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OET has announced that you will be able to do the test from the comfort of your own home or workplace in the near future with the new [email protected]  Here’s what you need to know about this exciting new development:

Is [email protected] available right now?

No, not just yet.  OET is still developing this delivery mode of the test, but it will be available in September to candidates that find it impossible to attend a test venue.

OET is also opening a large number of new venues around the world to meet demand. In addition to [email protected], a computer-based version of the test will also be available at test venues in the next few months.

Will the content, format, or scoring of [email protected] be different?

No. The content, format, and the way the test is scored will all remain the same, and the tasks will assess the same level of English as the paper-based test.  You will also have the same amount of time to complete each sub-test as you would in the paper-based version of the test.

What kind of equipment will I need to be able to take [email protected]?

You will require a computer (laptop or desktop) and a webcam.  You will not be able to take the test on a tablet or other mobile device. More information about specific technical requirements will be available soon on OET’s official website.

Can I still take the paper-based test at an external test venue?

Yes, though please remember that many test venues are still currently affected by local restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

How will doing the test at home actually work?

OET is still figuring out the specific details, but one key feature will be remote proctoring.  At the moment, when you do a paper-based test, there is always an invigilator in the room (i.e. a person who facilitates the running of the test, checks your identity, controls the time, prevents and reports any malpractice etc).  For [email protected], this role will be fulfilled by a live human proctor, who will obviously not be in the same room as you, but they will check your identity and monitor your behaviour during the test. Remote proctoring systems will also limit your computer’s functionality during the test (e.g. make sure you can’t access the internet).  These features will ensure the security of [email protected]

How will I take the speaking sub-test?

In the current version of the test, the speaking sub-test involves face-to-face interaction between you and an interlocutor, who takes on the role of the patient/caregiver in the roleplays.  For [email protected], the speaking sub-test will still involve an interlocutor, but you will speak to them using video conferencing software.  E2Language has speaking tutorials, speaking intensives, and our mini mock test, all of which can help you practice doing the speaking sub-test via video conferencing.

Who will mark my test if I do [email protected] or a computer-based test at a test venue?

Your test will be marked by the same assessors who mark the paper-based version of OET.

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Will it be more expensive?

At this point, OET has no plans to change the cost the test, whether you sit the paper-based or computer-based versions at test venues, or [email protected]

Will it be available everywhere?

Initially, [email protected] will be available to candidates who have no possibility of attending a test venue. OET’s goal is to eventually make it as widely available as possible.

How can E2Language help me prepare for [email protected]?

All of E2Language’s resources are computer-based, so you can practice answering test questions in a similar way to how it might be presented in the official computer-based version of the test.  As I previously mentioned, our mini mock test can also help you get a feel for doing the test on a computer, as well as being excellent practice for the current paper-based version of the test.

How can I get more information about [email protected]?

You can find more information about [email protected] here and here.

Due to restrictions resulting from COVID-19, we know that many of you have been waiting for months to be able to sit the OET.  While [email protected] is still in development, once it becomes available it will be a great option for candidates who want to get the results they need so that they can move ahead with their professional and personal plans as much as possible.  E2Language will keep you posted with any new developments, so keep your eyes peeled and make sure you follow us on Facebook and Instagram to get the latest OET news!

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Written by Samantha, Head of E2 OET

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