Q: How is this section structured?

A. This section is divided into 8 tasks which each involve listening to brief recordings. These tasks are: “Summarize spoken text”, “Multiple-choice (choose multiple answers)”, “Fill in the blanks”, “Highlight correct summary”, “Multiple-choice (choose single answer)”, “Select missing word”, “Highlight incorrect words” & “Write from dictation”.You can find information about each of these tasks by clicking on the “overview” tabs under “PTE –> ‘Listening’ “. In total, you will have between 45 and 60 minutes to complete this section, depending on the combination of tasks you are given. It is important to note that only “Summarize spoken text” is timed individually. For the rest of the tasks, you must use your time wisely.  While it is important to be methodical and pay attention to detail while completing each task, you must be mindful of the clock ticking down and be aware of the tasks that will require more time for you to complete. For this reason, you should ensure that you have practiced each listening task and have an idea of how long each one generally takes you.

Q. What skills are being tested in this section?

A.  When it comes to this section, evaluators are looking for how well you identify important ideas and relationships in the recordings, how much you understand the vocabulary and content of the recordings, and how skilled you are at evaluating the different aspects of the recordings for their usefulness and importance to each question. In addition, you are being tested on how well you can listen and respond to recordings under timed conditions.

Q. How many times will I have to do each task?

A. You will have to do each task more than once, but the number of times you will do a task is dependent on the combination of tasks you are given in a section, and this is always different. In general however, you can expect repeat “Summarize spoken text” 2-3 times, “Multiple-choice (choose multiple answer)” 2-3 times, “Fill in the blanks” 2-3 times, “Highlight correct summary” 2-3 times, “Multiple choice (choose single answer)” 2-3 times, “Select missing word” 2-3 times, “Highlight incorrect words” 2-3 times, and “Write from dictation” 3-4 times.