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Ensuring that you have sufficient PTE preparation time is essential for achieving your PTE target score. But how much PTE preparation time do you need? 

Allocating the right amount of PTE preparation time can be tricky and depends on many factors including:

  • What are you currently scoring?
  • What score do you want?
  • How much time do you have?

Unfortunately, many people come to E2 Testp Prep after failing the test multiple times. Believe it or not, most students who fail the test don’t score badly in all of the skill categories. In fact, these students often score over 65 in three areas and miss the fourth area by only three to four marks. If you are one of these people, you’re not alone.

If at first, you don’t succeed…

Failing to achieve your target score is only a setback. Try and remove all the negativity of failure from your previous experiences and see this as an opportunity to perform better in the next test. Instead of feeling discouraged about a low score, try and learn from your mistakes, and break down each section of the PTE by asking yourself: “What do I need to do to achieve my target score in each section?”

The team at E2Language can help you stay focused and achieve your target score by providing the support you need. By turning your weaknesses into strengths and setbacks in opportunities, you can realize your goals by doing the following:

  • Set realistic time frames
  • Stick to your study schedule as much as possible
  • Set the appropriate amount of study hours
  • Adopt a successful attitude and mindset.
PTE Preparation Time
The path to PTE success isn’t always easy. Don’t let a failure destory your confidence.

Prepare, Prepare, Prepare!

We cannot emphasize this enough! Studying with the right amount of determination and attitude will influence your score. If you’re prepared to study productively and put the required hours in, you can achieve a 90 if that’s what you are realistically targeting. If you are determined to get a 79, you will. If you want to achieve a 65, you can with the right materials and focus. The point is that your goal will determine your grade. Practice makes perfect and your results will reflect your study habits, preparation, and attitude.

Often I hear you ask “But how much time do I need to prepare?” The answer is, “It’s different for everyone!” However, as a general rule- those who wish to increase their PTE score by 10 points or more should set aside at least 4-6 weeks for targeted studying.

E2Language Study Plan – Use your PTE preparation time wisely!

Study schedules are an excellent way to keep track of your study program, ensuring you are covering the PTE tasks.

Our 4 Week Study Schedule below shows that you need to study for 3 hours a day, for six days over 4 weeks if you want to cover every task in detail. Wow! Take a closer look at how each PTE parts are broken down.

PTE Preparation Time
E2Language PTE Study Plan: Four weeks 3 hours a day, six days a week.


Let’s say you need to go from a 65 to a 79 on your next PTE exam. Your best plan of action is actually to set your new goal higher than 79 in all sections and work hard to achieve it over four to six weeks. It’s more beneficial to put in the work for 4 weeks than it is to study for 2 weeks and hope for the best.

Now take a look at the 6 Week Study Plan which shows that you need to study two hours a day, for six days a week, over a period of 6 weeks. This is the optimal PTE preparation time for people who need 15 or more points (e.g. PTE 50 to a PTE 60).

PTE Preparation Time
E2Language PTE Study Plan: Six weeks two hours a day over six days a week.

Remember to tick off the tasks as you practice them to let yourself know how much work you are really doing!

Setting a goal of 90 can be realistic too. Read the success stories on our E2Language PTE Reviews page, and learn the PTE scoring tips from students who received perfect scores.

The PTE Preparation Cycle For Success

Every E2Language package will bring you closer to achieving your target score. I highly recommend focusing on getting feedback from tutors for speaking and writing sections. The learning cycle goes like this:

  • Learn from the webinars
  • Do the practice tasks
  • Get the live feedback in your tutorial and written feedback on your assessment tasks
  • Learn from your feedback and correct your errors
  • Do more practice tasks
  • Get feedback in the tutorial and on your assessment tasks
  • Keep going!
PTE Preparation Time
Follow the E2 Test Preparation Cycle for PTE Success!


The PTE Learning materials available on the E2Language website are up to date and specific for each task. I recommend that you closely follow the model answers in all the sections of the test. Why? Because you want your answers to be model answers too!

In Re-tell Lecture and Describe Image, pay close attention to the structure of your content by imitating the model answers. The three areas that you are being marked on are Content, Pronunciation, and Fluency. Your content needs to be structured as the method suggests, and your pronunciation and fluency need to be learned and then practiced.

Attending live classes will lead to a better understanding of the methods as well as give you regular practice throughout the week.

PTE Scoring Tip: To score well you need to complete each task on time accurately

Efficiency is the key to the PTE. Familiarity through preparation and repeated practice will allow you to react efficiently on test day. Remember that YOU are preparing for a test! Like any test, there will be surprises and challenges, so be open-minded and prepared.

The best grades are earned by persistence, determination, and preparation. Don’t practice old mistakes, and always look for ways to correct your errors. The E2 PTE YouTube channel has great recordings of native speakers and focus on each task including read out-loud, re-tell lecture, and describe image. Remember to allow up to four to six weeks preparation for your PTE exam by sticking to a rigorous study plan.

Subscribe to the PTE Youtube Channel to watch methods webinars and tips videos like this one!

If you sign up for a paid package, we help you calculate your PTE preparation time and create a personalized study plan just for you. Get the score you need by attending our live classes, utilizing resources such as the PTE practice tests, and getting regular feedback from your tutors.

Written by: David



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  • do they have any chatting service?

    Are e2languaue is providing any assessment for the mock test we are taking like for speaking and writing on their paid packages?

