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This guide will contain PTE Reading tips you MUST know about before sitting the PTE exam. After this article, you will be able to identify the different question types, learn about negative marking and manage your time better when in the exam and more. With these vital bits of the expert advice, you will be on your way to PTE success.


Know each question-type by sight. In the test, there is no announcement that now you have finished one question type and the next group of questions is beginning. This can be confusing if you are doing Multiple choices, choose a single answer and you don’t realize that the question-type in front of you has changed to Multiple choices, choose multiple answers. If you just choose only one answer, you won’t have a chance of getting full marks. There is a key visual difference between a single answer and multiple answers that you need to know. The single answers will have radio buttons (circles) in front of each answer option while the multiple answers will have boxes. Learn that difference.

Be aware that the question-types are grouped together. For example, all of the Multiple choices, choose a single answer will come in one group. Once you have finished that group, that’s it. There will be no more of them.

Negative Marking

Be aware that some of the questions have negative marking. There are only three of them in the whole test. In the Reading section, the only one is Multiple choices, choose multiple answers. If you get a correct answer, you will get one mark. If you choose a wrong answer, you will lose one of your correct answer marks – but for each individual question, the lowest mark is zero.

Just to remind you, the other two negatively marked questions are both in the Listening section – Multiple choices, choose multiple answers and also Highlight incorrect word.

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  • Hi…I need your help my time is so limite cause first July I have to come for the test I have to gets 6 and two times I come for the pte test and I learned by my self or from YouTube but the results was no good. Now I sm in Queensland I am looking the corse in my area surfers paradise or I want to learn online but how and how much. Cause I am busy working. Please advise me. Thank you

  • Raja Omar Amin says:

    I am struggling in the PTE Reading section. I need 79+ I tried multiple times and I can get 90 in Listening and speaking but writing and reading are an issue. I am stuck between 73-77. Is there any crash intensive course which you offer. I have a limited time. Can you help me with this?

    • Hi Raja, thanks for your comment. We can certainly help. I see you have a free PTE account, that is a good start. As our platform is for self-study, you can complete any of our packages within an intensive period of study if that is what you need. To boost your writing and reading just that little bit more, we would recommend the Writing Intensive package. Fr $79 USD it gives you our complete coursework and 25 live classes, which you could use to practice reading, and 6 writing assessments with detailed feedback. You can find out more on this page, and if you have further questions you can reach out to our support team at [email protected]!

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