What is the PTE Re-order Paragraphs Task?

For the PTE “Re-order paragraphs” task you will be presented with a reading text containing 150 words or less. The sentences in the text will have been placed in a random order. Using the arrow buttons on the screen, you must organize the sentences into the correct order by clicking on each one and dragging it into the empty text box. It must be noted that there is only one correct order. It is also important for you to know that none of the reading tasks are timed individually. This means that you will have a set amount of time (30-40 minutes) to complete the entire reading section, and you must use your time wisely for each task. Here is what you will see on the screen:


Re-Order Paragraphs

What does it test?

  1. Your Understanding of Organization: This is your ability to recognize how sentences fit together to form a cohesive, logical paragraph.
  2. Your Reading Level: In order for you to correctly identify the sentence order, you need to have a relatively high level of reading fluency; you must understand the “gist” of each sentence, as well as the individual vocabulary words.

For tips on how to succeed at this task, click here.