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Hi! I’m Head Teacher David and I am so happy to announce our Group Classes are on in May! These are really a great way to learn–you will work with me and your goal-oriented peers to learn and achieve better understanding and better grades in each of the PTE tasks. We will be able to see and hear each other in a synchronous (same time) live stream classroom!

When do the PTE Group Classes start?


They already have!

Over the month we will focus on PTE Speaking and Writing classes, covering all aspects of the PTE writing and speaking tasks. In June we will include Reading and Listening classes

Details of the class content can be found by signing up at E2Language (you can sign up for FREE),  clicking the Group Class tab on the E2Language PTE Platform, viewing available classes, and hovering on the info icon!

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Classes are available for all E2Language package levels including FREE.

Places are available for $15USD per class! You may purchase an unlimited number of classes, but purchase each one at a time.

The maximum number of students is 5 per class, so plenty of opportunity to ask questions, interact and get feedback!

How do I enrol for Group Classes? 

Sign up or log in to E2Language, click on the “Group Class” button on the navigational pane on the left side of the PTE Platform and follow the instructions!

What do the classes cover?

You can also see the class content here:

Week 1
Writing 1: Summarise written text
Method, skills and practice

Writing 2: Write essay 
Essay structure
Writing an Introduction and a conclusion
Grammar clinic

Writing 3: Write essay 
Writing body paragraphs
Grammar clinic
Week 2
Speaking 1: Read aloud; Repeat sentence; Describe imageMethods and practiceVocab clinicFluency 

Speaking 2: Re-tell lecture; Answer short questionMethods and practiceReview of Describe ImageNote-taking practice

Speaking 3: Review: Read aloud, Repeat sentence, Describe image, Retell lecture Methods and practiceReview of Describe ImageNote-taking practice

I am looking forward to meeting and working with you!

See you soon!

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Written by David
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