentum

E2 has a proven track record as a leader in test preparation. Whether your test is in a year, months or weeks, prepare with E2, and you’ll be confident you can achieve the score you need. Our new OET small group classes are a great way to complement your OET test preparation package. They are invaluable in preparing you for this important step on your migration journey. 

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