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What is Multiple Choice, Multiple Answer in the listening section of PTE?

In PTE’s listening multiple-choice questions you will hear a short, authentic lecture on an academic topic and be asked about it. You need to choose 2 or more answers to the question by clicking the correct responses. There is negative scoring so if you get 1 wrong, this will be deducted but you can’t go below 0!  

What type of questions are there?

The questions for multiple choice multiple answer may be about: the main ideas of the lecture, the speaker’s goal or attitude, some details about information in the lecture, or inferences, which is when the speaker indirectly implies, suggests, infers or indicates something without saying it directly. 

How long should I spend on the PTE listening Multiple Choice Multiple Answer questions and how is it scored?

Question TypeOrder in the PTE testNumber of tasksMarks per questionTiming
Multiple Choice, choose multiple answers2nd question in the listening section 2-3 tasks1 mark per correct answer (-1 for each incorrect answer)Affects your listening score only-You have 7 secs before the audio starts(Recording is 40-90 seconds long)Answer the question within 30 seconds -1 minute after the recording stops

What are the best methods, tips and strategies for Multiple Choice, Multiple Answer? 

  1. Before the lecture starts, read the question to understand what to focus on while listening – I like to reword the question in my mind so I’m really clear what it means and then keep focusing on this during the listening. Also, skim the answer options to pick up a few key ideas.
  2. Take good notes as you listen, such as: dates, names places, events, main points, ideas, and key words
  3. When choosing the correct answers, select for meaning, not just to match the words you hear:  remember they may use the same words to give a different meaning, or else different words but the same ( correct) meaning – don’t get tricked or trapped!
  4. Please note, you may select one answer response only if you are unsure about the other correct answers  
  5. Use your own intelligence: switch on your logic, critical thinking and common sense as sometimes an option may not make sense or be unlikely and so will not be correct
  6. Remember, sometimes information in one of the answers may not be mentioned or discussed at all in the lecture so it cannot be correct 
  7. Don’t spend too long on each question about 30 seconds to 1.5 minutes maximum, then move on to manage your time well and finish all the questions in time. 
  8. Do lots of practice questions to get used to the different question types: go to for methods, strategies, practice exercises, PTE mock tests and live classes for PTE listening practice and tips. 

Can you show me an example of a PTE Listening Multiple Choice Multiple Answer question?

Example audio

The purpose of this talk is to _____

  1. Suggest ways to make indoor lighting more economical. 
  2. Illustrate how an everyday object could inspire new technology. 
  3. Persuade listeners to participate in a scientific study. 
  4. Describe an artistic exhibition using familiar items. 
  5. Encourage listeners to think creatively about mundane items. 


Answer Key and Analysis

More practice?

For more practice, attend out PTE Listening Live Classes, practice from the E2Language platform, join a tutorial….See you soon!

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