    • Hi Swopneel, most of our packages provide speaking and writing assessments, and all include live mock tests and plenty of practice questions! You can chat to a tutor in your “whiteboard” within your account as well! 🙂

  • Karishma Sharma says:

    I have tried reaching out to your team to suggest the package for PTE preparation but i have not got any response. Can you please advise? I have taken IELTS and scored 7.5 overall. S-8, L-7.5, W-7, R-8. I need 79 and above now for PTE. I did try a mock of PTE to see what it is like. I scored around 63 but frankly, where i took the mock, half of the things were not even working there. Also since i had taken IELTS i was finding PTE tougher. However, now I need to take PTE to increase my application by 10 points.

    I am looking a 4-5 week prep. If someone can suggest me the package by E2E that will be great.

    • Hello Karishma,

      Apologies for the inconvenience. We can schedule a consultation with one of our student support managers to help you out with the preparation. Please check your email for an email from me with a link to book your consultation.


    • Rupinder Singh says:

      You have good scores in ielts, I think you should attempt ielts once again and get 8777 then Canada is waiving for you.
      PS.: How you been able to get 7 in writing I made 3 attempts but with only 6.5 every time.

  • Hi,
    I have tried PTE couple of times and got 55-60 score in each and I need 65 each. Please let me know how much preparation time I need to get 65 score.


    • Hello Baba,

      We would be glad to help you out here. Please send across your latest test scores, the scores you are looking to achieve and your next test date to [email protected] so that our Duty Tutor can assist you right away! 🙂


      • I’m in the same situation… I need 65+ but I got 53 in Listening and Speaking 🙁
        I’m presently studying with the e2language material and team but don’t feel like I’m going to nail it…

        • Hello Wanessa,

          Sorry to hear about your scores.

          We would be happy to assist you in your areas of concern. Please feel free to email your questions to [email protected] so that our Duty Tutor can assist you. Alternatively, you can also book a 1:1 tutorial with an expert teacher, if you have subscribed to one of the paid subscriptions with us.

          Hope this helps.


    • Hello Muneer,

      That would depend on the scores that you are hoping to achieve. Please send across your latest test scores, the scores that you are hoping to achieve and your next test date to [email protected] so that the Duty Tutor can assist you.


  • Hi Abhiram,
    I am regular reader of E 2 Language blogs. After 3 attempts of PTE exam, i was not able to got my desire result. My result is fluctuating between 60-70. I need 79 in each module. Please recommend, which E2 language package will best for me to achieve my score.

    • Hello Arslan,

      Thank you for your comment.

      Sorry to hear about your scores. I feel that your scorecards need to be examined further and our Duty Tutors would be happy to do that for you along with recommending packages. You can raise your query here.


  • Hi ,

    I’m looking for someone to guide through this journey as I’m about to start & there are a lot of materials around. I’m targeting to score 79 in PTE.

    Looking to hear a positive from your team soon with study plan..


    • Hello Ayman,

      Thank you for your comment.

      We look forward to helping you pass your PTE test. Please share your latest test results, the scores you wish to achieve and your next test date with our Duty Tutors so that we can identify the next steps forward.

      You can raise your query here.


  • hello!

    I am from the Philippines and I plan on taking the PTE exam by the end of May. It will be my first time taking it and I want to get 79+ scores in all areas as this will greatly help in my application to Au. can you please advise me on what package is best to avail given the time period? thank you and more power!

    • Hello Toshie,

      Please raise your concern with our Duty Tutor so that they can assist you with your preparation. You can raise your concern here.

      Good luck and more power to you as well!


  • I am not able to send the emails to the specified email id, kindly mention the email Id as I want to take the silver package.

  • KHAN SHERAN says:


    • Hello Khan,

      It would depend on your current scores and your target scores.

      Could you please raise this with our Duty Tutor so that they can assist you? Please include the following details:

      1. Your latest test scorecards:
      2. The scores you wish to achieve:
      3. Your current preparation:

      You can share these details here.


  • Hi ,

    I am Sanjay and I would like to know what effort is require to get the 79 each in PTE. I am targeting PTE exam date in next month end.


  • I tried the pte exam few week ago, I have got something around 50 or less..I need just a 50 each it anything where I should be focus more?

    By the way I am a E2 budget member.


  • I have scored 71 overall in PTE in first attempt but need to score 79+.
    Please share the plan I can enrol for as I have to attempt PTE again in 15 days.

  • Angelica Maria Ortiz M says:

    Good morning I live in Colombia, and I’m thinking about to upgrade my account, however, I have a question about teacher consultation, how they work with the different schedule? I need 65 and I got 44.

    Thank you!

  • Hi to E2 Language
    I am from India and I plan on taking the PTE exam but still I’ve not yet plan to book the slot. It will be my first time taking it and I want to get 79+ scores in all areas as this will greatly help in my application to Au. I keep on practicing through you-tube channels but still I’m not confident as i notice also my ESSAYS, SWT, REORDER, READING FILL IN THE BLANKS takes me alot of time and still not confident about catching the concept of this modules.

  • Hey guys, I had given my PTE multiple times in last couple of months and trying hard to get 79+ each but, I couldn’t I am not very sure which parts I am lacking in. Could you guys please assist me in achieving the desired scores. Would be much appreciated.

  • Hi , I need help with choosing the right package for me. Is it possible for me to book a consultation please . Many thanks for your help.

  • hello! I want the guidance from a professional how can i achieve my required score thts is 78+ i took exam twice bt not able to mark my score ….kindly help me

  • Hi Team,
    Can you please suggest me, what to choose in between IELTS and PTE.
    Because I need to disclose my scrore before 1st week of April.

    And How difficult PTE would be compare to IELTS?

    • Hi Jai! Free students can only access a small number of live classes whereas paid students have access to all the live classes. Students with an Express or Intensive package can register for 25 live classes and students with a Bronze, Silver or Gold package can register for unlimited live classes. Additionally, all paid students have access to live class recordings. You can view all our packages here:

      Maree from your E2 team.

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